Law Of Attraction: Why Are Your Dreams Not Coming True

why my dreams not coming true

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You are a believer, dreamer and practitioner of Law of Attraction, but your dreams are not coming true, Why?

 Do you often ask:

I am doing everything right, but why are my dreams not coming true?

I believe in the Universe, but why is it never giving me my desired result?

I am practicing Law of Attraction for so long, but why is it not working?

How do other’s dreams come true, but not mine?

Am I doing something wrong or this Universe and Law of Attraction thing really doesn’t exist?

My friends, I heard of all these questions from so many people every day. If all the above questions seem familiar to you  then you are going through the same dilemma. Look no further here is your answer.

Law of Attraction and Dream Manifestation

It’s not only you, everyone who take their life on the quest of their dreams, always goes through this phase and have so many questions in their mind.

Especially this situation comes to you, when you try to manifest a big dream, may it be your Dream Job or a turnaround in your business or getting back/getting married to your Soul Mate or having kids or achieving perfect health or a miraculous healing from a dreaded disease or simply be stress-free and live happily.

No matter what you want to manifest following the law of attraction, when you set a big dream, these situations appear in your way. You know about the Law of Attraction from The Secret or any other source and you have applied and got some result but not getting the desired outcome for Big Dreams. Often it seems difficult as you reach closer to the finish line.

The Law of Attraction Test

First of all,  I would like to tell you that The Universe exist. The Law of Attraction always at work, have faith on it and never ever have doubt about it.

Now You must be thinking, then “Why is the Universe not giving me what I want?”

Yes! The Universe can give you what you want, it can give you everything right now. For the Universe, nothing is big or small everything is equal and effortless. But for you some dreams are big and some are small. And that is totally fine.

If the Universe can give me right now, then why is it taking so long?

The Universe can give you everything from the beginning, but the Universe doesn’t want you to become a winner for once.  The Universe wants to make you a true winner of life.

So before the Universe gives your dreams, it is taking you to a level where all your dreams can come true easily and effortlessly. The Universe wants  to teach you its real wisdom. The Universe wants to test you before it gifts you the wisdom.


The Universe wants to test you and check your faith before taking you to a level where everything manifests easily and effortlessly. Because to reach that state of instant manifestation you have to show immense faith and motivation, no matter what may come your way.

What’s The Test?

Consider this as your Training Session and the delay time is a test of checking your patience. How happy you can be no matter what may come and how immensely faithful you can be to the Universe.

What would be the Result?

As a result of this test, if you stay happy and have faith all the way, the Universe gift you a power  to become someone who can manifest anything and everything instantly.

Don’t you want to pass this test? And let the Universe make you a person of total abundance and happiness.

It is the Universe’s way to strengthen your soul so that from that moment onward you will be a complete prosper being, not a  person who struggle, but a winner of life who manifest all his/her dreams.

law of attraction dream come trueI would like to share one of the best from paragraph from the book ” The Alchemist”  about the way Universe Test You:

“Before a dream is realized, the soul of The Universe tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we have learned as we have moved towards the dream. That’s the point at which most people give up.

Every search begins with Beginner’s Luck and every search ends with the Victor’s being severely tested. It is said that the Darkest Hours of the Night came just before the Dawn.”

This wisdom says it all and the time it takes to realize depend upon how immense your faith is. If every other day you come with doubt in the Universe, then it takes longer to fulfill you dreams. if your faith is unshakable then your dreams come true super fast.

What you should remember when you are going through this situation?


1. Replace Your Doubts with Faith

No matter how difficult it seems, replace all your doubts and confusions with total believe and immense faith. The Universe is working on it.

Always remember “if you can believe it then only you can see it.”

2. Remember ‘It’s A Test’

If it is taking longer than expected then remind yourself  “It’s just a test of your patience and faith” and nothing else.

The more doubtful you become the longer it will take.

3. Practice Gratitude

Make a habit of being immensely grateful to the Universe for making all your dreams come true. Be grateful for every activity that is happening in your life.

4. Program Yourself for Happiness and Success

Repeat this Affirmation on a daily basis “I am extremely happy and grateful now that all my dreams are coming true easily and effortless. I am the winner of my dreams.  I am magical, I am abundant.”

Use these tips and see the magic happening in your life.

Always remember ‘the Universe gives the most precious gift of life to the person with belief, motivation, and faith.’

You can choose to get little moments of happiness and more moments of doubt & pain or became someone who waits a little longer and became a winner of happiness forever.

I can tell you, your patience and believe will never go waste, the bigger it is the greater the reward.

Remember The Universe is watching all of us, all the time. even now!!!

Quick Activity: Go to the comment section and write “I am extremely happy and grateful now that all my dreams are coming true easily and effortless. I am the winner of my dreams.  I am magical, I am abundant.”

Let’s take a moment to say Thank You to our loving Universe.

Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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