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self healing and healing others

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Healing with Law of Attraction and Imagination

How can I heal myself?

Or How I can heal someone dear to me?

So many people they follow this blog or me over different social media platform often come with  the above questions.

Health is our greatest wealth while so many people across the globe suffering from different health issues.

Every time someone ask me about this, I explain them the greatest of wisdom I understand in this Universe, the power of self-healing, the immense power within us that not only can heal our own body and mind but it can help others too.

As I keep guiding people and put my intention and energy into work, we see the miraculous result. With time as the miracle healing results start spreading, I keep getting more queries and more request to explain the process of this magical healing.

This is when I realize not of these friends of mine, but so many other people must be looking for a solution to speed up their healing or create hope where all hope has been lost. It’s not only people who want to heal their own body, but there are many more people who want to heal someone close to them.

So today I decided  to compile this post as a guiding post to practice self-healing and healing of others with immense power within our body. This process is based upon Law of Attraction, Affirmation, Visualization, and Imagination. This total process is built upon the infinite power within in our body and to amplify that power to create the miraculous result.

So far, this has created magical success in healing and I am sure this will help you in achieving your healing objective too.

When it comes to concern about our own health or someone dear to us, it’s natural to feel worried from within. But worry is not something that is going help us in this process but believing in the miracle power is.

As a believer of The Universe or the Law of Attraction, you must be knowing that anything is possible for the person who believes. Now to apply this magical health and miracle healing power in your life, you have to set the power of law of attraction in a definite step by step process with immense faith and clear intention to create miraculous result.

The Four Step Process in achieving miraculous healing:

First:  Building of  Belief

Second: Expression of Gratitude

Third: Creation of Feelings with Affirmation

Fourth: Sending Healing Energy – White Divine Light Process


This Healing Process works on the principle of Law of Attraction and the primary focus is creating the belief that ” YES YOU CAN”. 

You are gifted with the immense potential to heal anything and everything in your life miraculously.

Your soul is gifted with the infinite power to heal itself from any pain and suffering, from any emotional bondage and insecurity, you have all the power to heal yourself.

Your body is built as a miracle machine to heal any physical challenge, any disease may it be mental or physical can be healed, even any challenge you are facing from birth you can be healed.

If you believe, you can unleash that miraculous healing power within your body.

This miracle power within you not only heal your own body, but this can send through space and heal other also.


Gratitude is immensely powerful. It is so because when you feel grateful, you become positive when you become positive you bring happiness into life. Your happiness is the greatest medicine on earth.

You have to practice gratitude all through the day. Be grateful to everything and everyone as much as you can. It’s a practice and the more your practice the more grateful you will feel.

How to practice this gratitude in this case of healing?

– Express your gratitude to the doctor and nurse treating you or the person. Say Thank You for every time you meet them, even say thank you when you don’t see them also. If you do not feel like telling them too much, say thank you in your heart for them.

– Be grateful for everything like to the room you live or admitted in a hospital (in case of severe condition or accident), to the bed you are sleeping on, to the oxygen you are taking, to the air you are breathing, to the food you are eating,  to the medicine you are taking, to the clothes you wear.

– If you are practicing healing for someone else, you should feel grateful for all these things using by him or her.

– You should ask the other person to practice this gratitude for everyone and everything on a daily basis. If they do it with you, this will make the process super quick.

– If the other person is a kid or who doesn’t know Law of attraction, then ask them to say  Thank You to a game before doing everything, most importantly to say thank You for water, food and medicine before eating. You can tell him/her that it’s just a fun game and if he say thank you all this time he will be like a superhero and give him example of any superhero or cartoon he loves may it be Ben 10 or superman or ninja etc. Remember kids power of intention is very powerful, so they start doing it as a practice it will create a miracle within their body.

– Everything has energy if you be extremely grateful to everyone and everything you channelized all energy to heal yourself or the other person. So give the utmost gratitude to everyone and everything.

– Also, anyone else in your family understands this process ask them to do the same. Collective effort always gives quick results.


Most people understand everything and try to believe also that this miracle is possible, but they keep worrying from inside. This worry is the greatest enemy of this process. Getting worried is normal but this worry never let you have the feelings of healing, it will never let you acquire that positive feeling within you.

While your feeling is the power that let you invite the miracle energy within you, how to overcome this challenge of worrying?

This worry is coming because you have never believe that you have this kind of power within you which can do a miracle. So we have to establish that believe and feeling within you and that can be done with affirmation.

Affirmation are powerful scientific technique to program our subconscious mind and create a new belief and feelings with practice. It a powerful auto-suggestion that create focused feelings towards a clear intention.

– Use an affirmation like this for yourself  “I have infinite power within me, my body is a miracle machine and I am getting healed now . Every cells and tissues in my body is beaming with life and I am getting cured perfectly at this moment.” .

– Use same kind of affirmation for the other person “He/She is strong, powerful and energetic. The divine energy is healing him/her now and I can see the positive transformation in his/her body. Thank You for letting me this power to heal him/her. He/she is perfectly cured now.”

– Use these affirmations, specially before going to bed at night and the moment you wake up in the morning.

– Also you can ask the other person to use self-healing affirmation while you do the other affirmation for them.


All of us have immense energy within us and if we channeling it at right direction and to the right place we can heal ourselves. Same way we can send the same energy to others too and heal them.

I was totally unknown to this process of healing power. I was practicing Law of Attraction, gratitude and positivity from a long time. A sudden accident open up this process into my consciousness as a flash on intuition and form then I started spreading this.

I believe that was the way of the Universe to let me acquire this power. I had realize this when I hurt my spinal after an accident few years ago. I was living alone in my apartment and the pain was only getting worst. While I was trying to somehow overcome the pain in that evening so that I can see the doctor next day. But with time the pain only started getting worst.

In that situation of extreme pain, I asked the Universe to show me a way so that I can at least  handle is for that one night. Form no where I feel the intuition to sit for meditation.  While in the meditation, I found this idea in my mind to invite the divine white light from the Universe into my body to heal it. As I started doing it as guided by my intuition, I experience in release of pain. By the time woke up next morning, the pain was gone and I was completely fine.

I thank the Universe immensely for opening up this powerful wisdom of self-healing to me. Next day I shared this experience with few friends, many of them tried and healed themselves from severe pain.

After few months of that incident, one of my friend from US got to know about this experience of mine from one of our common friend. She was suffering from severe pain in her knee after an accident and she was not able to walk from last few weeks. She reach out to me and asked whether I can send her some healing energy to heal her knee. That day I visualize for her and follow the same procedure as I did for my spinal and send her the healing energy for her knee healing. Next day she called me up and said she got completely heal.She was able to dance the next day.

That’s the moment when the Universe made me realize through this friend of mine that not only we can heal ourselves but we can heal others too. I was surprised with the power within our body because I just heal a person in US , sitting in India.

That same procedure you can also follow and not only heal yourself but you can heal others too.

So what you need do in this energy sending process is :

– Many time as in the day you can imagine a light going from your whole body to the place of injury or pain or problem and healing it.

– Same way you can imagine the energy from your whole body is going to the body of other person and healing his/her body with energy.

– If it’s a case of accident or injury concentrate the focus on the place of pain or damage to heal that particular body part.

– If it’s a whole body illness like any kind of fever or disease, that has effect on whole body, then let this healing light spread all over your body. Let it cover your whole body.

– If you are practicing the same for other than do it as per the need, either sending healing light to any specific place or whole body.

– Imagine that this energy is filling each cell of your body or other persons body with a power to get heal.

– Next Imagine a white divine light is coming from the Universe or the nature around your and covering your whole body and healing you. It’s like a healing blanket of while divine light if cover on your body completely and healing it.

– Imagine the same for the other person that a divine line from your body is going and covering his or her body completely like a healing blanket and its healing their every cells and tissue miraculously.

– Also there are other people in your family or friends who can understand this , you can  ask them to do this sending energy practice. Collective healing is always powerful.

Follow these four steps and see miracle happening.

Specially sending of energy to yourself or him/her from your soul is very powerful. If someone is in severe health crisis then please ask as many other people to send healing energy as you can, because collective power of healing energy is 1000 times stronger .

If you are going through any health crisis or anyone in your family and friends, then infinite healing blessings for them.

Thanks Universe for showing this wisdom to us.

Tons of Gratitude to you.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome.

Do share this post on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere, who knows someone may be looking for a solution to heal their body or someone dear to them.

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