You are using Law of Attraction from a long time but not getting your dreams manifested.

You have given all your faith to the Universe or to the Law of Attraction but the Universe did nothing for you.

You said enough is enough and you are ready to give up on the Universe and LOA. You start telling your friends and people who knows about LOA that you are going to give up, you have lost all your faith on the Universe because after so much of dedication the Universe and LOA is not giving you anything.

Are you the one who is struggling through this?


You are the one who keep hearing this more often from your friends and you got confused whether they are right or you should keep listening to your own inner self.

Recently I came across many people who accomplished remarkable achievement of life, some got their Dream Job and others got their Love back, while few made fortune, few others achieve peace and some received many of these together.

At the same time I have seen many struggling with their faith and manifestation, many of them on the verge of giving up.

If you feel like giving up on Law of Attraction or the Universe, then hold on, you are getting yourself on the wrong track and by choosing giving up you are taking yourself into a more miserable future.

Your decision of giving up on the Universe or the Law of attraction is actually your giving up on your own dreams and on your own bright future.

Always remember no one can stop using LOA or give up on the Universe. None of us is big enough that we can do it. Whether someone ever heard of Law of Attraction or not, whether someone is an optimist or pessimist, the Law of Attraction always working in this Universe and its giving result depending up on your belief and feelings.

The LOA give results based on you vibration but the manifestation never happened over night. Any overnight success you are seeing is backed up by unshakable faith of someone on their own dream, on their own future and not on the Universe.

The Universe doesn’t need your faith; the LOA doesn’t need your trust. No matter you believe on them or not they are always working. Our own dreams, our own future needs our faith and believe. If we believe in them the Universe will make them true.

What the teachers of Law of attraction in the secret movie or many other books teaches us, they aware us that this law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe and working unfailingly all the time. They aware us to choose right frequency and focused on positive thought for our dreams to easily manifest them. Else we manifest the other way round like most of the people do and wonder why the things happened they don’t want the most.

The Secret only aware us about the greatest law of the universe “The Law of Attraction”

When you feel like giving up on Law of attraction always remembers: LOA isn’t a cloth that someone wear till the moment they like and then throw them away. Neither it’s like food that you eat till the time it taste good and later you trash into the dustbin.

All of us are like small dots for the universe and our Universe doesn’t need our faith to work on. No matter you have your faith on the Universe or not, the Universe is working unfailingly and the Law of attraction is transforming thoughts into things.

Why everyone talks about faith? Who needs your faith?

Your own dreams needs you faith, your best future needs you faith, your happier you from future depends upon your today’s trust and positivity.

So do you want to give up on your own bright future, on your own dreams? Your inner self is saying a big “NO”, listen to it.



Those who understand this they possess unshakable faith on their own soul and on their dreams and they never held responsible the Universe for the pain, misery or failure they are experiencing. If you are going through a tough time, it was your past negative believes that created you present. And if you want to create a happier future turn you feeling to positive mode, a happier mode and a truly faithful spirit.

If you want to give up on anything then give up on your negative feeling, give up on being doubtful about you happy future and give up on the pain and suffering you are going through.

Keep saying aloud “I am the Master of My FATE, I am the Captain of My SOUL”. 

May the Universe fulfill all your Dreams.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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  1. Thanks, you have re-ignite my desire for LOA

  2. thanq thanq thq…

  3. Thanks a Ton for this article AJ . . Its come into my inbox at the perfect time . :) Thanks again :)

  4. superb !!! just when i wanted something…perfect timing !!! thank uu so muchh… :-)

  5. Just when I was getting out of track and this is what I read thanks alot all i can say LOA always works always keep it positive and never give up

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