Power Of Thought: Water Experiment

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THE POWER OF THOUGHT. A Scientific Perspective.

This is where the super science of “The Secret”, “The Law of Attraction” and “The Power of Thought” meet the pure science and it’s proven by Quantum Physics. Recently I have seen a documentary on the connection between Quantum Physics to The Power of Thought through Water Molecule Structure Experiment, famously Known as Dr. Emoto Experiment.

The power of thought influence on water molecular structure is famously discovered and popularize by Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto Masaru known as “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

As we go into the documentary, group scientists were wondering how the Secret or law of attraction or the concept of thinking or believing changing people’s life and they try to evaluate it from Quantum Physics perspective with their lab experiment based on Dr. Emoto’s finding. They studied the molecular structure of normal water in frozen form and recorded the usual structure. Then they ask a Buddhist monk to give love and blessings to the water, after that they freeze the water to solid state and then studied the structure of the water molecule, to their surprise the structure has changed beautifully and looks like a flower. Next, they asked the monk to give Love + Gratitude to the water and the molecular structure became an even much more beautiful flower.

water experiment by dr emoto

After this, they ask him to become anger to the same water and then they studied the molecular structure the  flower-like structure were broken, even became worse than of its normal form.

All of it was happening without any external force or any physical contact. It was the power of thought that was transforming the molecular structure of the water.

This experiment was organized by Dr. Emoto in various forms and with different emotion pattern. Experiments conducted with both positive and negative thoughts and emotions. Some of the molecular structure captured with positive thoughts like prayer, thank you and appreciations and negative thoughts like anger, criticism, and hate are shown here:

 hidden message in water molecule power of thought water experiment water molecule experiment

It’s evident that every time positive thoughts and emotions like love, gratitude and happiness expressed the molecular structure become beautiful like flowers and when negative emotions like anger, frustration, and jealousy expressed the structure become uglier than its normal form.

What’s the Bigger Question?

While some of us knew about this before and some get aware now, the bigger question is can you imagine “what all happening in this world with the power of people’s thought and emotions?” “What you are doing with your own body when you get positive or negative?”

If the single thought can change the molecular structures of water then think of only one thing, your body is approx. 60% water and your brain is having 75% water (even by the molecular count brain is 99% water), so imagine with every thought of yours how that water is changing. The way you are changing your thought accordingly structure of your body, your mind, and your soul are changing. Every time either you are getting happy or sad, either grateful or angry, what you are doing to yourself? Think of it.

If we can give all our love & gratitude to every drop of water in our body and in turn if all body molecules become that beautiful flower, imagine what we can achieve and who we became.

There is nothing more powerful than our thoughts and our every thought has its first effect on the water we have in our body. So every time your bear a thought imagine what you are doing to your body and to your own life.

It’s all in your thought, whether you bear that thought for yourself or for others it’s changing every molecule in your own body and this is why Laws of attraction is not about others, but about you first.

change in water molecule with thoughtThat’s why it says “Law of attraction is Laws of You”.

Choose the right thought and see everything changing like a miracle.

That’s why Einstein said, “You can’t create a Universe without mind entering into it.”

If you learn “How to choose your thoughts consciously and carefully to Live in Abundance” it will change your life forever.

Also, you can choose to express gratitude and love to the water or fluid you are drinking, which will work as a miracle agent to create every lasting happiness and magical healing in your body.

Rhonda Byrne has also expressed in 28 Magical Practices the way we can give gratitude to water by saying THANK YOU every time before we drink it and create magic in our body. Also, the same way I explained in my post The Power of Self-healing the procedure to use water as a healing agent to pour gratitude into our soul and experience power of miracle healing.

My deepest gratitude to the Dr. Emoto and other scientists for bringing this amazing discovery to us and I hope all of you are now more aware of the power of your thought and choose the right one to transform every bit of your body molecule into the awesome creation of the Universe.

Remember “Thought Become Things, So Choose the good one.”

Thank You Universe.

 Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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