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What governs the way we use Law of Attraction and realize our dreams?

From the moment you have been introduced to the Law of Attraction, you are applying it. Or at least trying to apply it for manifesting your dreams. While some of you are highly successful in manifesting your dreams, few others are struggling a lot.

Today I am revealing you a big secret which guides the power behind all manifestations. It will help you understand: why some people are amazing in manifesting each and every dream of theirs while others struggle a lot.

If you are thinking … ‘where am I going wrong in applying the Law of Attraction?’ or ‘Am I missing some key techniques?’ then here is your answer:

It’s not about any technique because the key is much deeper than any technique, and it’s about “WHAT KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU?”

what kind of person become successful

If you can understand this secret and resolve to be the right kind of person then any technique will work for you. And all your dreams become your living reality.

I consider this secret is even much more important and primary than doing affirmations or visualization or anything else. They are powerful but if you miss this secret then they won’t work for you. That is why many people do many affirmations and visualization but still don’t get succeed. The reason is here. And I am helping you understand this secret today.

In this 21 Days Law of Attraction Online Course, I will give you many affirmations and techniques but let’s start with this most important key to all manifestation.

Recently I observed many people are failing in achieving something by practicing Law of Attraction or The Secret. They follow it for a brief period of time only because they feel that bigger dreams are not coming true.

Do you know, why is this happening?

And the answer is it is happening because you are not understanding ‘what kind of person are you?’.

The deeper secret you have to understand even before you start applying the Law of Attraction is to understand “what kind of person are you?”. And this defines why someone gets all their dreams fulfilled while others get some of their dreams and few other get none.

Law of Attraction Manifestation Secret – What Kind of Person Are You?

Always remember there are THREE KINDS OF PEOPLE.

The Third Kind: The Hopeless or Pessimist Kind

These are the people who don’t believe in good things of life. They always believe that life is tough and full of pain and misery. These people are always negative; they create negative situations for themselves and for others also. They make everyone believe the situations only get tougher ahead in life.

These people believe ‘life is all about pain and suffering’. They get angry or worried or even cry very often on their destiny. And if you want to show them the bright side of life they always give you unlimited examples about the dark side of life.

These are the people from the Planet of PESSIMISM. They doesn’t believe in themselves or God or The Universe, and if at all they believe then only to ask questions like “Why is this happening to me?” or  “Why am I the one always suffer?”

And like Law of Attraction say, “Your wish is my command” no matter what they do it always goes in the wrong direction.

Always remember these people disrespect the power of being a human and the infinite gift of God or The Universe. They never believe in their own power and they don’t believe in others also. They only try to influence all around them with their negative energy.

What do they get in life is ‘sorrow, anger, frustration, and failure‘. And then they try to convince everyone to believe that life is all about pain and failure.

You can find many such people around you. They may be your friends, even family members, relative, employer, subordinates at work, and everyday strangers.

When you meet such person, ignore their ideas and bless them to see the bright side of life, if not today then at least some day, but never ever buy their painful idea about life.

lost hope in the sea


The Second Kind: The Trying or On-Off Kind

This kind of people wants to make their life better. So they keep reading self-help books, holy texts, about the Law of Attraction secrets. Even they love watching videos and movies like the Secret or many others on Universal wisdom. The moment they watch, hear or read all such resources, they say “Yeh!!! I can change everything”. They get their heart and soul filled with a lot of energy and optimism. They believe. they can make all their dreams come true. They keep thinking about this for few days and in the beginning, even they manifest many small and big wishes also.

But then they go to the OFF MODE.

After few days, they forget to follow what all these texts say. They stop being an optimist about life. They stop practicing gratitude. They stop doing good work for others and forget about appreciating life. They stop loving themselves.

Eventually, they don’t do anything they have learned but expect change. After a couple of days or weeks, they found nothing good is happening in their life. And that’s when they start getting frustrated saying “Nothing works, nothing is happening, all this wisdom are false, they again go back to the struggling mode of life”.

But these are not the hopeless tribe. So they have a deep desire for the betterment of their life. And somewhere in their heart, they know that “THEY CAN DO IT”. But the only problem they face is the lack of consistency.

After a month or so, again they hear the inner voice and then try again. They again get some success but not all.

They keep on and off from happiness and usually they fulfill their dreams that they think are small but failed in the ones they think are bigger. Because they forget that for The Universe everything is same and to be truly abundant it’s need your continuous practice.

Is this sound familiar to you?

If you hear a YES for within, no worries now the time has come to take a leap of faith to be the FIRST KIND because now you know why small manifestation comes easily to you, not the big one.

Time for You to Become the Super Dreamer and Achiever in Life.

The First Kind: The True Believer  or The Super Optimist

Here comes a clan of Invincible Dreamer, True Believer, and Super Optimist.

No matter how bad the situations are, no matter how uphill their journey is, no matter how many battles they fought with adversity, no matter how many times they failed in the quest for success and happiness, once they introduced to the Universal Wisdom, to the Law of Attraction, to the secret, to the teaching of the holy texts, they never look back. They tighten their belt and take their first leap of faith towards their dreams and then the next, and then the next and the leap never stop again.

These people are determined to make every day count. And ready to make every moment filled with Happiness and Joy. These are the people who practice gratitude, visualization, meditation, appreciation, self-love every moment of life. The only thing they make sure is that they are taking their journey on the road of optimism, gratitude and a truly blissful life forever.

These dreamers and adventurers believe that it’s a Magical Life and it can only be lived by unshakable faith on the Universe. They know only what they want, they never ask how or from where it’s going to happen, because they trust the Soul of The Universe.

 These people became the favorite child of God. They became WINNER. They became HEALER. They became HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE. They PROSPER. While others wonder how they do it, many others say they are just the ‘Lucky Ones’.

The truth is, they are no different from others. They weren’t born lucky, but they learned the Universal way of working. They attract what they want even before it come in physical reality. They respect and believe completely on the Universal way of creation. And that’s how they magnetize their Dreams, which seems to be lucky. They listen to their heart, their intuition and the voice within and follow it.

how to manifest dreams

These are the people who know that on the journey of life every day counts. And they truly value the gift of The Universe and they destined to live in total Bliss.

As you are reading this far, I CONGRATULATE YOU for not being one of the Third kind (The Pessimist type), because if you would have been one then you must have close this article by now.

Certainly you are one of the FIRST KIND (A Super Optimist). And if at all you are not from the first kind you are definitely of the SECOND KIND ( The On-and-Off type). If you are one of the second kind, that is infinitely better and magical than being on of the third kind.

The best part is that even if you are in the SECOND KIND (The On-and-Off Type), now the time has come to resolve to become A Super Optimist or The First Kind. And start a life of total bliss to become the Favorite Child of The Universe.


#1. Give Wings to Your Faith:

Remember what you practice every day counts. So give wings to your faith in yourself, in The Universe and on God to create a life of everyday miracle. Resolve to become A Super Optimist in Life. 

Take a small pocket size card or your notebook and write..


If you write this in a card, keep it with you and every day read it 2 or 3 times in the day. If you write it in your notebook then do read it every time you open your notebook.

#2. Believe that The Universe is working for You:  

Knowing you are here to live in abundance and let the “How” or “Where” or “when” handled by the Greater Power. The whole Universe will take care of the rest. You have faith in yourself and follow your dreams magically.

#3. Make a habit of Daily Positive Practice:

They said, “Practice makes a Man Perfect”.

That’s not completely true. The real wisdom in “Only Perfect Practice Makes a Man Perfect.”

Likewise “Only Positive Practice Makes a Man Super Positive in Life.”

Practice Gratitude every day. And practice to read and follow positive material every day. As you are on this 21 Days law of attraction course, you will be getting positive material everyday to read and practice.

Along with these practice positive affirmation, visualization, create vision board, writing gratitude journal, doing meditation and reading Awesome AJ Blog will keep you on this mode. If you are doing any of these activities daily, then rest assured you are on the right path.

If you want to know what’s the best way of practicing Law of Attraction then I say,

“Practicing it every day.”

Also, if you want to know what’s the worst way of practicing Law of Attraction then I say it loud

“Not practicing it every day.”

Don’t let yourself become someone living in negativity. You are the magical creation of the Universe. Be the greatest you can be. Be a magnet of all your dreams.

Attract all the Happiness, Success, and Abundance into your life.

Become the Most Awesome Being.

Share your feelings and excitement in the comment section below. And tell me what kind of person you are.

Also, write in the comment box your statement again and let the Universe know this:


Thank You,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome.

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