Law of Attraction: How Long Will It Takes For Your Dreams to come true (Part-1)

how long take to dream come true

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Why does it take so long for my dreams to come true?

How long shall I wait for my wish list to be real?

When I see and read other people manifesting their wishes in weeks or months, what’s wrong with me?

Hey, Awesome People,

All the above questions sound familiar to you? If it is so, time for you to find your answer. 

Every now and then I have been asked to answer all these questions for many of my friends and blog followers.

It’s been long since I answered to the above questions, but with time I realized these are the most common doubts most people are facing about manifestation.

Those who are practicing  the law of attraction to make their dreams come true encounter these questions more often.

Most of the people understand the Law of Attraction says “You ask and it is given, you visualize it and you will receive it, you think deeply about it and you will manifest it, you make your vision board and live it, but it’s not happening with me, it’s been months I am doing all this, but it’s not giving  any result”.

Even many say they are doing all this for years but not getting desired results.

The first thing you need to understand here is that the moment you know about the secret or the law of attraction, the moment you start believing in it, it is your first manifestation of abundance. If you believe and are doing all the above, and if at all your wishes are yet to come true then also I must say you have manifested the universal wisdom. This is the beginning of your journey.

Now is the time to take a deep dive into this wisdom to understand “Why your manifestation process taking so long?”

Like it is said there are three simple steps for all manifestation: ASK, BELIEVE & RECEIVE

Most of you are very clear about what you want, so ASK is not usually an issue for most of the people.

Believing and receiving are the steps where most people find the difficulty to align themselves.

Believing and receiving both requires your happiness and affirmative action to create deservingness in you for your dreams.

When you made your wish list, you have placed your order with the Universe, now is the time to create the deservingness  within you with affirmative action.

Yes, Affirmative Actions, the actions that you take towards these goals and feel extremely joyful while doing them.

Affirmative Action: On Relationship & Finding Perfect Partner

Like if you want to welcome true love and an amazing partner in your life, but you are unhappy about your past relation and hanging on to the past,  or you think that in all your previous relationships all the men/women were same and it’s terribly difficult to find a right person for you. If you think like that, then no matter how badly you want a good partner or how many vision boards you make, you can’t find one because those actions are not affirmative actions. You are taking actions, but you haven’t changed your beliefs, you are still carrying the negative belief from your past. As a result, you can’t find a perfect partner or else if at all you find a partner you find the same kind of that you don’t want.

The first step of affirmative action is to believe that you need one perfect person and that person in out there, no matter what you have in your past, believe now that the world is full of many good men/women and one is perfect for you. Then you make your vision board and feel happy about it. When you talk about relationship with friends or family, talk the beauty of relationship, talk about couples who are happy, keep telling everyone that relationships are magical and divine, keep believing that those who happily look for the perfect relationship will definitely find it.

When you go for dating or meeting someone, go with a happy heart that the person may be amazing like you. Believe that the love is in the air and it always flowing toward you. Forgive your old life and partners for leaving or breaking with you. Thank them from your heart for giving you an opportunity to find the perfect partner for you.

Be in the joy of love; be in the joy of meeting the perfect partner, ready to be in love. Be in the present moment, live the joy.

Affirmative Action: On Finding Your Dream Job

Same way if you want a dream job but you are feeling terrible and ready to quit your present job to any other job, you want to just change for the sake of escape from the present job then that is not affirmative action.

Affirmative action is to find out what is your perfect job, the job that you will enjoy a day in and day out, the work that will make you alive. As you know what is your dream job, start developing your skills and personality for that. Keep blessing your present job and keep polishing your true potential every day, fill yourself with possibilities and joy. This is your affirmative action.

Affirmative Action: On Attracting Money

If you want to attract money but you are telling others that the economy is going down, the government is terrible, money is evil then how can you make millions? If you think when you get millions people around you will try to take undue advantage of you and you started being fearful about money. Or you become jealous when someone else says they made a million in their business. And you may try to do anything to have money. This is not affirmative action.

Affirmative action is feeling that life is in abundance. Whatever money you have, be grateful for it for having it and able to spend it when needed. Whatever your intuition asks you to do, do it more passionately and more productively. If you want to build a business, a second income or a new venture do it with a happy heart and enjoy every moment of it believing that money is coming to you abundantly.

Stop worrying about payment and dues, focus more on receiving that is affirmative action.

Always be ready to offer an excellent product or service for the money you are making from your work or business. At the same time never hesitate to pay someone who is offering you a great service or product that helps your life become better. Always spend money happily for good things and focus on receiving more happily.

Once you start taking affirmative actions, you take yourself with the deep feeling of believing and receiving. And when you do this, the miracle starts happening and the universe starts gifting you.

If you are struggling with this look inside yourself, do introspection, listen to your inner voice, act on your intuition, that’s how you can see where you are going wrong about believe and affirmative action. If anything is going wrong, hold up and rectify that habit to start in a new way. And from next time do it happily.

When you see your vision board, your wish list and take your action,  your heart should get filled with oceans of happiness then you can be sure you are on the right vibration. You are aligned and every manifestation is at super speed.

But hold on there is Two More Magical Keys to unlock this secret of Dream Manifestation: PATIENCE and RAISING VIBRATION. 

In the next post, I will explain how PATIENCE & RAISING VIBRATION are Magical Keys in making your dreams come true. And you will know why they are needed and how great Masters of Law of Attraction has used them in manifesting their dreams.

Read the second partLaw of Attraction: How Long Will It Takes For Your Dreams to come true? (Part-2) in my next post.

Thank You for being here. Thanks A Zillion.

May the Universe Bless You with Abundance.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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