Don’t Go To The Hardware Store For Milk

Cant hang out with negative people

Message From The Universe For You

Rather than walking alone  on the journey of dreams, its divine to seek help and guidance.

There is something more to remember while you open your humble heart from the lonely warrior’s shield and seek help and support.

“Don’t go to the Hardware store from Milk.”

When you start looking for a teacher to guide you on your journey or a support who can keep inspiring you or be a wall of strength for you, most of the time any dreamer start exploring this in their close environment, they end up meeting people talking about too much struggle of life, only talking bad about the society or country, proving how difficult it is to make a dream come true. When you seek guidance and support, you should never take these people as your guide. They may be sympathetic with you and they may be people from your family or office or friend circle, even they may genuinely want to help you. But as they are struggling in their own battle and not quite positive about it, they can’t create the treasure mapping with you. So you can’t go to people who are negative about life or struggling with same type for things you are into. It will never be to your advantage. Only sharing and talking about your dreams will attract few more tale of failures and few more reasons why dreams not usually come true. So, never ever seek help and guidance from them. You may get sympathy, nothing more. But the sympathy is not a warrior like you need at this moment, you need wisdom and you need guiding light.

Most of the time it happened, people suffering from broken relationship discuss the same with people at same situation, people having hard time in business discuss the same with other people in same situation, it’s often happened the unsatisfied employee in an office keep talking about what’s wrong with their job together.  If you get involve in all these consciously or unconsciously, may it be in search of a support or just to hear something more, it adds up more negative belief into your subconscious and nothing else.

At this point of the journey, a warrior like you can’t afford to add a single ounce of negativity to its shield.

That’s why I said “Don’t go to the hardware store for milk”.

When you seek guidance or wisdom, you should start looking for people who has an amazing aura of positivity, who are enthusiastic about life all the time, who believe that dreams are meant to be true and not only this they are people who are living that knowledge in their everyday life. They may not be the person walk on the exact journey as you want to walk, but they are the person who have walked several journey of dreams and every dream they surmount with flying colors. They not only have read or write text, but they have a master them in action. You must be thinking where I can find these people, the key is once you start looking for these people  you surely find them and these are people who eagerly ready to help and guide others, because they know making a dream come true is what really make life interesting. These noble souls love to see more and more interesting people in the world. As you start looking for this divine guidance and support the Universal Law of Attraction present you with them. As you meet them you amaze with their empathy, strength, happiness, and guidance. That’s when you realize why it’s all needed to find a teacher or support to transform many of the knowledge into wisdom. These persons may be of any age, gender, and profession, they may already exist in your circle or may show up as a new friend or stranger. But once you show your intention to the Universe in finding the divine guidance, your prayer will be answered.

The Universe

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