There Are No Accidents

there are no accident

Message From The Universe For You

Everything that happening to you and everything that happening in your life has a purpose.

At times you get success, at times you get failure, at times you are happy and at times you are sad, all these are not accidents, your life is not running on an auto mode, you life is running on your thoughts and purpose.

What ever you are having today is an outcome of the thoughts and actions you have taken in past.

At the same time whatever happening now in your life good or bad, expected or unexpected, everything has a purpose to strengthen your soul, to prepare you for your dreams and to understand the calling of your soul.

Time for you to understand there are no accidents in the Universe. When you understand this you become me, The Universe itself.

The Universe

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4 Comments on There Are No Accidents

  1. Rahul Dwivedi // November 25, 2013 at 8:09 AM // Reply


  2. Absolutely! Thank you for this <3

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