Although Anxiety Is Part Of Life, Never Let It Control You

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Its human nature to want to receive the thing you are waiting for as quickly as possible.

You devote time and effort for your dreams; even you have to spend money and passion for it, so it always made you anxious to see the fruits at the earliest. You always expect the something or someone to come to your life very fast. That’s when you found yourself with anxiety.

There is nothing new about it. It exists in every human’s life. And the next thing anxiety develop is fear, the fear of  dream  not coming true or losing something you have.

Some get fearful of dream not coming true, other fearful of business not flourishing, while few others fearful about their loved one leaving them or some of the parents get fearful that their son or daughter no more in love with them. Anxiety creates so many fears within the human heart.

While this anxiety is part of life, the key is never let it control you. You have to talk to it in the face and say I am the one who control my fate and I have complete trust in the Universe.

When anxiety is there, say it loud “I am not worried about tomorrow, Universe is always with me, Universe always protect me and Universe always made the perfect arrangement for me. I am the one with my dreams, I have no fear.”

When anxiety make you work harder and harder to earn more and save more, say it loud ” I am not here to live a life of slavery, I am here to work till I like and then take time off to live with my loved ones, to live in the nature, to look at the start and to sing and dance, so that next day I will come fresh and work better”.

When anxiety fear you with idea of you partner leaving you or your loved ones leaving you, say it loud ” My love is divine and my partner is gifted to me by the Universe, we are one divine soul, the way I love my beloved the same way they love me. We are all living in complete bond of love and there is no fear of separation. I am love and I have no fear”.

When you talk to the anxiety with clear heart, it will vanish, but it never disappear forever, it will be kept showing up from time to time, but the wisdom of life is to master this aspect of life which want to enslave you.

Don’t let anxiety enslave you, rather be the master of it and win over it every time it shows up in your life.

The Universe

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