Be A Fire And Touch The Sky On This New Year

Message From The Universe For You

Yet another year ended and you are living somewhere in the world while many of you enjoying the celebration and welcoming the new year, few of you are thinking about new resolutions.

No matter where you are, what’s you age, whether yours are in your teens or twenties or you are in your fifties, whether you are celebrating or keeping calm, you have one question, how this year will be for me and what are the dreams I am going to make true. Remember, you are not here to make resolutions. You are here to make dreams come true.

You may be knowing well what are your dreams, but I, the Universe want you to write down your dreams for the year right now, it’s like order me what you want in this new magnificent year. No fear, no worries, show me what your biggest dreams and see the magic.

You are not someone, who keep saying year after year, I want to be someone exceptional but these are the reasons I couldn’t. There is absolutely no reason that can keep you back.

I want you to make this year most phenomenal year, open your soul and get ready for the journey, don’t think about small things or the obstacles, dream big, big beyond your imagination and reach.

Don’t just be a cold soul, be a fire and touch the sky. You are destined for this. And I know you are.

Give the air of motivation to the spark of dreams in your heart, let the magic flow from your soul into your body, let your face shine with light of happiness and palm filled with sparkle of fortune. Let yourself flow like a wind with your own path, when obstacle come is the river to cut every bit of it to reach the destination. You are the one here to make your dreams come true. Burn your fear into ashes, convert your failure into celebrations, transform your pain into music. Because nothing can stop you to be there. Every footstep shall talk about your victory, and Every move shall be blended with magic. Amazing people get attracted to you like a magnet and you aura shall shine high even in a crowd of millions. And the moment you come face to face with your destination, your destination, not you, who blink first and open arms to take you into a treasure of your dreams. Victory will be with you if you believe in you. Every battle will be kind to you if you believe in you.

This is who you are, the most phenomenal and magical person in the whole of Universe. This is what set for you ahead in this year.


Wishing you the most Awesome New Year. Your life will be filled with unlimited love, happiness, joy, laughter, good health and abundance wealth, success and happiness be your constant companion all this year.


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