Solitude Doesn’t Mean Absence Of Love, It’s An Opportunity To Understand Life

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Solitude doesn’t mean you are lonely. Solitude doesn’t mean the absence of love either. Solitude is a moment you spent in your own company. It’s the moment to go back and forth through your life. It’s the moment to dive deep into your mind and come up with the wisdom.It is the moment to create some remarkable creation.

Solitude is an opportunity to unfold the mysteries of your life.

In solitude, you will discover the love that might otherwise have arrived unnoticed. 

In solitude, you understand and respect the love that left you.

In solitude, you will be able to decide whether it is worth asking that lost love to come back or you should simply let it go and set off along a new path.

In solitude, you will learn that saying “No” doesn’t show a lack of generosity and saying “Yes” is not always a virtue.

In solitude, never be frightened by the negative thoughts coming from within.

In solitude, never be worried about others opinion like “You are wasting your time” or “No one cares about you”.

When you are alone at this moment, what is going inside your mind is important. What you are talking about yourself is more important than how you talk to others. The divine energy is listening to your inner conversation more than the outer.

In this moment of solitude, the light illuminates everything around you. At this moment, you realise the purpose of your presence on Earth.

When you achieve this harmony with yourself and the divine Universe, you receive more than you ever asked.

At times, if you feel oppressed by solitude, let me remind you ‘In life’s most significant moments you are always alone.’ 

For a writer to write his book he works in solitude and creates a masterpiece. Same way an artist, a singer, a filmmaker, an athlete prepare and practice in solitude to know themselves, to know their capabilities, to unfold their ultimate creativity before taking the centre of limelight

Same way in a relationship, in health and business the little moment of solitude gives you the clarity of what exactly you want.

You don’t have to say or agree with people you don’t want to, you don’t have to do the work that you don’t like and you don’t have to make decision that you are not comfortable with.

Moments of solitude make you feel more love for yourself and your dreams so that you can understand your true desire of life. The solitude doesn’t mean absence of love, but this is an opportunity to understand what you truly love in your life and go for it.

Just as love is the divine condition, so solitude is the human condition. These two states peacefully co-exist.

The Universe

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