No One Can Predict Your Future Except You

Don't be an extra in your own movie

Message From The Universe For You

Many people like you in the world get worried about their fate and destiny. At times, they get introduced to people known as fortune-teller or spiritual souls who can foresee the future or astrologer who can predict the future. Even at times out of desperation people walk up to such people by themselves, while in others case these predictors of future introduced by their family and friends. Is this what happen to you?

Amid all this, you listen to their prediction or read a transcript about your future. And you got to know a lot of things about your future. Some of them make you happy while other things make you sad.

After some time, you found yourself in puzzled life, where you are not ready to buy all these predictions of your future. You want to do so many things, you want to fulfil so many amazing dreams, but it was predicted that that stuff are not in your fate.

Again, what’s the fun if you know the climax of the movie?

But your life isn’t a movie made by others, scripted by others and led by others. You are not here just for a supporting role. No, this movie of life isn’t planned this way. Then, what would be the climax? How will be your future?

Actually there is no such thing exist that someone can tell all about your future. There is nothing as such a set destiny or fate.

As you go ahead in life, the work you perform, the decisions you make, the belief you build and the actions you take create your destiny.

Your life is not a one-time movie that someone comes and predict everything by watching a scene of it. Your life is not static, it’s dynamic. Every the choices you are making, the enthusiasm you are living and the actions you are taking changing the end game.

Most of the time, when these fortune tellers or astrologer’s predictions come true that because some people blindly believe their predictions. They get that thought so deeply into their subconscious that they don’t leave any other option than manifest them.

Always remember that God has created everyone as a unique soul, not that someone is powerful and someone is not. God hasn’t chosen someone to tell your fate.

God has created everyone unique and gifted the power to live the greatest life they desire. So many people don’t realise this gift and live a miserable life thinking it’s in their fate.
No matter which religion you believe in, if you believe in God  and if you know anything about God, then can you believe that there is a God who writes pain, suffering, misery or poverty for some people as their fate. It’s not be possible.
God gifted everyone the power to live the greatest life as they desire to. God has gifted this power of action and imagination to be, do or have anything you want. It’s only some men never realise this and find a fortune-teller to tell their future so that they can wait for things to happen.
No one can predict your future except you. This life is your greatest gift of God and he has gifted you the power to lead, planned, script and direct every bit of your movie called your life.
Every scene of your life is an opportunity to create the biggest and brightest movie of your life with dreams, passion, purpose and action.Your future belongs to you, no one can predict it except you.
So whatever you want in life, go get it.

The Universe

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