Nurture Your Positive Thoughts and Enlighten Your Powerful Intuition

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Message From The Universe For You

Intuition is your inner voice, it is your command that comes from within your soul spontaneously. It is the voice of God, it is the voice of your subconscious mind.

Every time you go on an adventure, every time you make decisions, every time you find yourself at the crossroad of life it gives you a whisper. A whisper of solution, a whisper to choose one option over the other and it tells you to take the best path instead others.

Most of the time, you are in a dilemma and it give you the confidence to pursue your dreams in spite of all the fear. It’s the driving voice that never leave you alone.

It helps you define great decision-making too, about dream job, about soul-mate, about best friends and about choosing the home and likewise many other.

At lighter times, it helps you in the fun telling which movie may be good, which friend is great to catch up with, where to have dinner.

Even it tells you what may go right and wrong, like you are going for something and you have the feeling of this work going to be successful  or not. Like if you are meeting someone and even before meeting you have a feeling that this meeting will be successful or not.

You know all these voices are spontaneous and you never know how you have a feeling of what is right and wrong even before the things actually happened. But it tells you what is right without a logic behind it. This is your inner voice which tells you what is best for you.

Most of the time, in fact, 100% of the time it gives you the right guidance. If you listen to it, you can have all the best thing in life and all the abundance.

While some people have remarkable intuition, many others wonder why they don’t really possess some.

If you think your intuition is not really  strong or not really guiding you well, the reason is the thought you are feeding into your mind.

You have  millions and zillions of thoughts going inside your mind. You have positive thoughts and you have negative too.

Your thoughts drive your feelings. Thoughts come and go, you accept some and reject others. But what kind of thoughts mostly you have inside your mind really made the difference.

While thoughts are inevitable, they have a great impact on everything. The difficult part is most people carry critical thoughts about themselves and other. Some people program themselves for more negative thought than positive.

Don’t feed your mind with negative thoughts, feed more and more positive thoughts into it.

Your intuition depends on all your life experiences and belief system.  And your thoughts create your belief and experiences.

So it’s really important that what thoughts you are feeding into your mind.

While thoughts are the input you feed into your mind machine, intuition is its output to solve life’s puzzle.

You have to choose more and more good thoughts to create a positive belief system. As you nurture more good thoughts, you feed more magical input into your mind.

The more positive and better thought feed into to life,  the more powerful and awesome your intuition will be.

There will be no bigger gift than having a sharp and powerful intuition, that guide you on every adventure of life.

Your intuition is your greatest gift of God. Nurture your mind with unlimited positive thoughts and enlighten your powerful intuition.

The Universe

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