How To Make All Your Dreams Come True (Part-1)-The Master Keys to Success

How to make all your dreams come true

To him who knocks, the door will open.

He who asks will receive.

He who donates will generate.

He who act will achieve.


You are the dreamer, you are the believer and you are an adventurer of life. You own the infinite power within, you travel an extra mile, you take immeasurable risk and you enlighten the unknown darkness of life. It doesn’t matter what you dream – love, wealth, health, peace or simply happiness, nothing can stop you to live your dreams.

 If you believe that your dreams are meant to be true but not sure when or how they will, if you always face doubts, then your search comes to an end. Here I am writing a series of post title “How To Make All Your Dreams Come True?” To unfold the wisdom of Success with Motivation, Universal Wisdom and Law of Attraction.

Part-1: How To Make All Your Dreams Come True? – The Master Keys to Success

 Are you waiting for your dreams or ready to manifest them?

 Do you want to know the Keys to Success?

 Have you tried to find the combination to every manifestation?

 Do you want to know how the Universe fulfils your dreams?

Imagination, Believe, Gratitude, and Action are the true secret of all your Success. These are the secret elements whose combination can open the lock in your dreams. These are the master keys to every manifestation.


 “Imagination is the true magic carpet.”

 – Norman Vincent Peale

Imagination is the beginning of everything. The moment you figure out you have a dream, you get your imagination at work. The more you imagine the more clarity you gain on your dream. The more clarity you have, the more feelings you generate.

Imagine everything about your dreams. You can see everything in your mind’s eye. Look into the future and see yourself living every moment in the dream. Feel the feelings of discovering the treasure of life.

Imaginations can inspire every cell in your body and every bit in your heart to pursue your dreams. Imagination is the starting point of all motivation and inspiration. Imagination can push the start button of your positive thinking. Imagination is your beginning of all attraction.

The Universe’s Law of Attraction receives your order through your imagination.


 “Whoever has gratitude will be given more, and he or she will have abundance. Whoever does not have gratitude, even what he or she has will be taken from him or her.”

Gratitude is the magic formula for being thankful for everything for their existence in the Universe. Gratitude is so powerful that it can bring everything into existence at lightning speed. It can show the path in darkness and enlighten tunnels with light.

 Being grateful for what you have and being grateful for what you want only will bring the unseen. Even before you have your dreams, it is gratitude which brings the feeling.

 Be so much grateful before the dream comes true that your dreams will find you. The more grateful you become for everything you have, the more abundant you feel. The more abundance you feel the more deserving you become. The more deserving you become, the more powerful your belief will be.


 “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

Belief is the strength of your soul. It’s the muscle power of your mind and spirit. Your belief tells you that you are able to accomplish what you want. This belief is your transformation of knowledge into wisdom with experience.

 Your belief defines what you deserve, your belief gives you strength to conquer your fear and this is what will let you take an adventure. Your belief is the powerhouse that sparks your body and soul to unfold the unknown.

 Your belief says, “Yes, I am the one who dreams”, this belief is the power the keeps you going to pursue that dream.

The stronger your belief the more constructive action you will take.


“The distance between your dreams and reality is called your action”

Action is the final key to the secret lock. You let your imaginations fly high to see your dreams, you let you gratitude feel it even before you have it and your belief fill your soul with the strength to take the leap of faith, that’s when you are ready to take the action, you jump off the cliff to start your adventure and that’s when your action begins.

 When the action begins, you set yourself on the journey. That’s when you tell the Universe, you are not only a dreamer, but now you are an adventurer who soon become an achiever.

Positive Action for Success

When you take action, you put all your effort on what you believe with complete joy. When the action is driven by your passion, you find the happiness within you. It’s your devotion for your dream, it’s your worship of the Universe by going ahead with the adventure.

 Inspired Action along with Imagination, Gratitude and Belief can only unlock the doors of your treasure called DREAMS.

In the next post of this series you will read “The Combination to Success”, how these Secret Keys to Success are connected and in which order you should use them to unlock your success. Waiting to read “How to make all your Dreams come true? (Part-2) : The Combination to Success”. (Excited to read the next part, please subscribe to this blog .)

Your dreams are waiting for you. Start using these Four Master Keys to Success. Let Law of Attraction work for you, let the Universe gift you whatever you want.

Time to start the process, Time to fulfil your dreams.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

 Awesome AJ

 Stay Motivates, Stay Awesome

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