A Life-Changing Story: From Suicide To The Sunshine

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This story is about a girl from Mumbai. How this happy-go-lucky girl finds herself in hell while believing in the heaven of a loving relationship. The story tells her quest to heal her broken relationship and in the process how she found the Universal wisdom through the Secret and Law of Attraction. With every attempt to attract her love back into her life, she actually failed, but what she find is far precious than anything else. This inspirational story tells how she wakes up from the darkest corner of life to find the sunshine. This story is her awesome journey of self-discovery and true happiness of life.

This story is about relationship, breakup, self-love, understanding the Universe and finding own self.

suicide to sunshine story

From Suicide to the Sunshine – Her Story:

I was walking alone on an endless pathway of life without any hope to live. My face was no longer as charming as it used to be. Hair was messy, I was losing weight, not only my body was dying, but my soul was crying.

Living in a hell of depression made the existence of my family and friends to null. Break up with a guy after three and half years of the relationship has changed my life forever. It shattered me completely; I was on the verge of committing suicide. I did not think about my family, I did not bother about my career. I was once a lively soul and now dying in life’s black hole.

My relationship with him was special. He proposed me and committed to staying with me for the lifetime. Everything was good in the first year but was very different later. I have seen so many dreams with him that my life was nothing without him. As the year goes on our marriage was the dream seems a lot closer. I asked him to speak to his parents for our marriage. His failing attempts to speak to them made me crazy.

One day he asked his father about me, but they refused to accept me. I heard of all the illogically logical reasons of family, status, society and all. I still waited for his parent’s approval. He did not introduce me to his parents, family members or friends ever, but I didn’t question him.

I had to convince my parents, not to see anyone for me (arranged marriage) as I already had my love with me. This made me very frustrated and depressed. Also, I found that his attitude towards me was a little different.

After a few days, my sister introduced me to the secret movie. I found it so amazing that I immediately started applying the principles of Law of Attraction. I applied every principle correctly but even after seven months of practicing it, I didn’t get any result. I sat down, cried and one day I decided to give up.

Two days later when I asked my boyfriend again if there is any progress at his place regarding our marriage, he denied and disconnected the phone. I then decided to break up with him as it was very difficult for me to take that pain any further. It was almost three and a half years of wait. I broke up finally.

But, I missed him a lot, cried like mad, somewhere deep down I still wanted him to come back.

Then life has its own choice. Though I have given up on the law of attraction, but the truth no one can give up and then slowly I started getting positive. It was very difficult for me to overcome my relationship, but Law of Attraction attracted awesome people just whom I needed.

One of them is our Awesome AJ, who has become my guide on life’s journey and one more friend who is now my best buddy. These two people guided and supported me on those challenging days of life. They stood like pillars for me and helped me overcome my past.

They made me understand how to see a brighter side of life. With time, I started moving on. I started believing more in the Universe and I started Understanding more. At times, I miss my boyfriend and I ask the Universe what went wrong. I was doing everything right, giving unconditional love and gratitude to him and his family, but still why he hasn’t come to me.

That’s when I was asking, the Universe decided to answer every question of mine.

One evening a lady called me and introduced me as my boyfriend’s wife. After talking to her, I got to know that he ditched me by saying that he was convincing his parents. He was already a married guy 6 months before and he was fooling his wife and me. For a moment, it was like a nightmare for me.

But sooner I realized the law of attraction was working. I got my answer from the Universe, why it kept me away from a guy who was not matching my frequency.

I found that Law of Attraction and the Universe always work in our favor for everything that we deeply desire, if that thing is not matching your frequency then it will automatically be sidelined from your life. What I wanted a committed loving relationship with a person who loves me back equally, but this guy was not matching. Though I went through the Universe always work for my happiness.

Later I did 28 Magical Practice under AJ’s guidance and it made my soul completely free. Today, I m a free and an independent gal. I am living my magical life. I am achieving my dreams. I started glowing so much that people started noticing my beauty. They love my sense of humor and love my company. My colleagues love my work. It like I am spreading the joy being the sunshine and the whole Universe is falling in love with me.

I shared my story here because I have seen lots of people trying to get their love back; they try to manifest their soul mate and even some going through the tough time but in doing all effort they have forgotten their true self.

What I suggest you is

  • First and foremost fall in love with yourself and be grateful to the Universe. Then the Universe will take care of what you really need.
  • Prioritize your desires and make a list of what you really want not just relationship or soul-mate but take a wholesome view of your life, what you want in career, family, health and happiness also.
  • Love yourself immensely. Enjoy every day.
  • The one who is matching your frequency will come to you. If your ex is the one who deeply and honestly in love with you, he/she will come. Else the right person at the right time will find his/her way.

You need to trust your life; you need to trust the Universe.

I believe this story has uplifted your spirit and made you believe more in the planning of the Universe. Almost a year before when I met this girl, she was in distress, her soul was dying and today she is beaming with joy and happiness. She has taken her life from Suicide to the sunshine.

If you are going through the same situation, follow this story, love yourself and trust the Universe, you will find your sunshine.

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May the Universe fulfill all your dreams and bless you with an abundance.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome.

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