Cancer Healing Story – With Imagination and Law Of Attraction

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Cancer Healing Story – How A Brother Heal His Sister With Imagination and Law Of Attraction

This story is another proof of the miracle power of law of attraction and human imagination. This law of attraction success story of cancer healing will definitely help many more people change their life.

We all have infinite power within our body and soul. We all gifted with immense energy to heal ourselves. And the gift is so divine that we not only can heal ourselves, but we can heal others too.

Cancer healing story

I am working on this blog to spread this message of infinite potential within and its my passion to make everyone realize that The Universe and Law of Attraction is working all the time to bless us with all the abundance and magical power to brighten our life.

People across the globe follow it and I keep receiving emails / messages / testimonials from so many people getting benefited from this blog.

But yesterday, I received this message that filled me with immense joy at the same time made me emotional.

A brother has sent this message explaining how he is able to heal his sister from Cancer following Law of Attraction and the white light imagination process I posted on this blog.

Reading his message filled my heart and soul with extreme joy and pure gratitude for our Universe to let us do this miracle.

Thank You, the Universe and thank you, Shrinivas for this miracle healing of your sister.

Here is his message filled with miracle and gratitude:

Hi Mr. Ajay,

I am a student. My sister/friend was suffering from cancer last year. I tried using the law of attraction and the universe granted my wish by curing her.

But after 2 months there was again a sign of cancerous cells.

This time she needed a very risky treatment in the month of May. That’s when I saw your website and read the self-healing process you explained.

As you told, I imagined like a white divine light is passing from me to her body and felt that she is getting cured.

After few weeks she went to the hospital for a check up before the treatment.

Guess what, the doctors were shocked that there were no signs of any cancerous cells and they declared no treatment is needed.

Also they told that she can stop her medicines in 2 weeks.

Thank you,thank you,thank you Universe.

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you Ajay !!

Will never forget you in my life !!!

 This was the powerful testimony which prove that we all have infinite healing energy within our body. If we can channelize that energy we not only can heal our own body, but we can heal others also.

I am feeling immense happiness and gratitude while reading this testimony again and again. I am sure reading this make you feel blessed and recognize the infinite potential within.

Let’s send our congratulations and blessings to the girl who got cured from Cancer and to Shrinivas for making this miracle possible.

I am sure this story will definitely inspire millions around the globe to follow this process of magical healing in their life.

The white light imagination is extremely powerful for self-healing and healing others.

If you like to know which post on this blog serve as a divine guidance for Shrinivas to make this miracle possible, read this post that has helped thousands of people help in self-healing and healing other:


There are many more people, who have changed their life reading this blog, you can read their messages on the  TESTIMONIAL PAGE

If this blog has inspired you and help you create happiness, healing or abundance in your life, do drop your direct message to me or write a testimony on the Testimonial page.

white light healing energyAre you facing some medical problem, heal issue or challenges, anyone is your close circle or family facing some crisis and you are looking for a transformation. I would suggest you to follow the White Light Healing Imagination Process and you will find miracle result.

Keep your medical treatment continue and start doing this as an extra process to a witness miracle, you will surprise with the power you have within your body.

Do share your feeling and experience of self-healing in the comment form at the end of this post.

Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.

Sending infinite healing vibes and miracle blessings your way.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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