4 Law Of Attraction Success Stories That Everyone Loves To Read

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4 Magical Stories That Everyone Loves To Read: How They Fulfill Their Dreams In Just One Month? (Series-4)

The magic of gratitude continues, and these magical people manifested magical things in their life. These are four law of attraction success stories or magical stories about Money-Magnetism, Exam Success, Friendship and the Human Mind.

One girl raises her self-esteem super high to achieve exam success with performance and gratitude. She manifested a car also with the law of attraction and magic.

Gratitude manifested a perfect accommodation and magical friends for a young university student in a new country.

Law of attraction and love of money, help one gentleman becomes a money magnet and he attracts tons of money to him.

The magic unfolded the complexities of the human mind and give this young man a new superpower to manifest his dreams.

All of them took a leap of faith with the magical power of gratitude. These magical stories I am sharing with you today.

All of them are living in the different part of the globe, yet joined a magical transformation journey with gratitude and created magic in their life.

These stories talk about the magical manifestations they made by the end of their one month journey and after that, they just hooked up into it.

Like the many other stories, I have shared in this series before, these stories are magical and life changing.

If you are stuck at any point of life and looking for a change, a transformation that will give you a new direction to your dreams and if you love to unfold the magical power within your life these people, then read their stories and get into the flow.

Also, if you are an avid follower of the magic of gratitude you will simply enjoy reading these stories to take you belief to another level.

Read their magical stories filled with joy and gratitude. I am extremely grateful to these magical souls for being on this journey with me and in my guidance like thousands of others.

Enjoy these stories, which prove what you can manifest in just a month if you desire to do so.

The magical adventure of these magical people continued.

If you haven’t read the Series-1, Series-2 & Series-3, do read those magical stories for sure.

Go ahead read these stories and be a part of their journey.

High-Performance Exam Success and Attraction of A Blue Car Law of attraction success stories dream car

Linca has understood the Law of Attraction a few years back and recently she has started practicing it religiously. But finding 28 Magical Practice was finding the master key to success.

She joined me on this course from Africa and she knew how the power of gratitude going to take her flight of faith even higher.

She was all set for her last University exam and expecting a great performance. It was during the magic practice her final presentation scheduled at the University. This presentation considers being the toughest one.

The professor to whom she will present is, consider being the toughest professor in the university. Expecting a good grade was more than enough for most of the student, but somehow Linca has something else in her mind. She was ready for excellence.

While on the day of the presentation she felt total gratitude within her heart for the professor and everyone else. As she finished her presentation, the professor appreciated a lot and said she scored the highest grades of all.

Making it to the top was what she always wished for and at the last university exam she made it. She knew that the power of gratitude can do anything and she proved it.

Gratitude gives that extreme level of positivity and confidence that anything is possible.

While all this magic was happening in her life she met a friend who was driving a new blue car, she falls in love with the car instantly. Took a test drive and feel so much gratitude and wish she could have the same though she was already having a car.

After few days, her parents gifted the exact blue car and she was all dancing with the magic. Top performance at the University and her Blue Car gift made her brighten all the way in life.

Now she has set have big adventures ready and totally confident that magic can bring anything she wants. Above all, she knew it’s all about happiness and gratitude.

Finding the Perfect House & Amazing Friends In A New Country

attracting house law of attraction storyA young University student recently moved to Sydney, Australia. She wanted to have an accommodation near her university so that she can stay close and work more time in her lab.

Also, she desires to stay close to the Universe to have more friends to hang out with and to enjoy time on the weekend.

At the beginning of this magical journey, she started looking for a house near the University.

Initially, it seems difficult but on the day she went in the search she was fill with gratitude and she found the perfect house on her university campus only. In no time, she found some amazing friends to hang out with.

Now she is happily studying and enjoying time with friends.


Money Magnetism – Let the Money Flow Continuelaw of attraction story for money magnet

One gentleman who knew about Law of Attraction and Secret before, but joining the 28 Magic Course helps him understands this law of attraction in the simplest way. His big sum of money (Check of one crore) was stuck with someone and despite all attempt, the money was not coming.

As he learned about the power of gratitude, he discovered how easy it is to get the money. Within a week into the magic, he poured so much of gratitude to the money that flows to him easily and effortlessly.

For the first time in life, he truly becomes a money magnet. And the money stuck with other people came to him, and now every day he is attracting more and more.

From then on he hasn’t left a single moment without practicing gratitude.

Now he totally believes that gratitude is true riches of life.

Programming of Human Mind:

law of attraction success story mindpowerA young man from Qatar, understand the true power of his mind and unlimited potential to create success with magic and gratitude.

He was waiting for years to learn something that’s can easily program human mind and able to achieve anything. The Magic Practice answers all his waiting by manifesting that wisdom.

The journey itself is his manifestation and now he is enjoying the process to fullest creating success and happiness from his work to personal life.

Like these magical people, there are so many people who follow this magic of gratitude and working on building their self-esteem, removing negativity and creating abundance in every area of life.

Change is happening magically because all these people are taking a transformation walk into the magic.

If you haven’t read the earlier series, do read those law of attraction success stories for sure. Click below link:

Always remember nothing is impossible if you try, at the same time nothing will change unless you start.

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May the Magic Be with You.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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