How To Give Gratitude In Advance And Attract Everything You Want

How To Give Gratitude In Advance

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Gratitude is the most powerful of all human emotions. It’s the genesis of love, joy, and happiness. Time for you to unfold the secret of everything you want through gratitude. Time for you to know: How to give gratitude in advance and attract everything you want?

Gratitude is the origin of all positive emotions. While most people think the other way round. The feeling of gratitude in your heart, mind and soul generate these magical feelings.

The admiration of beauty, kindness and intellect start from a deep feeling of gratitude for their existence.

The divine attraction to love, joy and happiness generate a deep feeling of gratitude for this human bliss.

This is why the gratitude is the most powerful force in the Universe. Gratitude is the true elixir of life and the greatest magic of nature.

Every human achievement or superhuman feat reached so far started with a feeling of gratitude.

It’s gratitude that can give you the magical power to do, have and be anything you want.

But the magic of gratitude has a secret. A secret that takes it to the realm of magic. This secret that changes the way you can move the forces in the Universe for you.

Gratitude becomes magic when it is expressed prior to receiving the blessing.

Yes, most people believe in giving the gratitude after receiving or manifesting something. That’s great for being grateful for something you get or manifest or blessed with.

But the moment you start using it as the force of creation in the Universe by expressing gratitude for things before you manifest them or events before they occurred in reality, that’s when you take the power of gratitude to a phenomenal level. That’s when you make gratitude your magic lamp and that’s when miracles happen.

Give gratitude in advance and see the Universe make it happen for you.

So, How to give gratitude in advance?

Even before you meet new people, even before they love you, even before they like your work and even before they appreciate your charm and intellect, give your gratitude to them for loving you, for supporting your work, for helping you in your journey. This is how you create a magical relationship even before it comes into existence.

If you are having a bad relationship, give gratitude for the healing of hearts even before it seems like healing. Give your gratitude so much that everyone finds peace even before they expect it. And that’s when you create the magic.

Even before you thrive in your new profession or business give gratitude to people for being with you and helping you.

Looking for a dream job? Great! Even before you find your job give gratitude that someone, somewhere is selecting your profile for the job. Before you go to the interview give gratitude that the interview panel is looking for a person just like you, even before they find you.

That’s when you create the magical power of gratitude for you.

If you want to have a great body, attractive looks or magical healing, give gratitude to every single cell and tissue in your body, give gratitude to your heart, mind and soul for making you the person you want to become. Don’t wait for a day when you will feel like super human and then become happy.

Be happy and be grateful for who you are and be grateful for who you want to become and see your cells, tissue and DNA rearrange themselves with gratitude to create that magical attraction, that phenomenal look and that internal beauty in you. You can only create this with your magical power of gratitude.

Most importantly, if you are living in a negative environment surrounded by negative people, then give gratitude in advance. Give gratitude for a positive environment, give gratitude for magical people around you, give gratitude for a surrounding with happy and loving people in your existence. And when you do this, negative people will be less around you and good people will be more, either same people change their perception for you or new people will appear who matches your frequency. That’s when your gratitude either heals people who were negative or attract new positive people to you.

So no more expectation that when people, things and event be great in your favour only then you will give gratitude to them.

If you want to create magic in life, go a step ahead give gratitude in advance, give gratitude for happy & positive people for coming your  way, give gratitude for everything taking place in your favour and give gratitude that unseen forces of nature are working on your dreams.

That’s when you set your journey to success, happiness, and abundance. That’s when you attract magic into your life.

Give infinite gratitude in advance and bring a whole new magical power of manifestation into your life.

How to give gratitude in advance and attract everything you want

So are you ready to bring abundance into your life with advance gratitude?

If you have any experience of manifestation by expressing gratitude in advance then do share it in the comments.

May the Universe fulfil all your dreams.

Awesome AJ

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