5 Quick Manifestation Principles That Will Change Your Life

quick manifestation principles

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Do you want to manifest all your dreams quickly?

Or You often wonder, How can I manifest my dreams as quickly as possible?

Great, Quick Manifestation does exist and it happens to people also. But if you want it, then please hold on. You need to first understand the process and principles of quick manifestation. The Law of Attraction or the Universal Process works upon certain principle and today, I am sharing with you the process of quick manifestations.

Many people live their whole life being miserable because they want everything quickly, and in return they almost get nothing.

If you have a desire and you want to make it happen in a day or week, then you are not trusting the creation process, you are not understanding the Universal way of working.

If you really want something then you must have patience and let your dream takes its perfect shape.

Don’t just want something quickly, if you want something or desire something then have faith in the Universe and have your patience to let the creation process work for you. 

And while waiting for it with patience, you need to have positivity within you.

Why positivity is needed?

If you are waiting for your dreams but getting negative and desperate, that will break the creation process and you won’t get your desired manifestation.

Then you will ask yourself “why my dreams are not coming true?”

 At times even if you get it, you lose it very soon, you know why? Because you didn’t give enough positive energy to take its perfect shape. 

Quick Manifestation Process of the Universe

Everything in this Universe has creation process, the time in which the energy comes together to create the feelings or object or whatever you desire. If you keep worrying or interfering in the creation then you will either stop the process or damage it. 

The creation time is different for everything, that’s why, while you can manifest something in a day or hours but some other thing even takes years.

That’s the process of the Universe and you have to trust patiently. Because, before every quick manifestation the soul of the Universe takes time. 

Few years back, I was living in Beijing, China and I heard a story from a gentleman about a Bamboo. Later I did read about it also and probably  you may have heard the same, but let me share the story again.

quick manifestation process of Chinese Bamboo Tree

Chinese Bamboo Story – A Story of Patience, Persistence and Hard Work

There is a breed of bamboo available in China considered to become the tallest around the world. It grows up to 98 feet in just 4 weeks of time.

Wow, isn’t that awesome, that a bamboo tree grow 98 feet in just 4 weeks. It seems like a super quick result. 

But the story behind this is really powerful.

When this bamboo gets planted, it needs to be watered and nurtured the growing season, yet there is no visible progress the first year. The farmers do the same, watered, nurtured and take care of it the next year also, but no outward progress happened. The same process continues for four years, yet no signs of visible growth on the ground. 

That seems frustrating, right? Four years of working and caring yet not even an inch of visible progress. 

Then something amazing happened in the fifth year.

At the beginning of the fifth year, the bamboo started shooting up from the ground and with a surprising progress it grows to become 90 to 98 feet tall in just 4 weeks of time. 

That’s incredible, isn’t it?

 Anyone who will see the four weeks of growth of the bamboo must feel that “wow what a tree is this, it is manifesting its sky-height in just four weeks.”

But, if you only see the progress of last four weeks then you are seeing just 10% of the story. The farmer who put all the hard work for the first 4 years with a faith that it will grow at the beginning of the fifth year knows everything about patience, persistence, and hard work. 

Also, the farmers say that if they stop watering or nurturing the plants any time during the first four years, then the plan will die and will never become a tree.

When I asked that person why it takes so long, why it takes four years of time, the man replied, you can’t grow tall without making your foundation strong. 

These bamboos are 90 feet high, so to hold up a structure of such magnificent height it needs to have massively strong roots into the ground to hold the tree stand on it. If the bamboos won’t grow enough roots either they will  never grow so high or they will get uprooted from the ground by their own weight. 

That’s another powerful wisdom the bamboo tree shared with us. 

The bamboo tree story is a true example of quick manifestation and how the forces of nature take the time to let the creation process be perfect to let you handle the fruits of life. 

5 Quick Manifestation Principles That You Must Remember: Lesson Learned From The Chinese Bamboo Story

1. Quick Manifestation Do Exist:  

The Bamboo growing up to 90 feet in just four weeks time is truly an example of QUICK MANIFESTATION, indeed an amazing one. Like this, your manifestations of happiness, health, wealth, dream job and love anything can happen super quick.

2. Every Manifestation Has A Creation Time:

Like the bamboo, took 4 years of time before it start shooting up the sky, similarly your dreams have its own manifestation time. You must remember that you may not know the creation time for your dreams and that’s totally fine, but have faith in the Universe.

3. Have Faith and Patience In The Creation Process:

Like the farmers have faith in the process, you must have faith in the Universe that if you desire something and keep nurturing your dreams, certainly it will come true. Have the patience to see the result, like the farmer’s watering and nurturing, you must give your best every day towards your dream with planning, visualisation, affirmations and put actions into work every single day, whether you see any result or not.

4. Understand, Why It’s Taking Time:

Like the bamboo takes 4 years to grow its roots so strong and deep that it can hold  its skyrocketing success. Same way, if your dreams are taking time, understand that it’s the time for you to develop and grow your roots so that you can hold up you success.

5. You Have To Believe In It Before You Can See It:

Most people lose their patience because they want to see the result super quick. If others will ask you “why your dreams are not coming true?” And if you get frustrated then you will never achieve your dreams. You have to trust the universal process. You must have the patience till it will come true. You have to show your love, faith, and patience even before you can have it. 

Most importantly you have to trust the Universe before your manifestation come true.


Quick Manifestation does happen in this magical Universe and you destined for it. If you want love, happiness, job, health or wealth, you can manifest it all. Even you can manifest it all quickly. But to reach that quick manifestation state you must have faith in the Universe. You must have the patience to let the creation process take place. And you should be ready take action in watering and nurturing your dreams.

All your dreams are ready to come true. And they will come true if you have faith, patience, persistence and positivity.

If your dreams are not coming true?

If you want to manifest your dreams quickly, then ask yourself:

“What Am I Watering My Dreams with?”

Quick Manifestation of Dreams with law of attraction

Photo Courtesy: www.zenpencils.com

With immense love and gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome.

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