Stop Chasing People And Let Them Fall In Love With You

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So many people every day chasing other people and not following their dreams.  Are you one of them?

Some of you know what’s your dreams and desires are, but a broken relation is giving you so much pain that you have stopped following your dreams.

Many people have made a difficult relationship as the centre of their life. Don’t make someone else the centre of your universe but makes yourself the centre.

Yes, relationships are very important in life and they have the highest priority, but they meant to give you happiness and freedom, but not pain and loneliness.

To heal a broken relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, with your husband or wife, or anyone you desire, you have to understand that by chasing them you will get nothing.

The Law of Attraction in this Universe doesn’t work this way.

For the law of attraction to bring the happiness into your relationship, first you must have a happy relationship with yourself.

Likes attract like. Happy people attract a happy partner and happy life.

Unless you start loving yourself unless you start giving value to yourself and unless your start enjoying your own company no-one will love you or value you or live in happiness with you.

Every happy relationship starts from you, when you start being happy yourself then the other person will see the light shining within you and they get back to you.

When you start loving yourself, they will love you and feel the happiness with you. That’s when they feel that your universe has enough space for them to live in joy and freedom and not suffocate.

When you desperately chase them, you suffocate them and they will go far away.

If they really love you and meant to be with you then they will come back to you. But they will come back to you when you be happy and magical with yourself.

But you can never be happy and magical by desperately chasing them, by crying with the broken heart and by begging them.

If you are feeling miserable in a broken relationship, stop doing that and start asking “what’s my dreams and purpose of life are?”

When you start focusing your journey on your inner desire and purpose of life, you automatically light-up happiness in your heart.

When you start living your dreams, you will have divine shine in your soul and you will realise that you are the creator of your own life and you are the centre of your own universe.

That’s when the people who truly love you and care for you, will find their way to you.

Stop chasing people and start living your dreams. Living your dreams and purpose of life is your first step to your true happiness and infinite love.

When you fall in love with yourself, everyone will fall in love with you.

The Universe

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