How Can You Change From A Pessimist To An Optimist Quickly?

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Are you an optimist or a pessimist or the one hanging in between?

Do you know what is making you an optimist or a pessimist?

If you are an optimist then that’s a blessing to you, right. But, if you are a pessimist then you are having a hard time in life. Every pessimist knows that being positive is really difficult. Even most of the people who struggle with the inner negativity, they try hard to become an optimist but become unsuccessful.

Apart from the super optimist and the pure-pessimist, there are people who keep hanging in between positivity and negativity.

Are you the one hanging in between?

If you struggle to have the positive flow all the time and wondering how can I take myself to a level where I can be super positive, then have patience, in this magical Universe you have a solution for everything.

If you are pure-pessimist or you are the one hanging in between positivity and negativity, then you are reading what you need at this moment. In this post, I am sharing the simplest secret of what is making you an optimist or pessimist. And most importantly, understanding the reason will help you find the key to transforming your negative self into a pure positive one magically.

Your success and manifestation  depend upon the kind of person you are, whether you are an optimist or pessimist.

Can You change from A Pessimist to An Optimist?

The answer is YES. You CAN.

Now is the time when you must leave the negativity behind and start your magical transformation of becoming an optimist.

Now you must understand what is making you a pessimist or an optimist.

The Voice within You.

You have a voice within you. You are the one speaking and you are the one listening to it.

Every moment of the day, the voice is saying something. Either it’s telling you an amazing story about you or it’s talking about your weaknesses. Either it’s telling you how blessed you are or it’s telling how unlucky you are. Either it’s telling you what possibilities you have or it’s telling what obstacles you have.

This voice within you is your power voice. This power voice is creating your reality. This voice can build or break your dreams. This voice has the power to give you a push to go beyond any obstacles and weakness to live your greatness.

Don’t just be a passive listener to this voice, listen to it actively. Because this voice has the ability to manifest what you can and what you can’t achieve in life.

But you must understand one thing, normally this voice tells you the negative aspect of life, it tells you more about what you don’t have, about why you can’t achieve your dreams and about why others are better than you.

No one not born as an optimist or pessimist, but choose to become who they want to be.

Consciously or unconsciously you become the person who you are by listening to this voice within you. The positive or negative tone of this voice formed based on other people’s advice, the conversation you heard and the experiences you had in life. From childhood slowly this inner voice starts taking its shape and becomes optimistic or pessimistic.

So, what’s your inner voice telling you? Is it telling you the gift and blessings of life? Or is it telling you the problems and obstacles you have?

Change The Voice within You.

Every single day you have the choice to change this voice and become the person who you want to be. Whether you choose to be an optimist or pessimist, you always have the choice with you. And you must choose to be an optimist in life.

Many times you find yourself being negative and have a hard time becoming positive. Even many times you wonder why some people are so lucky and always positive in life and why not you.

You consider them lucky or favourite child of God, but the truth is they are no different than you. They are made from the same supreme energy. What makes them positive or an optimist or in your words “Lucky” is the way they formed this inner voice.

These people always focused on listening to only positive words from this inner voice. They see the possibilities in everything they do and everywhere they go.

But you must be thinking, what about me? How can I become super positive? How can I take myself to the magic of becoming an optimist?

If you have a tough time in life or you can see only negativity around, if you have become a pessimist then you must understand, why you have become like that. You have become so negative because you are only listening to the negative voice within you and you are not talking back positively. You are only listening, but you are not telling it that you can change your life, you are not protesting that you are not a victim of fate anymore.

If you have lived your life so far being negative and felt miserable to become a pessimist, then I must tell you, your struggle has come to an end now. You don’t have to stay like that anymore and struggle. You can change it and the change can begin from now.

Don’t just be a listener to your inner voice but start talking to it.

Talk to your inner voice all the time.

If the inner voice tells you something positive agree to it and say YES, YES, YES.

But more importantly when the inner voice tells you something negative, shout back and say “No it’s Not True” and tell the opposite with belief that how strong and blessed you are.

If your inner voice tells you that you are miserable, unfortunate or weak, shout back and say “I am magical, I am the most fortunate person and I am the strongest one.”

If your inner voice tells you that your dreams will never come true, shout back and say “I am the one destined for my greatness and I am the one living my dreams. I deserve my dream now and forever.”

If your inner voice tells you that you have nothing in life to go ahead and create an abundant life, shout back and say “I am the Universe in my life and that’s enough to create my abundance.”

Your inner voice will test you again and again, to check whether you are resolved to live your greatness or not. When you keep talking with strength and conviction, it will slowly change itself. Then it will start telling you how magical your life is, how powerful you are and how you are destined to live your dreams.

This inner voice is your gift to convert your weaknesses into your strength. This inner voice can transform your pessimistic self into the ultra optimistic being.

Stop being just a listener to this inner voice, recognise this inner voice and give your agreement to it’s positive talk or shout back and change the negative one.

Stop playing the role of a victim in life. Wake Up now, wake up and listen to this inner voice and say yourself loud “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

Change the voice within and see the world changing outside.

AJ’s Awesome Action Tips To Change From A Pessimist to An Optimist

1. Start listening to the inner voice.

Recognise the inner voice, whether it is positive or negative. Only if you start recognise it consciously then only you can change it. Most people wonder why they feel negative or frustrated too much. It’s because they don’t recognise the inner voice. If you start listening to you then you can change it.

2. Law of Attraction Principle: Like Attracts Like

If your voice is negative then it will bring more negativity into your life. If it’s positive then it will bring more positivity. So always remember the simple rule of Law of Attraction: Like Attracts Like.

3. Accept the Positive Voice and Change The Negative Voice

As mentioned in the point#2 like attracts like. So if your voice is positive about something then say YES to that. That will bring more positivity in that area of life. Law of attraction will bring more of that positivity.

If your inner voice in negativity about something, immediately change that voice. So that your vibration and law of attraction will change to attract positivity and not negativity.

4. Positive Programming for Law of Attraction

Note down all the positive statements I have given you in this article in your notebook or phone and read them 2 to 3 times daily.

Note following Statements:

“I am magical, I am the most fortunate person and I am the strongest one.”

“I am the one destined for my greatness and I am the one living my dreams. I deserve my dream now and forever.”

“I am the Universe in my life and that’s enough to create my abundance.”

Read the above statements daily to become much more positive.

5. Change Negativity to Positivity: Change Pessimism into Optimism

Think about your life and write down all the area which are negative in your life. May it be your job, money, relationship or health.

Then write that “I am going to change this area into positive gifts of life.”

Write down in the big font “I AM THE MASTER OF MY FATE, I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL”.

Whenever you feel negative or sad about something remind yourself this statement and you will get changed up instantly. You can also note down this statement in your phone as a reminder or note to the card you have prepared on the day#2.

I am sure now just by reading this you got changed up, isn’t it?

Quick Activity: Go to the comment section at the end of this post and Write “Your Name – I am the Master of My Fate, I am the Captain of My Soul.”

You are the Universe talking to yourself every moment of your life. Stop listening to the negative voice and talk back positively until your voice starts telling you that “Your Life is a Gift.”

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Listen happily, talk positively and transform from being a pessimist into an optimist magically.

Positive Power to You.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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