Lost 3 Kg in 3 Weeks – 3 Law of Attraction Success That Will Make You Feel Awesome

Law of attraction Success Stories

Law of Attraction Success Stories About Weight Loss, Healing, and Better Job

I love reading success stories. Because I always believe that success stories create greater impact in our life. Learning the secret of success is important. But reading someone’s success story will take us to the next level.

When I found the law of attraction, I used to read a lot of success stories. Success stories always inspired me, and especially the law of attraction success stories are always awesome.

That’s one of the reasons you read a lot of law of attraction success stories in this blog. I am passionate about helping, guiding and mentoring people in achieving their dreams. At the same time, I am passionate about telling their stories to others.

I always share the law of attraction success stories of awesome people who have achieved magical success. Especially the Law of Attraction Weight Loss Success Stories are powerful. Because these stories gives a greater insight into what to do and how to do.

Today I am sharing Ayana’s Magical Journey with you, a powerful law of attraction success story. She had joined my Mentoring Program and had been a part of 28 Magical Practice also. Almost a month before she joined this program and followed the gratitude journey.

In just one month what she achieved is phenomenal. Yes, in just one month, by following the attitude of gratitude and the law of attraction she manifested three major successes.

3 Law of Attraction Success Manifestations in Just One Month

1. Heal her body to avoid an operation

2. Change her boring job into a better one.

3. Lost 3 Kg in 3 just 3 weeks – This is the Epic Manifestation

Ayana believes in the law of attraction for a long time and followed it well. She was always been a positive person, but manifesting things that she desire were not happening. She knew about Law of Attraction, Gratitude, and Magic but wasn’t able to understand what she was missing.

She joined my Mentoring Program which includes 28 Magical Practice Course to understand what was missing. I found that though she knew everything, but she was lacking in following the attitude of gratitude in a proper way. The 28 Magical Practice helped people change their life by practicing the attitude of gratitude in the easiest and organized way.

We had a one-hour mentoring call and discussed all her dreams and challenges. Everything was fine except the process of following the gratitude in an organized way. Then she started my 28 Magical Practice and took a leap of faith.

Even before joining my 28 Magical Practice course, she had tried the magic from Rhonda mam’s Book. But it didn’t work well for her. So, I told her that my program is based on the book but it is far more magical. I asked her to take a leap of faith like many others around the globe who have achieved success with this course.

Ayana took a leap of faith with the 28 Magical Practice Course, and the result she got was phenomenal.

At the end of the magical practice, she achieved super success. She wrote an email to me sharing her law of attraction success stories. I am sure you will love every bit of her success story.

Ayana’s story in her words.

Life Changing One Month with Magic & Law of Attraction Success Story

Dear Aj,

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for all your support and guidance throughout my 28 Magical practice. I have done the 28 magic practice thrice earlier but this time my experience has been ecstatic. I’m very glad to let you know THREE of my wishes from my wishlist have come true just within the 28 days of magic practice !!! It was possible because of your mentoring and the 28 Magical Practice Journey.

1. Healing My Health

I was to undergo an operation after one month time, and I was so disappointed about this. But I was determined to take a leap of faith with the 28 Magical Practice. So, I started pouring gratitude to my health. Whenever there was a health practice day, I did it with an utmost belief that this practice was going to heal me completely.

On Magic Practice Day 22 (Before Your Own Eyes), I went for my check-up. The doctor tells me that God has blessed me, and I don’t need the surgery anymore. I could not believe my ears. I was so happy and thankful to God.

Yes, it is true that miracles happen, and they happen quickly with GRATITUDE.

2. Manifesting Better Job

I was not happy in my current job. My job profile was very boring, and my manager was not easy to work with. I was unhappy with my job, but I was happy with the company. I wanted to continue to work in the same company but in a different team. I started pouring a lot of gratitude towards my manager and work every day. I was giving gratitude by writing 10 points that I’m grateful for them. Within no time after starting this practice, things started to change. My rapport with my manager became friendly, and I got an opportunity to change my team. Now I am working in a different team with a different manager in my desired profile.

All of this happened with much of ease and comfort.

law of attraction success stories weight loss

3. Most Importantly – My Weight Loss Success

I wanted to reduce weight for a long time. But for some reason I was not able to do anything about it. After I had started the magic practice, I put myself on a comfortable diet that suits my lifestyle. As a result, I have lost THREE Kg in just 21 Days. The result of losing 3 Kg in 3 weeks has motivated me to take more steps with determination towards my weight loss.

The best part about this weight loss is that it has happened effortlessly with GRATITUDE.

I would like to thank you AJ for guiding me through the practice.

Especially the 1-hour mentoring conversation over the phone with you was phenomenal. Your guidance motivated me so much that it made me take a decision to complete the 28 Magical Practice with the utmost belief that my life will change for good.

Along with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE, it is the BELIEF IN GRATITUDE that has helped me manifest my wishes.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you AJ for being such a wonderful coach and a partner throughout the magic journey.

Thank you,

Infinite gratitude to Ayana for sharing her law of attraction success story with us. She has achieved something she wanted to achieve for a long time.

And the most important thing about her achievement is the ease and effortless way she did it. It is possible with the magical power of gratitude that is why I called it Magic of Gratitude. And my course is known as 28 Magical Practice.

Let me give you the Awesome Action Plan Ayana has followed to achieve this success.

Awesome Action Plan to Achieve Law of Attraction Success

1. Have Complete Clarity of Your Goals and Dreams.

Write your dreams with clarity. If you don’t know how, then don’t be worried, I have created an awesome FREE E-Book for You. Download my Dream Planning Guide For FREE.

2. Counting Your Blessings to Stay Happy & Positive

The more happy and positive you will become the more success you will have. Everyday Ayana was writing ten things she was grateful for to stay positive and happy.

3. Start Practicing Gratitude for Everything You Want To Achieve.

Like Ayana expressed gratitude to her health and body for healing. The same way she expressed gratitude for her job and manager. And then she started giving gratitude to her body and food for weight loss. And rest everything fell into place for effortless success.

Always remember giving gratitude in advance is the secret of success.

Few moths back I have recorded a Video on “How to train the Mind to Get Perfect Body and Health” for the MAGICAL HEALTH WEEK Program of my friend and Nutritionist Shikha Gupta. Though the video was created for her Magical Health Week Participants but still you will find a lot of insight about Law of Attraction, Health and Weight-Loss.

If you have enjoyed the video, subscribe to my Youtube Channel and share it with others. Also, do let me know if you want me to make more videos on the law of attraction and laws of success.

Are you still confused about how to practice gratitude?

Or if you are still thinking

How can I practice gratitude so that I will have success like Ayana?

NO WORRIES. You can join the phenomenal 28 Magical Practice Course. This course will guide you step by step way on how to practice gratitude in every area of life to achieve your dreams.

If you are interested in mentoring, then you can contact me here.

I believe that Ayana’s story has inspired you immeasurably like so many success stories has inspired me.

Do share your law of attraction success story in the comment section.

I wish you massive success on your magical journey.

Thank You,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

If you want to take a leap of faith with the Magic of Gratitude, then join now.

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