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Law of Attraction is the law of the Universe. If you understood it well, you could achieve anything you want in life. Today, I am sharing Shruti’s marvelous success story. This law of attraction success story is going to inspire you for sure.

Shruti is sharing her one year journey of magical transformation. But her most defining success is Manifesting Dream Job in her Dream Location Dubai.

First watch this short video from Shruti. She is sharing her joy and extraordinary success from Jumeirah Beach, Dubai.

Shruti’s Magical Video (Dream Job using Law of Attraction)

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I believe Shruti’s story has inspired you for sure.

Exactly one year before Shruti started her journey with my 28 Magical Practice Course. At that time, Shruti was working in a boring job in Delhi, India.

She was having great dreams, but nothing was moving. That’s when she joined my Law of Attraction Online Course and after that joined my Personal Mentoring Program also. And now she is living her dream and going higher and higher.

She is sharing her complete journey of last one year here. I am sure you will love it. And read until the end for some great offer.


One Year of Magical Transformation: A Law of Attraction Success Story of Dream Job, Relocation to Dream Destination & More

(Shruti has shared this story with love and joy.)

Today I am proud to share the journey of the most phenomenal year of my life:  Oct 2015 To Oct 2016.

# My Inner Quest

Ever since I can remember, I have always been a spiritual seeker looking for reasons of my existence & purpose of life. I have always been keen on self-empowerment seeking new opportunities every day every moment.

I practiced various spiritual practices, joined various religious groups but despite doing everything I could feel that there is something missing.

There was a GAP.

That Gap was  feeling of achievement, feeling of victory, feeling you have when your dreams come true. My life was ordinary with no major breakthrough.

I had a lot of dreams like Big Job, to Settle Abroad, to Clear Tough Certification exams, to Follow My Passion, to Be My Stronger Self.

I had knowledge from various sources, but the HOW was missing? HOW to practically implement those ideas in daily life was missing?

I also bought the magic book of Rhonda Byrne but could not complete reading it.

# Joining the Law of Attraction Online Course

One day while surfing the net, I came across Awesome AJ page on Facebook. The 28 magical practices seemed interesting  & I joined it little knowing what abundance it was storing in for me.

I involved my brother and best friend to this magical safari. As each day unfolded, with every new day, with every new magical practice, with every awesome insight from Awesome AJ, we all felt the euphoria of happiness.

In a short span of time we all were jumping with happiness and joy, the feeling we never felt before.

# Taking A Leap of Faith with The Awesome Mentor

Awesome AJ taught us how being grateful changes world around us. After completing the magical practice, my desire to understand this magical world amplified. It is then when I took a leap of faith and decided to go for AJ’s Personal Mentoring program in November last year.

I was a young girl holding so many dreams in her eyes but did not know how to realize them.

Awesome AJ started mentoring me with his remarkable insights on how to set goals & accomplish them. I had weekly calls where we worked on extensive action plans towards my goals.

In a month time, I could see the change in me and my surroundings. Observing my phenomenal  change soon, my brother & best friend also started personal mentoring program with Awesome AJ.

We all were amazed by the revolution we felt within our lives both at inner & outer level. What we started achieving after that was beyond IMAGINATION.

# Unleashing My Inner Power & Getting Aligned

For last four years, I was stuck in a job I did not want to be in but soon after mentoring from awesome  AJ, I grabbed offers from biggest multinationals in my field of work. Meanwhile, my Dubai dream was becoming stronger and stronger.

My husband magically supported my efforts & going to the extent of changing his profession to mine. This time, we both focused together on the common dream of going abroad.

We both had this dream of settling abroad for last three years, but it was just not happening.  AJ taught us the power of FOCUS through practical implementation of powerful mind activities, massive action plans & dream planning.

# Dream Job in Dubai – Magical Manifestation

As our focus magnified within six months, our Dubai dream came true. All this time, I received continuous guidance & intensive mentoring from Awesome AJ.

manifest dream job in dubai using law of attraction

The specialty of Awesome AJ is his humbleness, his desire to strive with his mentee, his immense dedication, and his full attention. AJ is always full of awesomeness.

Words are too less to describe his greatness, he is the gem of a human being, a great mentor, I have learned a lot from my mentor i.e. fearlessness, creativity & always dreaming  BIG, BIG, and BIG.

# Clearing The Toughest Exam with Flying Colors

I am proud to say that I am able to achieve all my targets for this year including being the topper of one of the toughest exam standing among top 20 % worldwide.

AJ not only inspires to dream big but also provides his step by step action plan to convert the dreams into reality.

It would be now my second year of mentoring with Awesome AJ, and I am all so excited about it. This time I am going for even bigger dreams following my passion and I am sure with magical wand Awesome AJ; I can achieve whatever I desire.

# World’s Most Awesome Mentor

AJ is a Mentor with MIDAS GOLDEN TOUCH. His powerful words convert everything into GOLD. Thank You Thank you Thank You so much Awesome AJ. You are a Rockstar & True Inspiration making this world a great place to live where every dreamer is fulfilling his dream at the blink of an eye like a MAGIC.

# A Note to You (The Reader & The Dreamer)

I wish you tons of gratitude for reading my story. And I wish you magical success ahead in life. Always keep believing in your dreams. But if you are stuck and not finding the way to unleash the inner power then you need a Mentor.

I have been through hundreds of books and keep searching for my inner light. Only when I found AJ as my mentor, I could able to unleash my greatness and now living my dreams.

And I must say this is just the beginning. Go for your dreams find your awesome mentor or join AJ’s mentoring. Start your journey, may it be from magic practice or mentoring or attend his workshop. But Start for sure.

I can assure you that you will gain much more that you invest. You will just get amazed the way he will change your life.

Shine High with Success.

Thank you,




I believe once again Shruti’s story has inspired you to the core.

Law of Attraction: Success Attracts More Success.

As Shruti has mentioned her brother and best friend also taking my mentoring. I will share their success story very soon. But let me give you a little insight.

Shruti’s brother cleared interviews for seven top MBA colleges in India. And now studying in one of the top MBA College. His story is a story of turning failure into massive success.

And her best friend moved to London from Delhi the day before yesterday. Her story is another magical story of manifestations.

I will share their stories very soon.

watering your dreams

Magical Success Needs Strong Faith & Massive Action

Shruti is a true dreamer and adventurer in this Universe. I am proud to become her mentor and her dedication and effort for her dreams are always commendable. She has dedicated tons of time and energy for her success. And she took massive actions relentlessly to transform herself.

If you have dreams and only if you give your heart and soul to it, then the Universe help you to achieve it. The Law of Attraction is always working with you.

To use the Universal Law in your advantage, you must understand how it works correctly. You must know how you can unleash your greatness. You must learn the right way of doing affirmation, visualization, gratitude and all other processes of the law of attraction.

Decision Shapes Destiny

If you are going through some struggle and expecting to start a positive change in life then you must take a leap of faith.

Start with my 28 Magical Practice Course Today.

This powerful online course has changed thousands of dreamers life so far. It’s time for you.

Also, you can join my Mentoring Program, check the details here.

Tons of Gratitude to Shruti for sharing her story and also the powerful video.

Now it’s time for you to take a leap of faith like Shruti.

Massive Success to you.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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