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Ever wondered what is the greatest gift you have? Living in joy!

So, what is this feeling of living in Joy all about? Here are a few instances when you experiencing or discussing Joy, knowingly or unknowingly:

·  When you follow your dreams or create something new

·  When you visualize achieving your goals

·  When you talk about success

·  When you go for adventurous trip and you conquer a fear you have always had

·  When you win a race or competition

·  When you find your perfect soulmate or fall in love without having any insecurities

·  When you enjoy a romantic moment or experience love

·  When you start a new business venture

·  When you overcome failures and ultimately succeed at something because you were persistent

·  When your first book or article gets published

·  When you compose your first music piece or create your first painting

So, basically whenever you experience a sense of accomplishment or create something new, deep down you always, always feel Joy. Whether you do so knowingly, or unknowingly.

But, sometimes there is something that keeps most of us away from this feeling of joy. It isn’t that you did not like what you created or did not achieve success, or did not find the love in the person you call your soul mate … no, it isn’t this at all! More often than not, we fail to bask in joy and experience its full aura because somewhere we resort to the evil called comparison.

Yes, whenever you are not feeling joyous, look deep within and you will find it’s the comparison with someone else that is taking your joy away and stopping you from enjoying your achievement.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Remember that everyone around you is different from each other and each walk their own path. They look at life from their own perspectives. Probably all you see in someone else’s life is only what they are willing to show you. You might never know what they went through or are going through to reach where they are today.

Don’t always look at life as a marathon or competition. Take life as a journey with hundred of milestones. Travel significant distance, recognize yourself for the effort, check what you can do better, improvise and go ahead with more magical power.

Stop this game of comparison and start celebrating your success because the comparison you indulge in will ultimately steal your joy.

If you have worked for years on your dreams and when you are about to reach the finish line but you don’t feel happy about it …think! Is it because someone else is ahead of you? Does it matter? If your answer is in the affirmative, then aren’t aware of your inner joyous feeling. Correct yourself now. You are in competition with no one but yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others and start enjoying your life’s adventures. Take things as they come.

But, this does not imply that you become complacent and stop striving and improving. You must strive to become the best and always create more than what you have done. Instead of comparing yourself with others, compare what you are today with what you were yesterday and what you want to be tomorrow. Your only goals should be not to outdo anyone else but to reach your highest potential, and that’s when you can unleash your greatness.

Know that you are the magical creation of God, and you have no comparison with others because you are awesome.

Let your joy brighten the Universe.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

P.S. Quick Activity: Write in the comment “I will not compare myself to anyone because everyone is awesome. I am the magical creation of God. I am Awesome (write your name).”

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