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You have limitless power

You have the power to live your dreams. You have the power to go beyond your fear and conquer obstacles. You have the power to fall in love again if you have failed before. You have the power to start another business even if you have failed many times. You have the power to manifest your dream job even if you are working in a miserable job for years. You have the power to heal any relationship even if you are suffering in it. You have the power to take any unfinished business to it magical end.

You have limitless power. And power doesn’t mean the political power to control a state or to have the muscle power to fight a battle but the mind power to unleash your greatness. It’s the inner power that is important, and once you recognize your inner power, you can feel this power resonate in your mind, body and soul to achieve anything and everything in life.

In the journey of life, most people choose to ignore their inner powers and end up settling for much less than they deserve. They never realize that they can do, have or be anything they want to. They fail to accept that they can continue to build their new dreams and fulfill an old dream.

Recognize and believe in the power of your imagination and inner voice, and when you know the massive power inside you, you can unleash the magical power in the outer world. That’s when you will connect your mind, body and soul with the shining universe and become the ultimate warrior of your dreams.

Stop being small and start living the infinite power of your soul.

Start being the Universe in yourself. Acquire the power of the unlimited to craft a magical life that you deserve to live. When you acquire this power, remember it is not given to you to demean others or make someone inferior. Same way when you see someone with greater power, you don’t have to feel inferior or play small.

This power is given to you for living your dreams and unleashing your greatness, and to fulfill the true purpose of your life. And that’s precisely why it is also given to the other people you know.  Many people live their life without knowing what they are capable of doing and they end up in their graves without recognizing their inner strengths and greatness. They die with the burden of unachieved goals and unrealized dreams.

You do not have to die like them. Don’t let this power die within you. Recognize it and believe in it because it is never too late. Don’t let this power diffuse within you.

Start today, if not in a great way then in a small way. Dream Big and expand your imagination and take at least baby steps towards your greatness.

You still have the time and energy to become the greatest actor or film director you always desired to be. You still have the time to start your own company. You still have the energy to travel around the world. You still have the time to become the best-selling author and sell a million copies of your books. You still have the time to find your love and soul mate. You still have the time to live your magical life.

And most importantly you have the power to connect with your higher self. Free yourself from all the boundaries you have created within yourself, let yourself go beyond other people’s criticism, let yourself fly beyond the walls of negativity and see the skies of opportunity.

You Are The Greatest Creation of God

Become the greatest creation of God today and start believing in the limitless power you have within. This power is yours not to defeat other but to defeat your inner negativity, your own obstacles, your laziness and your fear of failure.

You have limitless power. Unleash the power within and live your magical life.

Live your dreams.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

P.S. Quick Activity – Write in the comment “I have limitless power within me. I am creating my magical life. Thank You Universe.”

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