How to Overcome Negative Feelings while Writing Your Dreams

Tips for writing your dreams

Have you written your dream list?

How did you feel while writing your dreams?

Did you feel negative while writing your dreams?

Today’s post is very important because most people face this challenge.

As you know the very first step of the Law of Attraction is ASKING. It means you should ask the Universe what exactly you want. And how to do it? You can do it by writing our dreams clearly, positively and confidently.

Many people say that “I know what are my dreams but I don’t feel like writing them.”

However, I always advise that you must write your dreams on a paper/notebook. Because when you write it, you actually initiate the process in the Universe. That is why in my Transform Your Destiny workshop I always make sure that all the participants should write their dreams with as much clarity as possible.

The dream writing process is not just about ASKING but also about make you understand how you feel about your dreams. And the irony is most people have big dreams but when they try to write them they feel fearful, negative and sad.

That’s why writing your dreams is very important because when you write your dreams you get to know how you actually feel about them. Do they really excite you or it’s just a wish and not a dream?

This blog post is about how to change this negative feeling into positive.

Remember, Writing dreams with clarity and positivity is very important for manifestation.

Very frequently, I got this question from readers and I believe many of you can relate to it. A mail received recently is given below for your reference.

Question: How to overcome Negative Feelings while Writing My Dreams?

Dear AJ, I am facing difficulty while writing my dreams. I feel negative thoughts are interfering while writing.

For example, if I am writing about my dream house or job, suddenly one thought appearing like ‘what if the dream won’t come true?’ or ‘what if my EX will come there and torture me?’

What to do in such situation? All my thoughts are diverting in the negative direction.

Can you please help me to recover from this?

This is one situation, there could be many scenarios. Do you relate to the above situation?

Why do Negative Thoughts come while Writing Your Dreams?

The main reason is FEAR.

Yes, most people have fear in their mind and heart about what may go wrong like “What if the dream won’t come true?” or  “What if something wrong will happen?”

It happens because you never prepare yourself to face these fears. And so far you are only ignoring it, knowingly or unknowingly.

[bctt tweet=”“When you run towards your fear, your fear runs away.”- Robin Sharma #motivationalquote”]

You have such negative feeling about writing your dreams because your subconscious mind is full of fear or negativity. Maybe due to your past experience or something that you have seen around.

The most important thing is, you must remove these negative feelings now. Because till the time you have these fears, your dreams won’t come true.

Robin Sharma Quotes Larger than fear

So here is what you have to do to overcome these negative feelings and feel super positive while writing your dreams.

5 Powerful Steps to Write Your Dreams Positively

1. Take A Walk

Before you start writing your dreams, go and take a walk outside for 15 to 20 minutes. While walking observes everything you see around. If you see happy people or smiling children focus on their expression and feel happy for them.

Law of attraction says “Like Attracts Like.” This way you will attract positive energy into you.
When you take the walk your whole body will move and it will get into a rhythm. This rhythm will help you disconnect from your negative feelings.

2. Choose A Positive Environment

Once you are done with the walk then choose a place where you feel positive. And make sure the place is clear and give you a positive feeling. Avoid a place with too much noise. It will automatically affect your mood. So choose a calm, clean and positive place.

If you don’t find such place at your home, then go outside, sit in a garden or a park or a library. If you feel positive in your office there also you can write.

Many of my friends have designated place for writing their dreams like a quite Coffee Shop or a garden with beautiful view. It automatically makes you feel positive.

3. Use Positive Affirmation Before Writing

Affirmations are the most powerful way of reprogramming your subconscious mind. So have a positive self-talk with yourself before writing your dreams.

Use this affirmation to program yourself in the Positive mode:

“I am Happy and Grateful now that my dreams are coming true. I feel happy and secure while writing my dreams and the Universe is taking care of my dreams.”

Say this affirmation to yourself at least 10 times and you will feel a very positive feeling within yourself.

4. Have A Designated Journal for Writing Your Dreams

Don’t write your dreams in any notebook or journal where you are writing hundreds of other things. Have a specific one for your dreams. If needed buy a new notebook or journal to start writing. Having a new journal will give you the feeling of freshness and positivity.

At the very first page, you can note this affirmation in big font.


5. Write Your Dreams with Positive Statement

Write your dreams happily and positively. If you follow the above four steps you will naturally feel super positive. If you still feel some resistance then don’t give much attention to that and ask yourself how magical your life will become once you start living your dreams.

Write your dreams starting with a Positive Phrase like:

“I am Very Happy..”

“I am Grateful..”

“I am now attracting/manifesting…” …etc

Few examples for you:

  • I am very Happy that I am becoming a Doctor.
  • I am grateful for having a magical relationship with my love.
  • I am now attracting my dream job happily and magically.
  • I am feeling blessed that I am getting more and more money every day.
  • Like this start writing your dreams with a Positive or Grateful statement and you will feel highly positive.

If you follow the above five steps it will change your feelings magically.

universe working on your dreams

Follow it from today itself and you will get surprised.

The law of attraction is always working for you. Always ready to give you whatever you want but you must ask what you want happily and positively.

Follow the above five steps and share how you will feel while writing your dreams in the comment section.

Live all your dreams.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

P.S. Quick Activity – Write in the comment “I am happy and grateful now that all my dreams are coming true. I feel happy and secure while writing my dreams. the Universe is taking care of my dreams.”

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