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Many people live in a constant state of self-criticism. They keep blaming themselves and expecting much more than what they are doing. They are in a constant struggle to have a better personality.

There is nothing wrong in try to make your personality better. But it shouldn’t be so hard that it actually sabotage your true inner-self.

Unleash The True Personality Within You

Everyone is gifted with amazing power, unlimited possibilities and magical creativity. And when I say creativity, it’s not just about art, music or writing but anything that let you express yourself in the highest form of joy is the true creative gift of your soul.

Whether you are a programmer or an athlete, if that’s what you love the most that is your creativity. Likewise, whether you are a mathematical genius, accounting wizard, a phenomenal writer, eloquent speaker, magnificent dancer or an adventurer, whatever let you express your soul’s ultimate joy is your true creativity.

And this creative force can let you unleash the true personality within you.

But on the journey of life, too many creative geniuses are losing their original personality to the false expectations from people around them. And in this process, most of them forget their true self and chase an unfulfilling destination.

The world outside has painted a picture of good personality as someone good at many things. They expect you to be good with technology, good in sport, good in dancing, writing, speaking, in fact, expect you to play some musical instrument and become an adventurer at the same time. They expect you to good with everything and everyone while becoming an exceptional performer in life. This is what the standard of good personality has been set around.

But most of the time you are not ready to be good in all these things. It’s not because you don’t consider any of them bad, but it’s because you don’t meant for everything.

Yes, not everyone is made for everything.

Always remember you don’t have to be good at many things, you have to be great in a few things. You have to be phenomenal in a few things that you love the most. You have to perform at the outstanding level that makes you alive. And you have just to focus on these few things that create a spark in your soul.

If you are an athlete and don’t feel like dancing then you don’t have to be a dancer, you have to be an exceptional athlete only. That’s what your true gift and let it shine through your soul.

If you are a programming genius and playing with codes make you alive then you don’t have to play your fingers on some musical instrument that you don’t like to. You have to live your life of extreme geniuses by developing things that take technology to new advancements.

If you love playing music then, you don’t have to be a good public speaker if you don’t feel alive there. Your only work is to create such magnetic music that your music should speak to the heart and souls of the public.

This is the right way of expressing your true personality. This is the way of living your gifts.

You don’t have to be good at many things; you have to be great in just a few things.

Whenever people around you tell you that you need to make your personality better, you need to do a hundred things in a good way. Don’t be too scared or don’t become self-critical. Look deep within your soul and ask yourself what are the few things that actually make you alive and do them with utmost devotion and let them touch the epitome of success and your personality will shine in the world.

But having said that remember if you have a deep desire to do something but you know you are not at all doing it or not at all good at it then never keep yourself shy from exploring it, learning it and mastering it.

Only if you feel that you must learn and master something new then go ahead do it for sure. But don’t get into the trap of exploring the unwanted things that distract you from your purpose of life.

The true personality of yours is a divine personality that God has gifted you. And this divine personality is to express the gift that is received from the divine.

Divine personality doesn’t mean to be spiritual but to let your spirit express itself so that you will serve the world with your inner gifts. And you can do that by being true to who you are.

So stop exploring a false personality which you don’t want to be from within. Do not become someone else just because other expects you to be. But become the true magical soul and live your purpose, follow your passion and live your dreams.

At the same time remember the inner string that connects with your divine personality and the divine power is happiness, bliss, positivity and love.

Do whatever you love to do but only do it with passion, positivity, and happiness, and unleash your divine personality.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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