5 Must Read Stories of Manifesting Dream Job using Gratitude and Law of Attraction

Manifesting Dream Job using Law of Attraction

Would you like to Manifest Your Dream Job?

Do you know that Manifesting Dream Job is never been easy?

And when you know the Magic of Gratitude and the Law of Attraction, Manifesting Dream Job becomes effortless.

Today, I’m sharing Five Stories of Dream Job Manifestations. Yes, not just one or two but five stories of Dream Job manifestations using Law of Attraction and Magic of Gratitude.

And I am sure you gonna love each one of them.

If you are jobless then this is going to inspire you to the core. If you are working in a miserable job then this post is your guiding light. And if you are working in a nice job then its time to take the leap of faith to Manifest your Dream Job.

You know ‘Why you have to do that?’ because you deserve it.

I am sharing their stories in their own words. So here we go…

1. Manifesting Dream Job and A Happy Life – Gina’s Success Story

Dear Awesome AJ,

As our 28 Magical Practice comes to an end (it is now a part of my daily habits), I just wanted to take the time to thank you for sharing this knowledge & experiences with us.

I personally have greatly benefited from it as I am sure other participants have.

I am happy to say that I have been able to manifest my Dream Job (with more job offers in hand). And not only manifested my Dream Job but most importantly to change my perspective about life forever focusing on the positive (gratitude) rather than the negative, therefore leading to increased happiness & satisfaction. These principles have enforced what I already knew it just needed more mindfulness & cultivation.

Gratitude is indeed a powerful practice and it is amazing how truly it contains the key to health, wealth & happiness.

Keep doing what you do, eternally grateful.

Stay blessed!

Gina, United Kingdom

2. With Magic of Gratitude, Everything is Possible – Dilpreet’s Success Story

Hey Ajay,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much for your guidance, help, and support. You are truly a blessed soul. You have always been there to help everyone. Thanks for all your time.

You helped me manifesting my job when I had lost confidence in myself after relocating to a new country and being unemployed for over a year. I used to read success stories but they were no more motivating me and then you suggested me to write Letters of Gratitude to the universe every night before going to sleep. I followed it religiously along with your 28 Magical Practice Course. And I expressed gratitude in every way throughout the day.  My Dream Job manifestation happened like Magic.

I love writing letters to the Universe now, it always works for me.

I am truly grateful to you. You are a STAR. Keep inspiring people in your own magnificent ways.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Dilpreet, Finland

3. From an Average Job to Manifesting An Awesome Job – Divya’s Dream Job Manifestation

Hey Awesome AJ, You know your 28 Day Magic Practice Program was just awesome like you. It was blessing for me.

As I was not happy with my average job and my mind was full of tensions and negativity and then god just came to rescue me from that situation through you. I did those practices religiously and guess for me your practice to write daily 10 good things about yourself worked well.

Now I am so happy full of positivity and got my Dream Job as well. In fact, I should be saying I got more than what I ask for, you are so well versed with Law of Attraction, that talking to you just make me feel I am in the vortex. You are really wonderful Ajay.

I have told you earlier as well that there is a sea change in me after completing this practice and conversing with you was a real pleasure you come with such a strong positive personality.

Zillions of thanks for showing me the pathway of success and happiness and abundance.

Keep doing this awesome work.

Divya, New Delhi

4. Manifesting Dream Job and Healing Love Life – Linda’s LOA Success Story

Hi Ajay,

I am really glad that I decided to follow the 28 Days Magical Practice with you. Your daily emails inspired me and motivated me to follow and complete the magic practice.

I was going through a tough time, but the practice kept me happy and hopefully. Before the practice, I was job hunting with no luck and my relationship with my boyfriend was over. During the 28 days, I got my Dream Job and my boyfriend and I are in a much better place.

I really appreciate you organizing the course and will keep practicing the magic practice for different areas of my life starting with relationships.

Thank you very much and keep doing what you are doing.

Linda, USA

5. Manifesting New Job After One Year of Gap – Parul’s New Job Success Story

Hello Sir,

I would like to thank you for my success. I did your 28 Magical Practice course and followed your post regarding How to clear interview easy way using the law of attraction and manifested my new job.

I was having a good job before one year. But some reason I have to left that because of that I started having low self-confidence. After that, I was going through depression, physical illness. My life was like no job, no life.

After few months, I started reading on how to stay positive and my life started getting better.

After one year of leaving my job, I decided to join a job again and continue in the same field. The I joined your 28 Magical Practice Course. And I attracted my first interview to attend. I was bit nervous and scared before the interview and then I read your post on interview success.

But after reading your post on the interview and practicing gratitude, I become very positive and confident. I Cleared the interview easily. I joined my New Job a few days back.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Awesome AJ. Your post and course are just awesome.

Thank you, sir!

Parul, Ahmedabad

I believe that all the above stories are sources of inspiration for you. If you are jobless and stressful then remember it’s possible to manifest your dream job. if you are unhappy in your current job then also remember you deserve more and you can manifest your dream job.

And here is one more Success Story of Manifesting New Job and much more…

Dream Job Manifestation Success story

The key is to stay positive about your dreams, be grateful and ready to manifest your dream job. Always remember possibilities are endless.

When you practice Gratitude every day it becomes a lot easier for you to manifest your dreams. And Magic of Gratitude not just help you manifest your dream job but it will make your life magical by transforming every area of life.

Use the Magic of Gratitude along with Law of Attraction and manifest your Dream Job and much more.

Wishing you massive success and unlimited happiness.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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