Your Faith Can Conquer Your Frustration – Keep Your Faith Strong

Your Faith Can Conquer Your Frustration

When you follow your dreams, you often find difficulties and obstacles. You often stumble upon tough terrains. You often lost the path in the journey.

It happened with everyone. You are no exceptions. But in all such moments of difficulties, FRUSTRATION starts making its home in your heart. And if you don’t become aware of it then slowly it will be the only thing exists there. Frustration and more frustration will slowly enslave you. Then you will face all kind of fear, insecurity, and unhappiness.

You must know that your heart is not designed to become the kingdom of frustration. The Universe has made your heart a kingdom of Courage, Love, Passion, Purpose, and Dreams. It is the Kingdom of God.

But no matter how much love, passions and dreams you have in your heart you have, keep guarding it with faith. Because faith is the only shield that can protect your dreams in the moments of difficulties. Faith is the only power that keeps you going with love and passion even in the darkness.

“Your faith is the only power that can let you stand in front of frustration.”

Keeping your Faith strong is not always easy, but it worth the effort to hold onto your faith

Starting A Journey is Exciting

When you start your journey, you are all excited and pumped up for your dreams.

When you are writing the first page of your book you feel super motivated.

When you register for the gym, you are all charged up.

When you are applying for the dream job you are super pumped.

When you are meeting your prospective lover, you love the feelings of being in love.

Every time you are starting the journey, you always feel the joy, excitement, and motivation. It’s easier to have faith at this moment because you know the Universe will fulfill your desire. And now when you have taken the first step you know it will come true.

In the Middle Frustration is Waiting

As you continue on the journey and nothing seems to be working. No visible progress is happening. You seem to be far away from your destination.

Your book seems to be stuck in the middle. Even if it is complete, no publisher is ready to publish it.

It’s been months you are going to the GYM but your body doesn’t show any change. Your body fats are acting stubborn to leave your body. 

You have appeared for the interview and had an amazing performance but the offer letter is not coming.

The exciting relationship that was magical, now not seems to be working anymore.

In all such moments of restlessness, slowly frustration start creep into your heart. Without your notice, the frustration started controlling your emotions. All your excitement will be gone and you started seeing more problems than possibilities.

Even to add to this situation, often you get external criticism to add more frustration. Even people close to you become critical and suggest you to give up. Also, people who even don’t know you, tell you how miserable you are.

If you listen to all, you will become nothing but more frustrated.

The more frustrations you have in your heart, the more difficult it will become for you to live your dreams.

Only Faith Can Keep You Going

Even before the frustration takes over your heart completely, you must empower your FAITH.

Have Faith in your dreams and in the Universe’s timing

Have Faith that the book you are writing will become a success.

Have Faith that you are achieving your perfect body.

Have Faith that your will get your dream job.

Have Faith that your relationship is ready to blossom.

Have Faith that every desire of your heart is ready to shine.

Have Faith and walk towards your dreams.

Only with faith you can conquer your frustration.  Know that in the kingdom of your heart both faith and frustration cannot co-exist. If you have given shelter to frustration for years then today is the day of your transformation.

“Uproot all the Frustration from your heart and establish your Faith as your Fortune.”

In difficult times, have Faith in the Universe and keep going ahead in the direction of your dreams. 

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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