Law of Attraction Q&A: Does Law of Attraction Drive Us Away From God or Make Us Closer?

Q&A - Law of Attraction does make your away from god or close?

Today we have a question related to Law of Attraction and Spirituality.

Q: How do you compare Law of Attraction and God?

Valerie, a magical soul from our Awesome Tribe asked us the following questions:

Dear Awesome AJ, Thank you very much for all your work- You are blessed and blessed more for sharing your blessings with others. How do you compare Law of attraction and God. Sometimes I wonder do people who use the law of attraction feel powerful? Do they drive themselves away from God?

Answer: The Connection Between Law of Attraction and God Explained.

Thanks a zillion for all your blessings.

There is no comparison between God & Law of Attraction because God is the Creator and Law of Attraction is the Creation that is working.

Irrespective of our religious belief or whether we are just spiritual, we have a name for the Power that has created this Universe. Whether we call this power God or The Universe or Higher Source or Infinite Intelligence, this power is the supreme creator who is governing the Universe. And the Law of attraction was created by this same power to take care of all the other creations both living and non-living objects to live in harmony with the cosmic energy.

That is why when we study deeply the core philosophy of any religion without any manipulation we will find the teaching are same as that of Law of Attraction. The core teaching are always empowering human to live a more blissful, loving and happy life in harmony with the cosmic laws.

When we practice law of attraction empowered ourselves to live our highest purpose of life. Anyone who feel Law of Attraction empower them to do any wrong and feel greater than the higher source attract negative outcome sooner or later.

When we understand and practice the law of attraction we aligned ourselves so beautifully with this law of the Universe that we actually move us closer to God or The Universe or whatever name you use.

Proper understanding and alignment with the Law of attraction empower us and made us a better human, a more peaceful, happy, loving and joyful human and that’s when we move closer to God.

I believe you are clear now.

Valerie Replied: Thank you very much!!! I believe in the Law of attraction.

Thank you for reading this conversation and I believe this has helped you understand the spiritual alignment of the Law of Attraction.

If you have any questions related to Law of Attraction, please post in the comment section so that we will answer in our LOA Q&A Series.

More Magical Power to you.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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