[DECEMBER] Awesome Adventure Monthly – Thank You 2016

Dear Awesome Nation!

Magical Greetings!

As we are welcoming 2017, I would love to share my adventure from last month.

We had totally a magical 2016. So many of my dreams have come true while many more are on the way and I know 2017 is going to be Truly Awesome!

I love to hear from you “How was your 2016?”

Let’s dive in to the journey through December.

Quote of the Month

“You did not come to face reality, you came to create reality.” – Abraham Hicks

This quote keeps reminding me the essence of the Law of Attraction. Often with the noise around from news, media and all the talks logical people are having, we get into facing the reality mode. Universe hasn’t created us to face reality but we are the creator of our reality. So you must stay focused in such way that no one else but you are creating your own life.

Challenge of the Month (Building New Habit or Breaking Old Habit)

# Continuing Habit: My Meditation practice is continuing and I practiced 20 to 30 Minutes every day both in the morning and before I go to sleep at night.

From my last update, so many of you have shared your struggle with meditation. When I started meditating many years back, I faced the same challenge and back than I started using Omharmonics from Mindvalley. And I am still using it for meditation. If you are struggling with Meditation then please join this Omharmonics FREE COURSE

Book I Read

The Vortex by Abraham Hicks

Movie I watched

I watched one of my all time favourite movie again.

# The Peaceful Warrior

One movie that always inspired me to live my life as a warrior in my own way is this movie. I first watched this movie more than 8 years back when I was working in Beijing, China. Ever since it is one of my all time favourite movie and always very close to my heart. Based on the true story of American Gymnast Mr. Dan Millman. This movie has all the wisdom of life that we always need to live a meaningful life.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet then you should watch it. I bet you will love it.

Blog post of the month

Power of Gratitude Made a Couple’s Holiday, the Best Ever! 

This is a true testimony of how life changes with Magic of Gratitude.

Video of the month

My New Passport Manifestation Story using Law of Attraction & Power of Gratitude.

Magical Win of the Month

# I conducted a Law of Attraction Training Session for 100 Senior Management Professionals from big Pharmaceutical MNC, Abbott. None of them were aware of the Law of Attraction prior to this session, so it was fun sharing my wisdom and experience and how the Universe works. And now most of them are using Law of Attraction in their professional and personal life to achieve greater success and happiness.

# This month me and my team worked passionately to create a very powerful New Year Gift for all of you. We worked with love and joy to assembled a very special Resource Book: 17 Tools To Make Your 2017 Truly Awesome for you. 

As we are wrapping up 2016 today, the moments we lived this year will never come again. At the same time this awareness is empowering us to welcome and live 2017 with more alignment, with more love, with more joy and with more happiness to live our dreams and become a more magical human being.

A Note of Gratitude to You

We are extremely grateful to you for all your Love, Wishes and Gratitude all through 2016. We had truly a magical journey though this year and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for reading our blog posts, watching our videos, joining our programs, giving us feedback, sending us love, showing your blessings, having faith in our teaching and above all believing in this Universal law called The Law of Attraction.

This whole Universe is a conscious creation of the power of your soul. With all this love, joy and gratitude, we encourage you to live every moment of 2017 more joyfully, with greater awareness and pure alignment.

Do not get carried away with whatever happening in the world but create your own world because you are the Conscious Creator. And only when you become the Conscious Creator you will live the life of your dreams and become Truly Awesome.

To help you in this journey though 2017, we have specially created this massively powerful resource book “17 Tools To Make Your 2017 Truly Awesome!”. Download it now. 

How to make 2017 truly awesome

We would love to hear how was your 2016 and what all plans you have for 2017.

Plus, there will be nothing better than Kick-Start your 2017 with Magic. Register now for the Program of your Choice:

Transform Your Destiny Online 
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Wishing You A Truly Awesome New Year 2017.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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