Hello, Magical People,

One of the most phenomenal writer on Law of Attraction “Rhonda Byrne” produced the phenomena called “The Secret” as a movie in the year 2006 featuring all the great teachers of Law of Attraction and Universal Wisdom.

Later, the same year she published  book “The Secret” based on the movie and later publish two more books “The Power” and “The Magic” in the year 2010 and 2012 respectively.

These two books are equally phenomenal as The Secret for learning and making Law of Attraction in Action  in turning all your wish into reality.

What “The Magic” Book is all about?

If you are familiar with Rhonda’s third book “The Magic” where it explained the 28 Magical Practices to change your negative belief and let the miracle power of gratitude create magic in your life.

This book is phenomenal.

Rhonda always gives importance to the “Power of Gratitude” and how this can change the life.

This 28 Days Magical Practices are truly phenomenal and gives a direction to create a truly Abundant Life with the power of gratitude.

This practice runs for 28 days and anyone who follows it experience The Magic.

I express my deepest gratitude to “Rhonda Byrne” for bringing this true treasure to us as the most powerful universal power “The Magic”. Its has taken my abundant life to even a far greater height and I have seen it creating miracle in many people’s life.

How the 28 Magical Practice Can Change Your Life?

This 28 Magical Practice helps you remove all the limiting belief and negative mindset that you are carrying with you from a long time. It will help you recreate you life and guide you on a journey of 28 days to transform you life.

Even you can choose any one or few practices according to your need to improve different areas of your life.

This Magic Practices can recreate an abundant life by showering your life with following Gifts:

  • Magical Relationships and Soul mate
  • Money Magnetism and Unlimited Wealth
  • Magical Health and Miracle Healing Power
  • Dream Job and Relaxed Life
  • Infinite Love, Happiness, Harmony, and Abundance

Why have I created this 28 Magical Practices Guide?

28 Magical Practices

You are thinking, when I have “The Magic” book “How this AJ’s guide going to help me?”.

I have completed the Magic Practice easily and effortlessly, but while interacting with many men and women across the globe personally and on various forum “I found something surprising.”

Most of them believe in the Law of Attraction and having this Magic book with them, but they are finding it difficult to complete the 28 Days Magical Practices.

Many of them tried to go ahead with the practice and mostly failed at different stages, some failed at day 3rd or 4th while few others at day 12th or 13th. Are you experiencing the same ???

While it’s important to complete at least once the 28 days Magical Practices at one go, they found it difficult. While some others who have completed recently but didn’t get the feeling, as a result, they are not getting their desired wishes into reality.

As a result of these failed attempts, many of them stop the magic practice and gave up on it.

If you are going through any such experience, then your search comes to an end here. Cheered Up Now!!!! 🙂

I have developed this 28 Magical Practices Simplified to help and guide people like you to take you to this 28 days Magical Journey easily and effortlessly. 

Currently, I am guiding many people on various forum and the responses are amazing. After various failed attempts, many of them have complete their Magic Practice and feeling the Miracle Power within them.

28 Magical Practices law of attraction

With my awesome understanding of The Magical Universe and Law of Attraction, I have developed this  Simplified Guide for you to welcome magic into your life.

I am explaining here the simplest method for following  these 28 Days Magic Practice to get your desired result.

This 28 Magical Practices Simplified is base on my personal experience and now I am  sharing the same with more than  1000s people for achieving their desired result.

If you are looking forward to starting this 28 Days Magical Practices, then you are at the right place. 

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Action Steps for Your Magical Journey:

  • If you have failed before or completed but didn’t get the result. Try this simplified method once more with my guidance.
  • Every night before going to bed or in the morning just before beginning of Magic Practice, read the practice here.
  • Take this 28 Days Practice as a smooth and easy process, don’t consider it as a burden, you will experience what you believe.
  • Every day before starting the practice, say it “The Magic Practice is easy, effortless and life changing for me, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

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Zillions of Gratitude to You. Love to have you on board.

Have A Magical Life.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome.

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