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If you are a Dreamer, who wants to live all your dreams and create an abundant life then this Awesome AJ Blog is your Elixir of Success.

It’s the immense love of every reader that Awesome AJ has become India’s No#1 Motivational and Law of Attraction Blog. And it is quickly becoming one of the Top Personal Development & Law of Attraction Blog in the World.

Simplicity and Actionable content are my strengths and spreading inspiration is my commitment.

I believe in the Super-Human Power within YOU.

“You are Awesome.”

Thank you, for discovering this Blog.


I believe your life will never be the same again.

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Who is Awesome AJ?

Awesome AJ – Ajay Mishra

Awesomeness-Coach, Inspirational Writer and Motivational Speaker

Law of Attraction Expert, Gratitude Guru and Business Mentor

Hi, I’m Ajay (AJ), An Unshakable Optimist, A Mega Dreamer and A Life Adventurer.

I am a young and dynamic Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Writer, and Life-Coach. Through subconscious mind programming, the law of attraction and success philosophy I am spreading awesomeness in the lives of my friends, clientele, and followers. I am passionate about helping and guiding people in living their dreams and discovering their AWESOMENESS.  With immense love, they call me ‘Awesome AJ’.

I am writing this blog for more than two years and so far have more than a million readers stumble upon here. This blog has published many success stories of people from all walks of life. The testimonial page speaks for itself the life-changing force that lives here.

My Adventure

I have worked for almost a decade with some of the World’s Top Organizations in Technical and Management Roles in India and China.

When I was at the peak of my career, getting a BIG-FAT-PAY CHEQUE and about to FLY for a huge project to Europe for next couple of years….

I made a DECISION.

Yes, I made a DECISION because DECISION shapes DESTINY.

I took a different path.

I chose this path of helping, guiding and inspiring people to live their dreams. I chose my PASSION as my Full-time Vocation above my profession.

I was doing this work passionately for years before taking this decision. But finally, I have reached a point in life where I had a choice to be made.

Whether to go Europe, which is a huge opportunity and live my life happily with all my universal knowledge and wisdom.


To take an adventure leaving my corporate job and all opportunity behind to spread this universal knowledge and wisdom as far as I can and help more dreamers in living their dreams.

In one hand, I had a huge OPPORTUNITY and in another, I had an unknown ADVENTURE.

And I had reached a point in life where both can’t go hand in hand. I had to make a choice.

While all my friends and colleagues were advising me to go for the huge opportunity.

I made a different decision.

I chose the ADVENTURE over the Opportunity.

At that time, I was working as a Management Consultant with one of the World’s Top Consulting Firm ACCENTURE. 

I left my job to follow my dreams and to live my passion full-time.

Life is a Magical Adventure when you follow your passion.

Read my two years of journey writing this blog:

– 730 Days of Writing An Inspirational Blog – An Awesome Journey of Motivation, Gratitude, and Success

What other Dreamers and Achievers are saying….

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What Do I Believe in?

I believe deeply in the power of every human being and the potential and capabilities inside every human being, including YOU.

I believe we all are destined to live our Greatness and Living a Magical Life is our gift.

I believe in the endless possibilities in the Universe. And when we understand the way Universe works we can do, have, or be anything and anyone we want. The Universe is always working on our dreams. And if we believe in our dreams and work passionately we can achieve every dream and desire in our heart.

I strongly believe that the true purpose of our life is to live our dreams passionately while spreading love, joy, and positivity around. Our life is a gift of God to live our greatness and our greatness is a true alignment of Success, Happiness, and Abundance.

I believe in The Universe, I believe in the Universal Law of Attraction, I believe in Power of Positivity and I believe in my dreams.

My Mission is to inspire millions of people achieve their Super Success, Unlimited Happiness, and Massive Abundance.

I am inspiring dreamers around the globe in living their AWESOMENESS.

Super Success + Unlimited Happiness + Massive Abundance = PURE AWESOMENESS.

I know that “YOU ARE AWESOME.”

And in this blog, I will help you unleash YOUR PURE AWESOMENESS to the World.

What other Dreamers and Achievers are saying…..

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Join me in this Journey of Awesomeness like these magical people.


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My Gift To You

This blog is a gift from the Universe to me.

And I am sharing this gift with YOU.

This gift is to share my learning and understanding of the universal law of attraction, success, and happiness. And most importantly my own journey of life.

I am sharing the Secret of Success, Happiness, and Abundance on the following methodologies:

–    The Law of Attraction or Universal Way of Working

–    Programming of Subconscious Mind

–    Practicing Magic of Gratitude

–    Building Positive Psychology

–    Creating Success Habits

–    Nurturing Abundance Mind-Set

–    Building High Self-Esteem and Confidence

–  Improving Productivity and Creating Rock-Star Performance.

You must have read many books, watched many movies and documentaries, and have come across many websites, but if you are still struggling to understand them or clueless to use them in your life. Then this blog is YOUR ANSWER.

I am not writing something NEW because all these knowledge and wisdom are Universal and they exist since the beginning of time.

But what I am doing here is I am presenting them to you in my Unique and Awesome Way.

And I can say the AWESOMENESS of every article on this blog lies in Three Key Phrases:


I have an innate desire to SIMPLIFY things, create ACTIONABLE Content and find SOLUTIONS to every problem.

That’s why you will find solutions to the most common challenges you are facing while following your dreams. Every time you will read about a challenge you will find ACTION STEPS to overcome your challenge.  And every post is not an article of knowledge but every post is a SOLUTION BLUEPRINT to your challenges.


Do you know that NOT EVERYONE is achieving their Dreams?

It doesn’t mean they are so UNLUCKY. Because SUCCESS & HAPPINESS are not about LUCK.


And the BIGGEST LOCK people have on their DREAMS is NOT KNOWING ‘how to PLAN THIER DREAMS’.

Yes! In my years of experience, I found the NO#1 reason most people are NOT ACHIEVING their DREAMS is ‘They Don’t Know How To PLAN THEIR DREAMS.’



Are you surprised with this DREAM PLANNING idea?

Probably you have never read or heard of this because NO ONE talks about it.

Have you ever wonder everyone has dreams but why some succeed and some not?

Even the unsuccessful people have dreams, but they never feel excited about it and always lacks in motivation. But the Successful people are always charged up for their dreams.

It’s NOT that the unsuccessful people don’t want to feel motivated. But they DON’T KNOW how to.

Successful people always have high motivation. Because they know how to plan their dreams to achieve the exact result they want.

I have created a High-Quality Online Course that will give you all insights along with all the motivation you need.

21 Days Law of Attraction Online Course for FREE.



(If you are having some error then you must have Subscribed before. Please search your mailbox for “”. Else you can contact me to reactivate your Subscription. Please CONTACT HERE.)

My Mission

I am helping, supporting and guiding people around the globe in living their dreams. My way of guiding and decoding success is EASY and EFFORTLESS.

Currently, I am creating inspirational resources to help you achieve dreams and become successful in life.

Awesome AJ Blog

This blog is the HOME to all my powerful creations. Anything and everything, I will ever create you will find here. These days, I am busy in writing life-changing and powerful content on this blog that will serve in your journey.

Online Courses

I am offering a Life-Changing Online Course popularly known as 28 MAGICAL PRACTICE COURSE.

Over the years, this course has changed thousands of lives from all over the globe. This one-month email based course is a true magic of gratitude.

If you want to know more about this program check this link: 28 Magical Practice Course.

There are many new programs that are coming in the next few months.

If you have a desire to attend a program for some specific area of life, you can inform me about it here.

Life-Coaching & Mentoring Programs

This is the most powerful creation of my work. I work one-to-one basis with individuals in changing their life and achieving desired success.

My current client base includes Top Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, National Level Athletes, Actors and exceptional performers from all over the globe.

Mentoring Areas are:

–    Personal Mentoring

–    Business Mentoring

–    Career Mapping

–    Relationship Healing

–   Elite Mentoring Program (The Most Premium of All)

Check more about my Mentoring Programs on Life Coaching & Mentoring Page.

Motivational Speaking

As a Motivational Speaker, I conduct Life-Changing workshops and seminars. Also, I do motivational speaking on invitations for events, organizations, institutions, communities, and groups.

I do motivational speaking in both English and Hindi language as per the target audience.

If you want to invite me as a Speaker then check my Speaking Page.

What other Dreamers and Achievers are saying…..

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Also, you can read all the posts published so far as per respective categories:

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Other ways to connect with me:

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Stay in touch…

I believe this blog challenges, inspires and motivates you to live your dreams and become awesome in life. If it does, send me a note. I’d love to hear from you. The best way to keep in touch with me is to sign up for 21 Days FREE Law of Attraction Online Course.

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I would love to share The Promise with you.

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(Write this promise on a wall or in your journal. Save this as a poster in your device or print it and placed it at your home or office.)

This is more than a promise. It’s a guiding light.

You have devoted your life to live your dreams and unleash your greatness and that’s no easy task.

The path you have chosen is for the chosen ones.

It’s not for the weak of heart or the frail of spirit. It’s for the strong and the wise and the inspired.

It’s for those who follow their soul’s calling. No apologies. No regrets.

I believe that The Promise will light up that path for you, so you can step into becoming the person you were meant to be…

So you can do what you were born to do.

So you can take the Magical Adventure of Life.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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