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Dear Dreamer,

On this planet, everyone is on an adventure to live their dreams. When you take the adventure ahead to discover your true treasure of life, you find the universe is helping you at every step. And those who aligned themselves with the Universe to find their abundance can only find it.

Now, as you are reading this it is clear that you are on a quest of your own. You have the desire and dreams to unleash your potential and you are ready to live your dreams.

You must be on this quest for years or months.

You must have explored the Philosophy of Success and Happiness. 

You must have tried to understand the Universe and law of attraction.

And you must have tried to understand your Subconscious Mind.

On this exploration, you must have read many books and scriptures. You must have watched many movies and documentaries and you must have gained a lot of knowledge also.

But in spite of gaining all the knowledge if you are still not able to manifest your dreams, then you are missing the KEY.

And the key is to understand:

“Why are you stuck in some area of life?”

“Why do you have some fear or doubts?”

“What is that you are missing to live with excitement and happiness?”

“And what should be your course of action to achieve your dreams?”

When you get the answers to all these questions then you will have the KEY to open the treasure to your dreams.

And this is where my Life Coaching and Mentoring will help you magnificently.

Often people share their confusion like this:

“I know about the Law of attraction, but it’s not working in my life.”

“I have read the Magic from the Magic book, but the still the magic is missing in my life.”

“I know that I can be, have or do anything, but something deep down keeping me back.”

“I want to heal my relationship, but I don’t know how.”

“I want to grow my business, but I am not able to.”

“I want to be the best in my field, but not a single thing is moving.”

“I want to do many things, but I don’t have the drive.”

“I want to be a millionaire, but don’t know how I can be.”

Some of these statements sound familiar to you, right?

Yes, if you want to live your dreams and create your abundance but you are not able to then you must be having some of these issues.

You have many negative obstacles and blocks in your subconscious mind, but you are not able to overcome them.

The reasons you are not able to overcome them are:

– You don’t know what are the blocks that actually stopping you. So it means if you don’t know the blocks means you don’t have an idea how to remove those blocks. And you have no idea about what action to take to change your life.


– You know about the block, but you don’t know the right action steps to overcome these blocks and unleash your full potential. You must have tried many techniques but not getting any result.

In all such situations, you need a Mentor or a Life Coach to help you understand your problems and challenges. And a Mentor will help you overcome them and guide you to live your dreams.

Why do you need a Mentor or Life Coach?

“You can gain ample of knowledge, but a teacher can help you transform that knowledge into your wisdom.”

If you are getting confused between knowledge and wisdom then let me give you more clarity:

Knowledge is knowing about something.


Knowledge is knowing about the Law of Attraction after watching The SECRET movie.

Wisdom is applying it correctly.


You got the knowledge about the law of attraction and after that you followed the principle for manifestation. And you manifested your dream job or soul-mate or super success at work or build a million dollar company.

A Mentor can help you transform Knowledge into Wisdom and help you change your life magically.

If you googled and read the success stories of all the successful people around the world they all have Mentors. Some called them Master or Teacher, some called them Guide or Guru, others called them Mentor or Coach.

It means every successful person seek the help and guidance of someone who give them the right direction. And make them understand their strength and weaknesses.

Why AJ’s Mentoring is AWESOME?

I am a Life Coach, Business Mentor, Law of Attraction Expert, and a Motivational Speaker. I have mentored hundreds of people from all over the Globe personally and help them create massive success in their life.

My mentoring sessions are highly charged up and filled with Awesome Action Plans that inspire participants to break all their boundaries and unleash their GREATNESS. 

I simply Help People Live Their Dreams and Become Awesome in Life.

I am passionate about helping people live their highest potential and live an awesome life.

I believe you are destined to live your life with happiness, success, and abundance.

I believe you are the most magical creation of the Universe to live your dreams.

I believe in YOU and I believe in Your Dreams.

On the journey of life, most people never achieve their greatness because they never understand that they can live their dreams.

And even if they have dreams then they get trapped in situations that we have discussed above.

So my sole purpose is to help and guide more and more people to overcome their fears and obstacles to live their dreams.

My current client base includes Top Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, National Level Athletes, Actors and exceptional performers from all over the globe. 

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How will I Mentor YOU?

Irrespective of your challenges and dreams, I will help you understand the Three Master Keys:

1. What is stopping you?

What are the negative blocks you have in your mind that is stopping you. You may be knowing about some of them and you may not be aware of many others also. I will take a deep dive into your subconscious mind and help you unleash the negative blocks inside.

2. How to Plan You Dreams?

In my years of experience, I found most people are never able to achieve their dreams just because they don’t know how to plan their dreams.

The surprising fact is that most people don’t even have an idea how to write their dreams. And always remember when you don’t know how to write your dreams then how can you make your dreams come true.

My pure focus is to guide you on planning your dreams and how to form complete clarity so that you can see it right in front of your mind eyes. Because whatever you can see in your mind you can hold it in your hands.

3. What is the action plan to follow?

Always remember


Most people think that manifestations are about wishful thinking only. But Success and Abundance comes when you take the RIGHT ACTION.

No action is an action too. So don’t waste any more time in no action or wrong action coz you can reach your destination when you go in the right direction and take right action.

In my Life Coaching and Mentoring, I will make the powerful ACTION PLAN for you to go in the right direction and achieve your dreams.

And most importantly this is my CORE STRENGTH.

All my Mentoring Participants know me for my MASSIVE ACTION PLANS.

Even you must have read action plans in most of the articles.

What are the different Mentoring Programs I offer?

The above overview of the Three Master Keys are the skeleton of the mentoring structure. I offer personalized mentoring program depending upon the goals and desire of the participants.

My Mentoring Program is the most powerful creation of my work.

My current client base includes Top Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, National Level Athletes, Actors and exceptional performers from all over the globe.

Mentoring Areas are:

Personal Mentoring

Business Mentoring

Career Mapping

Relationship Healing

Elite Mentoring Program (The Most Premium – NOT FOR ALL Program)

To know details about the above programs fill the form at the end of this page and receive details about them.

All the above Programs include:

– The clear understanding of the Law of Attraction.

– The power of subconscious mind and how it works.

– The importance of Gratitude and how to do it.

– Awesome Power of Affirmations and how it works and how you can create your own affirmations.

– The Secret of Visualization and how to use it perfectly for achieving your dreams.

– Habits of Success.

– My Magical Journey of Life and Success Habits that I follow.

These Programs are offered to:

– Individuals

– Couple

– Group of Participants


– On Call (Through Phone/Skype)

– In person

If you want to change your life Phenomenally then JOIN MY MENTORING – starting today! Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. I mean start today!

Please fill the form at the end of this page indicating your interest to join any of the above programs.

Read Testimonials of Magical People who have changed their life with these programs: TESTIMONIALS

Update: Currently my Mentoring Schedules are getting full two months in advance. So please contact as soon as possible to avail your slot.

Wishing you massive success ahead.

Live your dreams.

With immense Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome