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Awesome Testimonials for Awesome AJ’s Life Coaching and Mentoring Program

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Hey, Ajay thank you thank you thank you. You have been light in the forest of darkness for me. I have tried each n everything before I met you, but all was in vain. I was almost in no hopes, but you guided me like an angel, marked my way and gave me directions. You have created a whole new me who is so positive and happy that no event can disturb my momentum now. Whole life I was searching for a guru or a sadhguru and I found one not dressed in yellow or saffron clothes with long beard in Kashi or Himachal but in you, like a friend, like a mentor who always answer my curiosity and handles me well towards my goal. Millions of thankyou, thank you and thank you to you because whatever I want it's already done.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Please accept my gratitude and big thanks for your mentoring. I have found your PERSONAL MENTORING PROGRAM very useful. I would suggest people to take your mentoring to take a new path in their life.Everything about his mentoring is so good that I do not have words for it. One should be just part of it. Ajay brings your sagging spirit up and guides you in entirely different zone altogether and that’s pure magic. Post mentoring I am riding high on confidence and 2015 promises to be one of the best and rocking year for me.I wish Ajay all the very best and great success in his mission.With all my Gratitude and Millions of thanks


Magical Testimonials for 28 Magical Practice Program


You are really Awesome AJ. I love your AJ tips & Universe Messages. I was lucky to do 28 Magic Practice under your guidance and I have attracted many things. Also, I become more positive. Thanks, Thanks and Thnx for your support 365*24.

Hey AJThanx a ton for this awesome experience. This course for me was like a gust of strong wind that dispersed obsolete and negative attributes away from my life. I am grateful to universe for gifting me this life and giving the privilege to meet an staunch optimist like you. I will manifest all my dreams and I express my deepest gratitude to you. I wish for abundance for the entire Humanity. optimist AK

Awesome AJ, Thank you so much for helping me to discover the magical path in my life by 28 Magical Practices. It’s really an amazing experience. You are an awesome person and helping the people sincerely I am really grateful for you. Now I feel grateful and so wonderful. After these practices, I feel that magic is always around me. God bless you.

You have injected “The Magic” practice into every person's daily life. All Ages of people irrespective of religion, nationality, sex, culture, language & etc differences. The Magic is the gateway to The Heaven. Answer of All Questions is “The Magic”.

Dear Ajay sir,Thank you, thank you and thank you, more thank you for your support your help and your appreciation during the 28 Magical Practice Course. Very helpful your support for my transformation. My birth on this earth is to do some great work and I am sure that I will achieve it very soon . Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you Ajay sir for every support. I am great happy by your online course. Very much helpful and inspiring. You are a great person of the world. Thank u so much again

Hey Ajay, thank you so much for your guidance on Law of Attraction and 28 Magical Practice. Today is my 3rd day of magical practice and let me tell you this is the 3rd time I am doing it. Thank you so much. I started this practice by your guidance and it has made me easy to understand and practice gratitude. You are amazing. God Bless You.

Hello Awesome AJ, Thank you for introducing me to magical journey and teaching about gratitude. There has been magical transformation in my thoughts and lifestyle. Any negative situation or thought I am able to turn myself into positive.There has been magical healing of relationships, little miracles, epiphanies ,tuning myself to the vibration of Universe and biggest of all healing myself. Holding onto grudges and thinking about past was only hurting me till you showed me the way to do the forgiveness cycle. I have healed myself and let of go the past which I wasn't able to do till now. And this is all because of pouring gratitude into everything. I am manifesting my dream job and I am positive and confident I will live it.

Hi Ajay,Thanks beyond that which words can explain. You have designed such a channelized approach towards this law; Hats off 🙂Gratitude to you for having helped me through your course at this very crucial juncture in life... I knew about this but my approach needed to be more directed & you helped me seeing it and applying it properly. I have been travelling but haven't missed a single day of your course.Glad to have completed it.Wish you prosper & keep touching more and more lives.Best Wishes & Tons of Thanks, Seema Jesthi.

I found Ajay’s website few months from now and I can say that I loved it instantly, I sometimes find myself reading and reading again his publications. I also enjoyed his 28 Magical Practice Course. He made it easy and more enjoyable and understandable. He is so supportive and always ready to help others. Thank You Ajay!

Dear Awsome AJ, I am so happy to write this testimonial to you. I completed my 28 Magical Practice Course on 22nd April. I feel even my small wishes are being answered by the Universe. Tons of gratitude to you and Universe. I have restarted 28 Magical Practice to make it my habit. with love and tons of gratitude.

Thank you , thank you , thank you so much for this magical practices, your advice time to time, it was awesome to join this course. It helped me at all level to remove negativity and also resistances of life , it helped me to love me more and more. Thank you so much for this wonderful aura you create around everybody you touch. Thank you so much

I am immensely happy to complete this course. It was a month of miraculous transformation. I started doing this course in a very very devastated mindset. But now,after the completion of this course, I feel extremely grateful and positive. I am having immense faith in the universe as well as my dreams. I have developed a very healthy lifestyle both for body and mind. I wake up early easily and effortlessly now . My whole day is filled with positivity and I am enjoying every single moment of my day. My goal do this course was to attain a positive self transformation and I attained it. Now , I am continuing my journey and is focussing on my dream job. I am going to post another great story after I got my dream job.Infinite Gratitude to you...!!!!



I have found this course so useful that I have started believing in myself. Counting my gratitude shows self-importance and love. I can see so many blessings in my life make me feel so rich with relations, materials, and love. I personally believe that everyone should do this course “28 MAGICAL PRACTICE” with AJ. I have got lotteries in the form of respect, awards, trips and many more in just last three times practices.

Dear Ajay, as I always say to you, that God / Universe has actually granted my request and sent you in my life as a Mentor and I truly feel blessed to have such a wonderful soul in my life who is actually helping people to make their life very beautiful, wonderful and successful. I know, whatever I would write here that words are actually very limited to express my feelings of gratitude towards you.Thank you, thank you and thank you for your support. This is my second session with you of Magical Practice and I am feeling so good and really proud of myself that I completed it successfully [I can write proud of myself because of our 10 self-appreciation points practice :)]. The last session [just before this session] I could not completed because one of the major hurdle I always faced in my life and that is “not to trust any process”. And that hurdle dominated me last time and I quit the magic practice in between. I know, again the fault was mine & this situation has always created the great amount of regret also. When I spoke to you after my failed attempt and joined your Mentoring Program, and the way you motivated & mentored me, I got the courage to take one more chance for magical practice, I must say, I can see the beautiful and positive changes in me clearly. This session was very special for me because I completed this practice in one go with full of trust and faith and the feeling of calmness and completion is simply great. I am writing it here so briefly, because I know, like me, many people are facing the same problem, who actually start the best practices, but because of lacking guidance or mentoring, they lose the track and get dissatisfaction, guilt or regret. Actually, in this journey we need a mentor who will show us next step, guide us and give us the confidence that we can surely do it. And that is why I am always grateful to my universe to send you as a mentor in all of us life. Thank you so much and stay blessed always. Looking forward to the best ever next magical practice session  With loads of regards.

Zillions of thanks AJ sir, Really awesome journey, as I told you before ,my negativity totally change into positive thoughts .and if they comes somehow my inner soul tells me big NO to it. Reminds me NO,Sangeeta it is negative thought if you pay attention over it ,with LOA it will spoil your positive attitude .to overcome on it I make gratitude(say thank you) to universe for giving me this positive idea . Thank you very much sir, for this drastic change in me and it will only possible with your valuable guidance. I regularly start practicing magical heart practice, magical breath practice ,most important as i wake up in morning firstly self-love affirmation ,also magical dust practice , and non-other than my big dream ie money magnet practice , I put dollar bill with writing over it and make gratitude every time when I spend every single rupee ,i also write ten self-appreciations , also practice magic on work ,magic rock practice before going to bed . And sir, Universe also help me ,reminds me to make gratitude to everything which happened in my life on daily basis. Thank you thank you thank you sir this is only possible only becoz of YOU and YOU only. I really thanks to the Universe who give me such a mentor who is CRAZY TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY IN THEIR LIFE.

Dear Awesome AJ, Thank you so much for an awesome magical tour. Your each and every mail of magic tour is a grand reservoir of tremendous inspiration, motivation, energy, enthusiasm and zillion of magic. Your mind is a deep mine of positive magical thoughts whose extraction limits are endless. Brilliance of mind and your sincerity towards passion of bringing joy to millions of people are your precious assets. This life is full of many aspects some are tangible and some intangible. The word success itself is a very subjective topic. People might measure the level of success by the amount of tangible assets achieved in life but for me real success is the accomplishment of intangible assets in life, which can only be felt, neither seen or touched. Few of the greatest intangible assets are self realization, self Enlightenment, feeling of gratitude towards each and everything happening, feeling of inner happiness and peace with achieved prosperity and success, love, care and concern etc.Coming to the Crux of the point, as far as I track my magic tour, I find myself highly successful because I have laid down the solid foundation of gratitude for building the magical tower of my dreams which will shine and lighten the world. I have enlightened myself and have opened my eyes to see and understand the real power and potential hidden in myself which can create any magic.Thanking you forever for being such a magical Mentor who is so kind-hearted and generous and one of the excellent and wonderful persons I have ever met.

My hearty thanks to Sir for guidance and support and a great help in guiding me to do magical practice. This magical journey was amazing and it was very powerful for me. I really liked this practice it is very easy and enjoyable. It has changed my thoughts and feel of gratitude to different levels and opened my eyes learned that i have so many blessings in my life and realised them. I became more positive now this is because of magical practice. Thank you sir, for all support and guidance. Thank u thank u thank u.

You have been an immense support to me since the day I met you and I guess I now you from 2+ years almost, I am an avid reader of your posts and blogs and session of magic practices with you opened door for some amazing things which I thought weren’t so smooth, received tonnes of gifts, lots of love and my biggest dreams took a step forward toward their realization. Yes, it has transformed me and the transformation is still in progress and I owe you so much for all this.Thank you, for always listening to me, guiding me, supporting me, motivating me, listening to my silly issues, scolding me and for all the love, gifts, blessings and of course magic. Wish you best of everything! Lots of love.

Hi Ajay, Thank You Thank you Thank you. Thanks a lot for helping all of us discover the true magic in our life by the 28 Magical Practices. It feels as though these have become a part of my day-to-day life. In fact, the magic step practice, magic Food, magic health, magnificent cue and magic rock are the practices, which I do, almost every day. It feels so awesome and so wonderful to follow these and more awesomeness comes back when I see and feel certain events and people around me through which the universe shows me that magic is always around us.

Hello AJ , I just want so say how blessed I am to have joined this course - 28 Magical Practice. It has made me to see things in a different way. I now enjoy the nature and appreciate it more than ever. I have learnt to be grateful for even the smallest things in life and not to take things for granted. I am more positive and happy. I didn't know how much negative thoughts affect I life and emotions. And how important it is to go to bed and wake up a positive person. All this has even changed the relationship with my partner. I now concentrate more on his positive side and appreciate everything that he does to make me happy. I used to be so insecure and unhappy when I think of his past habits which weren't good. And it affected me emotionally and I ended up starting a fight and looking for all the wrong reasons why I shouldn't trust him. But now my life has drastically changed and every time such thought come to my mind I find all his positive sides and look for what I can be thankful for in our relationship. I enjoy life more. I am grateful to have saved my relationship from breakup and unhappiness. I am really grateful for this journey. I will start again the whole journey once more so to make it an habit. God bless you

Thank u AJ, ANGEL…. THERE IS SOMETHING AND SOME LINE WE MEET, BUT IT IS A BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP TO MEET A MENTOR WHO CAN CONNECT U BACK TO UR LIFE, DREAMS AND GOALS…… AND GET OUT THE INNERSELF OF A PERSON…. Thank U, Thank U, Thank u. As the year finishes it feels good to give gratitude for the entire year 2015 AND WELCOMING 2016… With live dreams… This is where u hold a special place in our hearts. solution, and aims… Thank u Thank U Thank u and very grateful to U…. We have to pay the price of patience and gratitude…. Thank u and eye opener of life….

Dear All, just one thing to say about 28 MAGICAL PRACTICES Training with Ajay Mishra was a Mind Blowing Experience. I did that in April 2014 with him I recommend its worth doing during the entire 28 days Awesome AJ stands by You like a rock i.e. from starting to end its really a magical journey under his guidance, moreover I found it value for money. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.

Hey “Awesome AJ”, You know your 28 Day Magic Practice Program was just awesome like you. It was blessing in disguise for me. As I was not happy with my average job and my mind was full of tensions and negativity and then god just came to rescue me from that situation through you. I did those practices religiously and guess for me your practice to write daily 10 good things about yourself worked well. Now I am so happy full of positivity and got my dream job as well. In fact, I should be saying I got more than what I ask for, you are so well versed with Law of Attraction, that talking to you just make me feel I am in the vortex. You are really wonderful Ajay. I have told you earlier as well that there is a sea change in me after completing this practice and conversing with you was a real pleasure you come with such a strong positive personality. Keep doing this awesome work. Zillions of thanks for showing me the pathway of success and happiness and abundance

How life change in just one Month. Today I am going to tell you my own manifestation story that I had manifested in my 28 Days Magic Practice. Before joining this course I knew about Law of attraction even I had been practicing for a couple of months but every time failed in myself practice in this period I was following Ajay Mishra Sir on Facebook. One day I had decided to join his course because after following him on Facebook I wanted to get the perfect way to change my life completely. After joining I had discussed my dreams to him, after one week of my regular practice and perfect guidance of Ajay Sir. I had manifested my dream work first in this period I was also struggling in my negative surrounding sometimes those negativity broke me totally, not able to see good opportunities in my own surrounding but this course truly work magically in my Life. I got every answer and reasons of my failure in this course, sometimes when we stuck in darkness not able to see any solution we need some perfect solution that solution probably would not available in books in this type of situation we need mentor. After following Law of attraction on Facebook every day my dream desires was growing on the other side I couldn’t find right track I believe on Law of attraction, but due to some negativity in my life I was not able to find HOW by God Grace I got complete answer in this Course. My first Manifestation was my Dreamwork I want to build my own company before joining this course, I had had no idea how to do, even from where should I start, I was totally like a blank page with so much tension & worries. After one week of my practice I had got full furnished office free of cost, it’s costing around 50000- 60000 (Indian rupees) even no security deposit everything is completed free for me. My uncle gave me the keys of his own office he said this is your office you can start your work now without any tension. Oh My God this was really biggest magical gift after 3 days got project exactly same as my Dream Company due to 10 Lakhs security amount I was not able to do start my business but got a chance to work freelancer in that company. This was Second biggest miracle really still I have no idea how it's possible yesterday 10/12/2015 I have started my work in my own office. I believe on God very soon will build my own limited firm because I am on way of my dream destination and also I have two more options in my Hand, today got another job offer but my heart desire is to become successful entrepreneur now I am on my way. 3rd Biggest miracle I was struggling with bad family relations, my thoughts, and my family members thought didn’t match I was feel alone completely and also with many health issues. When I started to apply awesome tips by Ajay Sir everything was going to change magically in my life my mother support me even she is starting to follow Great tips. My all relationship is going best every day with love and in this period my Muscles Pain in left shoulder completely heal without medicines, even I felt due to this pain that might be I had had major disease in my Head because of too much tension. Well, these are my biggest magical manifestation that had manifested in just one month and many more things I got by God grace & also with perfect guidance. This is my Starting I will share with you another manifestation very soon because every day I am getting many more things in my Life. Heartily Grateful and Thankful to my God, Rhonda Byrne mam and Ajay Mishra Sir ever forever. Infinite Gratitude to You Ajay Mishra Sir. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

AJ Thanks to you, infinite gratitude to you. You are a gem of a person. You have always been there and have been equally approachable every time. Today also I was just going through your website and ended up in this section and I thought this is my chance to give you back for all the times you have been there for all the times you have helped me put and for all the times your words and suggestions have dragged me out from negativity to extreme positivity and bliss. Thank you so much for always being there and listening patiently. You are a blessing and I couldn’t have asked for more. God bless you always. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Magical Greetings AJ, Loads of gratitude to you for bringing in this course and giving me an opportunity to do this course with you in a different way as I've already done this before using the book" The Magic " and I thoroughly enjoyed this journey of Gratitude with you in your way and in your guidance. You have explained each and every magical practice in a very simple and easy way. I loved your Awesome AJ 's tips in the last.Your Affirmations were superb and very quick in replying back my questions.You have taken care of each and every information and tips in the practice. The daily magical practices have helped me to understand the importance and power of Gratitude in my daily life and I make sure of using Gratitude every second. I have started believing in my own faith and believe that I can manifest anything that I want.This is the biggest achievement I have got following these daily practices and I did manifest little little small small things and on way of achieving bigger manifestations. lots of magic dust to you AJ. Heartfelt Gratitude. stay blessed.

Hi Ajay Sir, my trillion thanks to you for the support and guidance you provided during the magic practices. I came across your website few months back when I was searching for something that would change my life and solve all my problems and insecurities. I was unknown to the power of gratitude and Law of Attraction, but now I m feeling amazing. It transformed my life, my thought process, and my family relationships are healing. I found myself surrounded by more magical and supportive people. Now I’m more at ease with spending money and surprisingly I feel more fulfilled and happy. I will always be indebted to you for everything. Looking forward to next magical session with you. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!

Hi Ajay, I am really glad that I decided to follow the 28 days magical practice with you, your daily emails inspired me and motivated me to follow and complete the magic practice. I was going through a tough time, but the practice kept me happy and hopefully. Before the practice I was job hunting with no luck and my relationship with my boyfriend was over, during the 28 days I got my dream job and my boyfriend and I are in a much better place. I really appreciate you organizing the course and will keep practicing the magic practice for different areas of my life starting with relationships. Thank you very much and keep doing what you are doing.

My hearty Thanks to Mr. Ajay Mishra to share his ocean full of knowledge with us. To make the Magic Practice so simple and easy to practice and apply it on a daily basis. I have friends who have read magic book more than once but were unable to understand it and now with the help of your blog they are finding it very easy to understand and to practice it. I love the concept of Universe Message. And abundance of thank you for highlighting topics, which was hardly taken care of for instance, how to apply Law of Attraction for studies, to score high marks or clearing an interview. Thank you so much for all the efforts and support. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Abundance of best wishes to you.

No matter how difficult the situation is, AJ as a life coach makes it sound so simple and possible that this acts like a key factor of motivation in times of doubt and fear. With his magical words of encouragement, his awesome and happy spirit and his magical experience with the universe and gratitude AJ comes across as a very comfortable and easy life coach to work with. 28 magic practice with AJ is a must try for people who want to change their lives. Thank you Thank you Thank you AJ for being such a wonderful coach and the best partner throughout the magic journey.

Today was my 28th magical lesson. I had read all the 3 books of Ronda Byrne in detail for 3 years. I was disappointed and confused. Then magical Ajay guided me through his magical course for 30 days. I followed sincerely. Magic came in the form of 8 lakh IRS in my account as a commission for the work we had done. Thank you for guiding me. I will continue to write my gratitude journal & magic rock practice. I continue to read your blogs & follow you in Facebook. I am a great admirer of yours. Wishing all the best in guiding people in the right path. Thank you, Thank you, a very big heartfelt THANK YOU.

Hi Aj, Starting this journey itself was magical. How did it happen I don’t now, but I got into this course. Flying to UK was one of the manifestations I had. Then each day I am happy without any problems. Whenever I am down your messages make my day. You are a God sent angel. A small miracle, I lost my spectacles, but I can't remember where I lost usually I tremble and say I lost it. It's my fault but this time I was calm. I wrote in my gratitude diary. I am grateful for my specs definitely I will get it back. Next day morning I got my specs back. Then when it comes to health wise I had severe cough even I went to the doctor they told it might take months for me to cure but Whenever I get cough, I used to feel the healing power. I will say my throat is beautiful all pain is going to fade away. Well, everything was gone in two weeks. Every day I talk positive to my husband. I am dreaming about my job surely I will get it. I owe you a big time. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Thank you for your wonderful guidance and advice throughout these 28 days. Thank you so much for helping me to bounce back on my low days. After completing one round of magical practices, I am looking forward to start again. My life has become truly magical. I am enjoying every bit of my life. I have released all my fears and negative thoughts and patterns and have become more positive, confident and magical. Thank you, thank you and thank you so much for each and everything, especially your “Message from The Universe”. They really motivate me and help me to keep going and yes very soon, I will share my success story with you. God bless you.

Hi Awesome AJ, my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you and the 28 Day Magical practices. Since having gone through the course, I feel more positive, energetic, and optimistic in many areas of my life. I enjoyed the daily magical practices, quotes of wisdom and featured articles. I truly believe in the magic and manifestation of all good things through gratitude. Congratulations on your support and guidance through this journey. You are amazing AJ! God Bless!

Dear Awesome AJ,As our 28 Magical Practice comes to an end (it is now part of my daily habits). I just wanted to take the time to thank you for sharing this knowledge & experiences with us. I personally have greatly benefited from it as I am sure other participants have. I am happy to say that I have been able to manifest my desired job (with more job offers) not only but most importantly to change my perspective about life forever focusing on the positive (gratitude) rather than the negative, therefore leading to increased happiness & satisfaction.These principles have enforced what I already knew it just needed more mindfulness & cultivation. Gratitude is indeed a powerful practice and it is amazing how truly it contains the key to health wealth & happiness.Keep doing what you do, eternally grateful.Stay blessedGina

AJ Sir, as you told, I am in my dream job now. I don’t know to express in words, but I am working in a big concern in UK. Not enough that everyday I motivate someone or other. It's like people believe that I have that Charisma. Wow!! Zillions of thanks to you!! I never ever planned my life but now whatever I planned it happens. Another important fact is I thought I can't meditate now minimum 60 mins I am meditating. Is this called talking to inner self? I don’t know. I am always happy everything is possible I feel. I need to give back this love and blessings to you in some way!! Let me know if anything I can do to help and motivate people. I would be glad. Again another point I really admire this quality of yours while replying to emails, texts, posts you appreciate from the bottom of your heart they are not just for the sake of it replies. I really don’t know how you manage to reply each and every one of us. I pray that God should bless you in all ways.

I express my deepest gratitude to AWESOME AJ for introducing me to the limitless power of gratitude in my life. He is truly a magical mentor who will transform your life with the magic of gratitude and awesome tips. I have successfully completed the 28 Days of Magical Practice and restarted my life filled with prosperity and joy.THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU AWESOME AJ for making my life Super Happy.If anyone reading this post is still confused , never give a second thought, but just hit the register button for 28 Days Magical Practice Course, your life will be drawn into a New Dimension of Massive Success and Unlimited Happiness.THANK YOU UNIVERSE for this wonderful and amazing journey on earth and THANK YOU AWESOME AJ, for showing me the path of this wonderful journey.

Hey Ajay, Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for your guidance, help and support. You are truly a blessed soul. You have always been there to help everyone. Thanks for all your time. You helped me manifesting my job when I had lost confidence in myself after relocating to a new country and being unemployed for over an year. I used to read success stories but they were no more motivating me and then you suggested me to write letters to the universe every night before going to sleep. I followed it religiously and expressed gratitude in every way through out the day. I love writing letters to the universe now, it always works for me. I am truly grateful to you. You are a STAR. Keep inspiring people in your own magnificent ways.Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Firstly a very big Thank You to my friend Neha who introduced me to the world of Magic. The day I have started my journey, I have been experiencing positive changes in my life. My life is full of happiness. I enjoy Magic Practice daily and ever since my life has become more beautiful and successful. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You dear so much. Also, a big Thank You to Awesome AJ. You are just awesome. You have inspired me a lot through this website. I am looking forward to get coaching from you.

Hi Awesome AJ, It been a fantastic magical journey with you for last 28 days. Totally Miraculous and full of empowerment. Till date I have read the good inspirational stuff, also read the magic book but could not really implement it. But your course was bang on bang on bang on. Whatever thank I express is less than what I actually feel and mean. Never ever before I felt that gratitude and being grateful is so important in our lives. I feel lucky. I feel super confident now. This course is completely worth it. It is easy & results can be seen in the form of real happiness, joy, and peace instantly. All people reading this my thumbs up for this course. Totally satisfied. Totally happy. Thank you super awesome AJ

HOW I MANIFESTED MY DREAM RANK AND GRADES IN MY ADVANCED LEVEL EXAM.Actually i got to know about this site from a story I read from the secret site and she explained how sir aj helped her through out her magical journey.So here I am to tell you my MIRACULOUS story I got to experience because of knowing how to apply the LOA and to tell you sir how grateful I'm to you for your inspirational blogs and 21day course.Once again thank you sir.This post really helpe me through my difficult times here is my story. Advanced level exam is the most important exam in my country and it is very much similar to the board exams in India. I had 4 subjects which were Combined maths ( applied and pure math) , Physics , Chemistry and English. My dream was to get all A's and to be the 14th rank holder in my state. I made a mock results sheet and be greatful for everything. Even ironed the shirt I would wear to tell my amazing results to my teachers. Actually everyone believe that the exam is super hard and it's very very hard to get 4A's in the first attempt but not me. I choose the university I would go after getting my perfect 14th rank to study computer engineering.Also I'm being a girl people thought that I won't be able to be an engineer but my faith and believe never shattered.I believed in the universe and I knew deep down I would get 14th rank. Plus I also didn't go to classes to prepare for the second attempt as I knew that I don't have to and I packed the books and decided whom can I give them and made a list of the people who would want them just like friends and cousins who are preparing for the exam next year.I did everything I could to stay awesome and act like I've already got the results.So without any surprises I received my results today. Although I knew I would get to see the number 14 in my state rank box on the screen I couldn't stop stop tears falling out thinking how powerful this universe is. My mom dad little sis and granny hugged me as I imagined. Actually that moment was better than I expected.Thank you so so much sir.Thank you everyone who supported me through out my journey.Especially thank you my sweet loving universe for taking care of me and looking after me. I'm googol times grateful to you.With love and gratitude, Shailene McAlister.

Magical Greetings sir. Thank you, thank you and thank you for this awesome journey. After this magical journey, I am completely changed person. Full of positivity, now negative thoughts don’t affect me. Before joining this course I used to b sad and depressed all the time thinking why my life is such a mess, why it is like this but you came as a lifesaver and showed me the brighter side of life. Thanks a zillion for this. I was badly needed to change my thinking and this course did it, so my life changed from misery to happiness, my mistakes into blessings. I manifested small desires, which means a lot to me and most importantly I have peace of mind and I am happy all the time. All credit goes to you, sir. Thanks for guiding people and bringing back smile and happiness in their life with this awesome and magical journey. Continue your awesome work sir and making people live their dream life. Thank you, thank you and thank you so much.

Testimonials for 21 Days LOA Course

Hi Ajay. Magical Greetings! <span style="background-color: #f5f6f5;">Thnk you, </span><span style="background-color: #f5f6f5;">Thnk you, Thnk you</span> thank you soooo much. You are really amazing and awesome. It was great to be with you in this journey. My life is totally changed now nd its all bcoz of you. It was the best ever journey with you of my life. a lot of gratitude and love. All my dreams are coming true and I m living a very happy and abundance life. I m very happy and grateful to you for becoming my coach and to this great universe nd immense power that lies within me. You are really very good and amazing dear and you not only inspired me to live a positive and abundance life but also you teach me how to be positive with others. You are doing a fab job dear. Thnk you, <span style="background-color: #f5f6f5;">Thnk you, </span><span style="background-color: #f5f6f5;">Thnk you</span>  a lot,,,,,.Before 21days you were a stranger to me but I don't even thought that in just 21days you will change my life totally and its justbcozz of you I m living a naturally positive and abundant  life. I m really thankful to the Universebcoz it send an angel to th earth from heaven ( yes i m talking abt you ) to guid us and achieve our dreams.Dear AJ you are Amazing, Awesome, Rocking and you made my life. At the end I wanna Thnk you again and lots of gratitude to you and lots of love.May all ur wishes come true. Have a magical and awesome life. Thank you once again!

Thank you so much AJ for all the course of 21 days of Law of Attraction.It as inspired me and give me inspiration to change my life for the better. I am grateful to you and wish you all the best in the future. love and blessings.

Hi AJAY...or I should say Awesome AJ.... well it was great going through your 21 Day course. Since 3 years i was in a very bad shape of life, i was so emotionally stuck up in my 13 year old relationship. I was almost in depression..but then while browsing over net I came across law of attraction and about u...I started practising it and succeeded to some extent in it. But a lot more practise is needed. Through your posts I understood happiness begets happiness and I would like to join 28 Day course soon...though i have a great dream to be back with my love but I have understood the fact in any case I have to be happy all the time soulfully...I get anxious desperate lot of times but I again gather myself and focus on loving myself first...someday I would like to talk to u....but for now thanks a lot...You are doing great job...

THANK YOU! for making me a part of this amazing journey and for the numerous miracles that have happened me during these 21 days, I  was grateful even when my scooter ran out of petrol, somebody came and gave me some petrol for free, bless them! I gave up my suicidal thoughts by being grateful for the amazing life we have, knowing how impossible it is to create a living organism ourselves. Thankyou for the beautiful beginning this universe has given me, to meet you soon ya!Neharika Saxena Astronaut, NASA.

I have been in personal development for slightly less than a year. I have found the course useful as it emphasises the key in manifestation: gratitude and gives specific steps which helps in achieving various things such as interview success or exam success. I also will give love and gratitude to water which I often avoid drinking.

I m so happy. Actually I am in touch with LOA since my 10th standard nd now I am a B.E 3rd year student. LOA has changed me. There are many things I can't express in words, but now m a very good hearted person, I motivate myself and to others, many of the peoples in my life enjoy my company, though I am still learning, but  I am heading towards perfection. Sometimes I think peoples are miles and miles away from real life and I am trying to introduce them to their real power of mind and I am too learning. Now I'm a very positive person. I mean very positive, peoples are so much attracted towards my attitude, they says I want to be like u and it really feels happy and AJAY SIR I want to thank you becoz somewhere I need this 21 days journey and my heart felt reverence to u for providing me those greatest books. You know what their is a proverb in Hindi "pyaasa khud kue(well) pe chal k jata h,kuaa kabhi pyaare k pass nahi ata.." So when you are searching for god you would find GOD. So same way I always look to read such stuff, like LOA, mind, mind power, spirituality and all, nd I always find such stuff...At last thank u so much..for this great journey..I m so grateful to you...Lots of lovePRIYAAnd yes yes I too want to share something with you, I  know you must be familiar to that but then I want to share a video coz I feel so energetic while watching this.

It was a great course and truly an eye opener. Gratitude to universe to make me read these wonderful posts and stories and loads of gratitude to you Awesome Aj. Keep inspiring everyone 🙂

Phenomenal change in me. Within this 21 days, I attracted many things using LOA. I am positive, loving, happiest girl From sensitive, angry, suspecting girl. Really life is awesome. I keep enjoying it now a days. Thank u AJ for ur great work. All is success to you. God bless your awesome work. Thanks alot.

AWESOME AJ. THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOUR POSTS, YOUR MOTIVATION,YOUR INSPIRATION MAKES SO MUCH DIFFERENCE IN OUR LIVES. In my gratitude diary i prayed for you also. may all your dreams come true and you become more and more successful person. i feel blessed to know you. thank you so much. loads and loads of best wishes . god bless you. THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙂

Dear Awesome AJ, The journey so far has been so memorable and had a great impact on me. I don't know how to thank you in words. Your lessons have been as awesome as your dear self. I m thankful right from the core of my heart and wish you to stay blessed and may this magical effect of yours increase day by day. Thank you. Thank you.. Thank you

Thank you so much for those 55 Money Magnet Affirmations. I have read all the parts of The Secret book but I was not getting results and I was so frustrated. I was positive but nothing happened in so many years.I have taken your free 21 days course just to try that is this really work for me or not. I have started the money affirmations on 5th August, 2015 and I have pasted that in front of me. I read those affirmations every day.Today, 11 September, 2015 I was literally getting money making opportunities from unexpected sources. I am so so so happy about it. I am feeling that I am in some magical world.

Thank you! I am excited to put the law of attraction into practice!

Hey Mr. Ajay! Thank you so much for your amazing course. I have never been so clear about the Law of Attraction before. I realise now the possibilities for me are endless and the limits are just figments of my imagination. My exams are coming soon and your course will definitely help. Thank you so much once again and all the love & best wishes to you. 🙂

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