Soaring High on The Sky of Success: Won High Performance Award

This is my Story of Universal Adventure in the Desert.

Dear Awesome People,

With immense pleasure, I would like to share that on 30th July I received “HIGH-PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION AWARD” from the Top management of my company for Delivering High-Performance Work with Excellent Results in Extremely Challenging Assignment.

I would like to express all my love and gratitude to the Universe and all the people who always showed their Love, blessings, and wishes in abundance for making my Life truly phenomenal.  I express my deepest gratitude to all the people I work with. I express my infinite gratitude to all the teacher who teaches me Law of Attraction, Inspiration, and motivation.

Zillions of Gratitude Everyone, Everything, and Ever Beautiful Universe.

I am yet to share many of my personal achievement and success adventures till now. I keep sharing the Universal wisdom I learned so far. From now on I will keep sharing my own stories of success, happiness, and adventure of life. I am sure that will give you a more interesting outlook of how this Universe, Universal wisdom and Soul Motivation help me achieving success.

This one is about receiving “HIGH-PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION AWARD” at my workplace recently. It’s not a story of wishful thinking or manifestation. I haven’t thought of this Award or asked the Universe for It. It came as a surprise gift to me from the Universe.

So here we go….

success story of desert

From last three months, I am working in a desert and those of you have read my post of “Thunderstorm in the desert” know about it.

Almost five months back I joined this new company “Accenture Management Consulting”, its world’s top consulting firm and known for High-Performance Work delivery to all its clients across the industry.  So here the environment is always high performance driven and challenging. People go the extra mile to give their best. In such a big Organisation where everyone ready to give their best getting the “HIGH-PERFORMANCE AWARD” was like a Dream among Dreamers. It takes a lot of time for people to earn it.

When I joined 5 months back, after two months of work at the head office I was offered to take up a Job for a Global Oil & Gas Company’s Oil Exploration project in a desert. The environment is extremely tough and the client is extremely demanding over result delivery. Before I assigned to the project there were few people assigned by our company but they couldn’t sustain the work pressure and the client asks them to leave. Our higher management was at the edge expecting failure of the project. On such occasion, they assigned me. I have solid work experience in project management before, but I haven’t worked in the Oil & Gas Industry, so it was new to me also. Also being my first consulting assignment, in terms of both industry and function it was new, but the bigger challenge was the work and the extreme environment.

As soon as I assigned the project after two days I found myself in the middle of the desert. The risk was very high, Company’s reputation was at the stack, the Client’s demand in terms of the result was extremely high and the working environment is extremely tough due to excessive heat.

The guy who was working for me, while leaving the project told me ”it’s a complete breakdown situation and no one can handle it, the project is made to be failed.” I didn’t say anything because I knew I am the one who has the power of Universe to transform nothing into everything. I have immense power to me, extreme optimism in my soul, a never-ending desire to drive excellence out of failure and a universe all around to be with me all the time.

I took up the job Happily, I made friendship with the desert, the wind, and the Sun. It’s like I am in the process of learning a new wisdom in the middle of the desert. It’s like the Alchemist has come to the old and wise desert to transform lead into Gold. And here I am Transforming Adversity into Success. That’s what an Alchemist does actually.

I work three months with extreme dedication. In all these 3 months I put my day and night into work happily to drive excellence, there was not a single moment of complaint or break down. Of course, I toil at work from early morning to late night spending hours out in the desert in extreme heat. But even I did that with happiness and style having my Ray-Ban on all the time. While being in the desert I talk to the Sun, I speak with the wind and rather than getting hopeless I attracted thunderstorm in the desert. This will enlighten my soul and power of attraction to a greater height.

Of course, there was a shortage of time to do other things but I kept running the Magical Practice all through the month of May here on my blog and time to time post new articles and wisdom. Replied to emails and comments, still, there are 100s of messages waiting in my inbox to be replied. And I say all those senders that very soon I am going to be free and will reply and help all of you for sure to make your dreams true.

In these three months of work in the desert, I gave my best with extreme happiness, I made friends with everyone came to me and enlighten their soul with extreme positivity and optimism. I teach many people how to talk about the desert, how to talk with the wind and the sun. Along with my work, I develop a cult who can connect with nature around.

As I put on my work to its best the Client’s higher Management observed the excellent result and recognize my input and they communicate to our company management that they are extremely happy with the work I am doing and they valued our consulting to the extreme. I became instrumental in saving a huge amount of money and time for their billion dollar project.

Finally, it happened; I build a great reputation of my own with the Client for my work and the excellent result. I always believe in giving my best and driving excellence no matter what may come.

At times, we have all the favorable condition and at moments it’s an ocean of adversity. But I never choose to go back but I choose to swim across with extreme positivity until I take my leap into the sky of success. I always knew the work and result from I am giving is being highly appreciated and everyone is happy with my work. I was happy with it and always thank each and every person I work with and to the Universe and God to an extreme. But I never thought of winning an award, because this was my first assignment in this new company and I work for about 3 months in this project, but yes the results I produced were mind-blowing.

On 30th July I was recognized with “HIGH-PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION AWARD” for Giving Extremely Excellent Result in a Highly Challenging Assignment and Created most valuable Reputation of mine and the Company with the Client. I was assured that everyone praise and happy with my work but the Award was a Total Surprise for me.

accenture success story

I have never thought of it or asked for it but all those amazing people and my awesome Universe gifted me with this surprise. I am blessed. It a great surprise when you receive extreme success without even asking for it.

When it happened suddenly that story of “Being an Eagle and Soar high in the Sky of Success, rather than becoming a Complaining Duck ”came to my mind, the one I shared with all of you recently on my another post and then look at the sky high and I saw a smile on the face of the Universe.

It’s like the Universe is saying to me “Every time you don’t have to ask what you want, No matter who you are, where you are and what you do If you do it wholeheartedly if you do it with your passion and joyful emotion, I always have your Gift ready. Whether You ask me or not,  I Gift Your More than You Think”


I would like to share with all of you that “No matter what you want great relationship, abundance money, Dream Job or Good health simply put on your best with utmost optimism and nothing is away, even you get much more than you expected and if you keep yourself so busy in giving your best the Universe will surprise you with much more than You think”.

So Let’s Open Our Wings of Faith and Optimism to Take the Flight of Success Soaring High in The Sky of Success and Happiness.

The purpose of sharing this experience of mine with you is that many of you are going through a desert of your life, if not a real one in the physical form like me but definitely of one made of adversity, challenges, and extreme pressure. You may be working in a cozy office in a skyscraper or a small cubicle of a small office, this desert with challenges come to all of us, may it be you are working in an office, in your own business or simply a housewife. The desert comes in various forms as a challenging work, lack of money, troubling relationship or ailing health. No matter which desert you are found yourself into, the solution is same, you need to understand your purpose, and you need to understand this is temporary, but it will not be temporary if you stand still and wait for the desert to pass on, you have to keep walking with utmost enthusiasm, with optimism, and with happiness.

If you do this then the Universe will slowly unwrap the surprise gift for you. A gift beyond imagination to reward for the wisdom you gain through the journey, for the optimism you install in your soul and for the battle you won in the face of adversity.

You will always be rewarded for the Win You claim by your Awesomeness. And all of us are capable of it because all of us are Awesome, only a few realize it late and that is why the Universe chooses me to enlighten them who are lost in sand dunes of adversity to help them cross the desert of life.

Awesome AJ is now shared two secrets of Awesomeness to always Believe in:

1. All the pain, misery, failure, adversity and every negative situation are temporary in your life.

2. All happiness, positivity, success, fun, magic, miracle and everything signify positive emotion and situation is permanent in your Life.

If you believe so, you get immense energy and direction to sail through every situation of adversity and became the eagle soaring high in the success. After all, Awesomeness reflect when you transform nothing into everything. And Awesomeness comes naturally when “Eagles dares to soar high”.

If you believe in these two principles you can Be, Have or DO anything or everything you want.

This is the second of my own story I am sharing here. First one was “Thunderstorm in the Desert”. From now on I will be keep sharing stories from my past adventures and upcoming future regularly. I am sure you have loved it and it opens up a great insight into the secret of happiness and success.

Thank You, Universe!

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Ajaya Mishra is an Internationally Renowned Success Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Life-Changing Mentor. Popularly known as Awesome AJ among his friends, followers, and clientele for spreading awesomeness in their lives through his Path-Breaking Techniques in Success Strategy, Law of Attraction and Subconscious Mind Programming. Awesome AJ is India’s No.1 Law of Attraction Coach and Success Mentor. His work is embraced by actors, singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders among millions from all walks for life.
Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Ajaya Mishra is an Internationally Renowned Success Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Life-Changing Mentor. Popularly known as Awesome AJ among his friends, followers, and clientele for spreading awesomeness in their lives through his Path-Breaking Techniques in Success Strategy, Law of Attraction and Subconscious Mind Programming. Awesome AJ is India’s No.1 Law of Attraction Coach and Success Mentor. His work is embraced by actors, singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders among millions from all walks for life.

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