Turn Failure into Success: 11 Self-Talk That Defines Your Success Rate

Turn failure into success

Positive Self-Talk Can Turn Failure into Success

Do you want to know, why you got success in some areas of life and failed in others?

Do you understand, what defines your success rate?

Do you know that you can turn failure into success?

If you are thinking your circumstances and people around you define your success rate, then that’s not true. Your circumstances and people have an influence on your success, but they are not the defining factors.

Always remember,

What is going inside you is more powerful than what is happening outside.

This post will help you understand what defines your success rate and how you can turn failure into success. If you understand this well, even you can turn any FAILURE into ABSOLUTE SUCCESS.

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill

Your success and failure are always defined by the thoughts and beliefs you have. Sometimes you carry a conscious thought about a task or dream that defines your success. But more than your conscious thoughts, your sub-conscious thoughts define how successful you will become.

These subconscious thoughts that keep coming into your mind when you think about a task or dream are very powerful. And these thoughts start talking to you continuously. They are Self-talk. These self-talks define your success rate and can turn failure into success.

When you have any particular self-talk, again and again, it becomes an affirmation for you.

Your affirmations shape your attitude and your attitude defines your altitude in life.

These self-talks make you a pessimist or an optimist. These affirmations made the inner you and defined how your dreams come true. You can read this post: Secret of Big Manifestation – What kind of person are you?

But the GOOD NEWS is that you can change these Self-Talks consciously. But to change them you must know what are these Self-Talks that can Turn Failure into Success.

These self-talks are no Secret of Success, but these are essentials of Success. You already know each one of them but using the right one can change the game.

Whether it’s your Job or Relationship, Money or Business, Studies or Health, these self-talks define your success rate in every area of life.


11 Self-Talks That Will Turn Failure into Success

1#  I WON’T: 0% Success = Absolute Failure

Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever – Lance Armstrong

If you keep saying and feeling “I won’t” for any task or dreams, then you will never succeed. If you have dreams and goals in life but if you keep telling yourself “I won’t be able to achieve it”. Then you will quit even before you start your journey.

If you have a dream, you must pursue it.

“I won’t”  is an absolute NO. You must remove this phrase from your conscious and subconscious mind if you want to turn failure into success.

2#  I CAN’T: 10% Success

Do one thing every day that scares you – Eleanor Roosevelt

Many a time you are too scared to attempt at something, even before you attempt you say “I can’t”. But fear is just a mindset. If you overcome it, you can achieve it.

Even if you say, “I can’t” you still succeed on rare occasion because you can achieve it, but your negative thinking failed you most of the time. This one is also absolute NO to turn failure into success.

3#  I DON’T KNOW HOW: 20% Success

Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein

You may skip or give up on many of your goals thinking you don’t know it well. Also, you feel that if you know everything about it then only you can achieve it, this is not true.

Knowing is not everything because everything has been attempted first by a person with faith and not by knowledge. And while doing it they know more about it.

You can’t wait for everything in life to first learn all the knowledge and then try it.

In life, many things need your faith to take up the adventure.

4#  I WISH I COULD: 30% Success

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

“I wish I could” is a step ahead of “I don’t know how”.

If you say “I wish I could” means you know that you can do it, but somehow you feel that you don’t have a favorable situation to do it.

Most people say, “I wish I have enough time or money or support to achieve it”.

If you have a dreams or goal, you can’t wait while saying, “I wish I could”. You must go ahead and do it.

There is no perfect time and situation in life; the time is “NOW” and the situation is “All that you have”. Don’t wait for more, be more, do more and create an example for more.

Always remember only you can Turn Failure into Success.

5#  I WANT TO: 40% Success

We are what we pretend to be. – Kurt Vonnegut

Don’t just “Want” but “Do” it. Many people keep going around saying “I want to do this, but I have a ….(excuse)”. Deep down they knew they could, but the excuse keeps them back and even if they attempt they failed more than half of the time.

Replace the “want to” with “do” and see all the excuses vanish from your heart, and that’s when you go for success.

6#  I THINK I MIGHT: 50% Success

A risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. – Leo Bascagilla

“I think I might” is just a step ahead of “I want to”. When you say “I think I might” it means you know that you can, but still you have many blocks that keep you back. You may be fearful of having a heartbreak or losing money or wasting time.

You are afraid to take a risk; that’s why even if you know deep down that you can still you failed half of the time. When you attempt it, you failed half of the time because your mind and body are not in alignment to give you an absolute success.

If you think you can then you have absolute faith, and you must do it from your heart, that’s when you can create 100% success.

Stop saying “I think I might” and start doing because you can turn failure into success without any doubt.

7#  I MIGHT: 60% Success

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. -Steve Job

“I Might” means “I can do it, but I lack some agreement that yes I can do it”. Many people know they might achieve their dreams, but they lack the motivation to go for it. While many others become complacent of what little they have achieved. In spite of knowing they might do it, they don’t attempt with all their energy and that is why they couldn’t ensure their success all the time.

Go for your dreams, have a burning desire, don’t just say “I might” but have an unshakable faith and massive motivation to turn failure into success.

There is no greater joy than living your dreams.

8#  I THINK I CAN: 70% Success

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. – Babe Ruth

That’s Great! When you say “I think I can” means definitely you can unless you stop going ahead when the going gets tougher.

There are many goals that you think you can achieve, but you failed because you give up even before you achieve them.

In every great journey, you face challenges and the challenges get bigger the closer you get. In such a condition in spite of knowing that you can, at times you give up and that’s when you lose the opportunity of absolute success.

If you have started a journey, go for it, make it happen because “if you think you can” it means you are destined for it. You need a little more endurance and little more patience to reach the finish line. Yes, you can turn your failure into success.

Don’t give up, keep going.

9#  I CAN: 80% Success

“I can” is 100 times more important than IQ.- Max Lucado

You can do, have and be anything you want. You can achieve your dreams but “Can” still lack the absolute result in your dreams. It’s one of the best self-talk and it inspires so many people to live their dreams. If you were struggling in some area of life but now you have changed your frequency. You started saying that “Yes, I can”, it means you increasing your success rate to a greater level.

But “I can” still take you down a few times where the obstacles are huge and challenges are massive.  Though it makes your winning edge much bigger still it has a scope of strengthening.

10#  I AM: 90% Success

Your life is an Occasion, rise to it. – Suzanne Weyn

“I AM THAT I AM” You started becoming the event and dreams rather than the one achieving it. This is super powerful and when you keep saying “I am the Success and I am the one living my dreams”, it makes you the dream and success itself. It’s like you are the one achieving you and that’s when the success goes to the farthest it can.

You are no more doubtful or scared or giving an excuse for giving any less than who you are. You are the dream and the success now and the work started being effortless for you. But the dream itself still left you with little chance of failure.

Even if there are little chances of failure, still you must say and feel that “I AM the Success, I am the Happiness and I am the Abundance”.  Once you started feeling and being the success then everything happened easily and effortlessly.

11#  I DID : 100% Success = ABSOLUTE SUCCESS

Genius is 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration. – Thomas Edison

When you say “I did” it means your mind, body, and soul reach a level where even before achieving the success you can feel it.

Whatever you can conceive and believe in your mind, it can achieve it.

When you say “I did it” or “I did achieve my dreams”, you know that the manifestation already happened in the Universe. Now, it will manifest in the physical Universe

“I did” means you have absolute confidence and faith in your dreams. When you work with your dreams with absolute clarity of what to do, how to do and when to do, that’s when you left with only outcome ABSOLUTE SUCCESS.

It’s not easy to believe and say “I DID”  even before you achieve your dreams, but that’s how the subconscious mind gets programmed. This is the phrase you should use every moment of life to turn failure into success.

turn failure into success self-talks

Source: NinjaInfographic

You can grow when you improve your life. If you consciously change your self-talk, you can improve your success rate magically. Time for you to turn failure into success.

Analyse Your Inner Self-Talk

I highly recommend you to analyze your self-talk and success rate in every area of life. See yourself where you are standing and where you want to reach.

11 self-talks can turn your Failure into Success. But the key is to start changing from where you are to where you want to be.

I strongly recommend you to use “I DID”. It may not change overnight but with deliberate practice, you can make it your winning secret to success.


AJ’s Awesome Action Steps: Time To Turn Failure into Success

1. No Matter Where You Are, You Must Start

No matter where you are, one thing is sure if you have the motivation to go ahead in life you can achieve the ABSOLUTE SUCCESS.

Many people consider their present situation as negative and never start changing their life. No matter where you are and how you are feeling, You must change your feelings.

You are reading this and on this 21 Day Law of Attraction Course clearly, says that you are here to change your life. So you have started your journey, keep going Absolute Success is waiting for You.

2. Success is A Gift Given To You, Keep it with Motivation

Success is gifted to you, but the key is that are you ready to take charge of your life and live your greatness. Your greatness doesn’t come without motivation.

Stay motivated, read this blog and positive books I have gifted you. The more you read, the more motivated you will feel.

Once motivation will become your style statement, Success will become your constant companion.

3. Analyse your Self-Talks

You have read this post how powerful your self-talk is. So always check your self-talk and start using “Self-talks” that are highly powerful.

4. Start doing Self Talks with “I DID”

Start doing self-talks with “I DID” or with appropriate past tense.

Initially, you may feel a little bit of discomfort. But remember this is self-talk, you are saying to yourself so no worry. Especially whenever you think about your dreams Say “YES, I DID”.

But for some people, it became very difficult to use I DID or in the past tense. The reason is they have too much of doubts or fear or negativity about their dreams.

If you face such resistance then start using “I AM” or at least “I CAN”.

Nothing less than “I CAN” is permitted to use for your dreams and desire of life.

5. Write Your Dreams using “I DID”

Open your journal or notebook and write your Top 5 Dreams using the absolute Success Phrase “I DID” or in PAST TENSE as you have already achieved. You can even write more than 5 dreams in the same fashion also.

Like I said above, if you feel too much of resistance then write using “I AM” or at least “I CAN”.

QUICK ACTIVITY:  Go to the comment section at the end of this post and write “THANK YOU UNIVERSE, I DID ACHIEVE MY DREAMS.”

If this post is an eye-opener for you then do share how you felt after reading this post in the comment.

Always remember,

Every seed had in it the potential to become a forest, every rock has in it the potential to become a statue and every human being has in him the potential to become a legend.

Unleash Your GREATNESS. Live Your LEGEND.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach

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Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Ajaya Mishra is an Internationally Renowned Success Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Life-Changing Mentor. Popularly known as Awesome AJ among his friends, followers, and clientele for spreading awesomeness in their lives through his Path-Breaking Techniques in Success Strategy, Law of Attraction and Subconscious Mind Programming. Awesome AJ is India’s No.1 Law of Attraction Coach and Success Mentor. His work is embraced by actors, singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders among millions from all walks for life.
Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Ajaya Mishra is an Internationally Renowned Success Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Life-Changing Mentor. Popularly known as Awesome AJ among his friends, followers, and clientele for spreading awesomeness in their lives through his Path-Breaking Techniques in Success Strategy, Law of Attraction and Subconscious Mind Programming. Awesome AJ is India’s No.1 Law of Attraction Coach and Success Mentor. His work is embraced by actors, singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders among millions from all walks for life.

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