An Awesome Story of Dream Job Manifestation Using Law of Attraction

Story Of Dream Job Manifestation Using Law of Attraction

Are You Manifesting Your Dream Job Using Law of Attraction?

Every Dream Job Manifestation Story is interesting in its own way as the individual who manifested it had used one or a combination of Law of Attraction tools and achieved it. Sometimes it was visualization, sometimes it was gratitude, some other time it was the power of positive affirmations and sometimes a combination of these tools.

Law of Attraction and Dream Job, these two words are quite familiar with our Awesome Tribe. We have published many success stories related to Dream Job manifestation with the help of the Law of Attraction.

However, today we are going to share a story which is not just about the Law of Attraction tools but about the consistent practicing of these tools with a positive attitude and following the dream job with unshakable faith. It is about having absolute faith in the Universe and the Law of Attraction processes.

Yes, it’s a very interesting story of

Dream Job Manifestation by Amulya in her Dream company – Accenture.

She got opportunities to be part of her dream company but missed them due to something or other. However, her relentless effort, determination, focus and consistent practice of Law of Attraction tools made it possible at the end. And as they say, everything is well that ends well.

So here is her fascinating story of Dream Job manifestation in her own words. It’s a long story but this is one of the MOST AWESOME STORIES ever that will definitely inspire you and help you manifest your dreams.

Dream Job Manifestation using Law of Attraction

Amulya’s Awesome Success Story

Dream Job Success Story - Law of Attraction

Hi Awesome AJ  Very Good Morning,

Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for guiding me!!!!

You are truly inspirational and awesome😍😍

There were many small and crazy manifestations that have been fulfilled from my 101 Wishlist but then I thank you from the depths of my heart for showing me the way and guiding me. I am really excited to share about one of the biggest manifestations of my goal card which came true 😍😍❤

I manifested my dream company and trusted it with all my heart and it got full filled 💕

The dream company I was awaiting came near to me like a passing cloud trice.

First, through my college campus drive in September 2017

At first, I got a mail from our college to attend the drive but then we got results of our academics just 2 days before this drive and the company’s requirement was that it would consider second semester’s result of our third academic year.

I used to clear every semester with ease and for the first time at this precious time of campus placements I got backlog in two subjects. I requested the placement cell of our college to consider up to the first semester of the third year and I applied for the revaluation. This was not only me but many people were facing the same problem. We also told them that if we don’t clear in the revaluation we would surely abide with the terms and conditions of the company. The placement cell of our college told that there was no scope and one can attend the placement drive only after getting the results. Due to this, I was not allowed to attend any drives in the first semester. Tears were rolling down at that moment when the placement coordinator told that to me. She told its just fate and they couldn’t do anything.

God showed me the way

I am a Christian and I prayed to God saying that “You just show me the way.”

I feel the Supreme power, the living God helped me to know about this and I first time knew about this Law of Attraction in the ending week of October through my friend. I joined the Free Law of Attraction course by Awesome AJ. I started receiving the emails from 28th October 2017.

I started practicing everything as guided by AJ. After the course got finished I used to get emails which are very close to my current situation.

I start Manifesting as I start using the Law of Attraction

I have cleared the subjects in the revaluation subjects and due to the guidance of AJ’s blogs and emails. I wrote certain manifestation in my journal and mostly all got cleared.

It became a habit for me to live in the present scenario and I started writing it in the past tense about the things I desired.

As AJ always says “YES YES YES, writing our dreams in the journal is very powerful.”  One of the precious manifestations I wrote was “I am very happy that my sister has got her government job.”

My Sister (cousin but my soul sister 😍) she was struggling really very hard from 2012 to get a PO. She used to fail by 0.5 difference in marks. After clearing written also she used to fail in the interview. All the hope she had was in God. She trusted God with all her heart. After writing about her in my book. She had got 2 JOBs.😍😍😍

One clerk and the other one were PO as she desired.

When she told me to pray for her, I told her “Yes sister, I will pray for you and you will get the job.” 😍😍

I used to live and talk everything in the present scenario and I started thanking God and the Universe for making it happen.

I used to visualize things that I want so that it would definitely happen to me.

Second I visualized that I have received a mail about the consideration of the people who cleared in their revaluation.

In the evening I received a mail from the college stating that all the people who cleared in revaluation should give their names tomorrow as the company is giving a chance in an off-campus drive.

That moment was an awesome moment, I thanked the universe, Almighty God for making it happen. I was literally thanking people who sent me the mail and also who had decided to send me the mail. I felt very blessed.

The Dream Job I was talking about is Accenture. Actually to be a part of Accenture was my dream. I don’t know how you people feel but I feel very privileged to be a part of it. Somewhere within my heart I just love the environment of it and everything about it.

Days passed by and after that, I didn’t get any information regarding this from our college. We just gave the names that’s all.

In the second semester of my final year, hardly one or two companies turned up where they were recruiting only 2-3 members. Placements became very low. Every company which turned up included coding round.

As I am an ECE student I was not that good at coding but I have the theoretical knowledge about it. I knew about the basic questions but there they asked questions in a different format by giving certain puzzles (industrial programming). Wipro came in the second semester. They also included the coding round.

I used to feel an aptitude test a bit tough.  As the companies coming placements are asking for coding so our college people took a class on coding. I prepared very well for the questions they taught us. I have done a visualization that I am happily solving the problems.

I used to know how to visualize only when I know how the situations would happen and when I am clueless I find it difficult to do so. I felt very easy to solve the questions of quant and reasoning.

When coming to coding I got the same questions which I have seen on the net, the previous day. As I didn’t understand the logic of it I asked our Sir who taught us. He told me to drop a mail and he would see to it. Due to the certain busy schedule, our Sir gave me a reply after I had completed the exam.

Both the questions I got in coding was the questions I knew and left them as I didn’t understand the logic of it.

Everything went fine except for the coding section. The people sitting beside me got the questions for which I can write the program. I felt very disappointed and cried and listened to the manifestation video which I loved on YouTube and hoping for the best.

After that many companies came forward but there was no bulk recruitment. Affluence another company came forward and put only the coding round with 10 questions.

It was a pen and paper exam. I cleared the round and shortlisted for the second round. That time also I visualized that my name was shortlisted in the list.😁😅

It happened and I was shortlisted for the 2nd round.

The second round was again a coding round but it was purely on industrial programming. They gave something that I had no knowledge of how to approach it.

So my friend got selected and I was really very happy for him. 😍😍😍 Three members got selected in that company.

I was doing all the things as it was guided in AJ’s free courses and the emails I receive every day. It became a habit for me to read it daily.

Third, I applied for Accenture on their website

Again I applied for Accenture on their website and got a mail to attend an interview.

For the first time, I went to Accenture campus in Hyderabad. They told that the people who didn’t finish their exams are not eligible and they can attend after finishing their exams.

I was thinking of joining this MAKE YOUR LIFE AWESOME 😍😍 program for many months but didn’t enroll in it. However, I was doing everything possible to stay motivated and stay awesome.

Finally, I was feeling really worried and then I enrolled myself in this awesome program. Hoping that I would get something if I would join.

It was really an eye-opener for me. It was such a marvelous experience being a part of this journey.

I am really thankful to AJ and these awesome people for supporting me and helping me raise my vibrations. I really love all the techniques AJ taught us.

Whenever I see a sign from the universe I was stating that “YES YES YES I DESERVE THIS AND IT’S MINE.”

I got a mail from Accenture to do some video interviews and have done it.

As my mother is really worried about the house loan notice we had got so I attended an interview which I didn’t wish to go for. It is a customer service job and I don’t want to do that.

I was reading 20 job affirmations which AJ has shared through the emails which we all receive every day.

I was continuously reading it. I think I read it thrice or more while going to the interview on that day.

Law of Attraction was doing the work for me – Every No for the wrong ones make me closer to the right ones

There was certain Affirmation saying that ”Every No for the wrong ones make me closer to the right ones that are perfect for me”

I really loved this quote. I used to clear all the communication rounds with ease and for the first time, I got rejected in the first round.

Do you know what was my feeling? 😛

I was literally laughing 😝😝😝 I thought God doesn’t want to waste time attending unnecessary interviews. And I’m really thanking God, the universe from the bottom of my heart.

I felt as if God was telling “You deserve more.” 🤩🤩

There were many call center jobs approaching me which I don’t wish to do. I used to say No for all such calls.

As days coming closer, day by day my mother was worried about the house notice we got. So I decide to do any job and then I got another call from a company regarding a job in a BPO which was offering 10k-12k as a fresher.

Frankly speaking, I was expecting and dreaming of the job which is paying me 3.5 LPA.

The person who called me asked me whether you are interested or not. I thought ‘OK fine I know I would get my dream job anyway.’ So I thought of attending it.

On the same day in the evening, I was telling the universe that help me to get a job in Accenture.

I was thinking that they should call, they should call, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Universe for giving me what I deserve.

Finally, I got the call from my Dream Company – Accenture

On the same day in the evening, I got a call from Accenture 😍😍😍

I was literally shocked and very happy. I can not express the feelings I experienced😊😊. No words were coming when they said that they were calling from Accenture.

They told me to attend an interview on 2nd June 2018.

My exams finished on 1st June 2018. I was too tired to attend an interview.

I got a call from Accenture saying that as there is a certain event been conducted on 2nd June so the interview was postponed to 4th June 2018.

Before all this happened I also got certain signs from the universe when I was returning home after finishing my exam. After writing my final exam and when I was reaching home I saw a person and on his shirt, there was a quote stating that NEVER GIVE UP. I felt the universe was talking to me and guiding me. After that when I reached home and opened Instagram the first post I have seen was focus on long-term dreams. It was just the universe talking to me right? 😍😍

Then I decided not to search for any unnecessary job and I felt my dream job is looking at me and I’m achieving it easily and effortlessly!!!

Then when the person from the other job called me I told her I’m not interested then she asked me, why did you say yes on that day? I told “I’m not happy with the package you were offering.  She was like “Okay, attend for the interviews which are giving 20k-30k for a fresher.”

I told her Thankyou. 😍😍😘

Maybe she told it in a sarcastic way but then I felt this was also a sign from the universe saying that if you attend those interviews you will definitely get.

Yes yes yes, I deserve more. And again….. I was thanking the Universe 😍😍🤭😂😂

The Universe gives everything you want and takes care of all you need

On June 4th, 2018,  I really experienced the love of this universe. I thank the universe with all my heart. You know,  it’s such a sweet and cute Universe that it loves you more than you love it. It gives you everything and takes care of you.

On the previous night of the interview,

  • I took a sheet of paper and wrote all the fears and doubts I am feeling knowingly and unknowingly. I thought of writing with a pencil but forgot to do so and remembered after starting writing it with a pen.
  • After finishing writing I was striking one by one after reading each thing and saying that “I am letting go all the fears doubts and negatively from my mind body and soul yes yes yes”
  • Done water technique
  • Read the Dream Job Affirmation. I started reading these dreams job affirmations from the time I was rejected for the first round which I mentioned earlier where I was happy regarding my rejection. YES FROM THAT DAY ONWARDS. I was reading the affirmations every day at night.
  • When I woke up in the morning again I read the 25 Dream Job Affirmations.
  • I also read How To Attract The Dream Job and I started saying that yes I did it.
  • You don’t really know how many times I have been reading the dream job affirmations on the day of my interview.

When I have seen the Accenture nameplate I send yes I deserve it is mine😍😍 I was thanking the Universe, the people who guided me to reach the campus. The people who were sitting near the gate. The people who gave me the tag. I was thanking each and every person possible.

Near the gate, I met a person who checked the mail of mine. He was one of the recruiters who work at Accenture. I was thanking the people who collected my resume. I was thanking the chair I was sitting, each and every little thing.

They told that my name is not there on the list and contact the person who mailed you. I dropped a mail and contacted the person by checking the time and date he called me.

I really thank the person who helped me. He told that he is from Accenture Bangalore and he will send me a mail again and guided me to contact Mr. Nitheesh

I went and spoke to him about this. And the last thing he told was his name is Nitesh. I felt WOW amazing 😍😍😍 And I told I’m glad to meet you, sir. He was the person who checked my mail in the entrance.

I felt this universe only guided me and thanked it.

I was done with the first round with lots of happiness cleared it.  The second round was a written test done with it. After clearing it, my joy was extreme and I was not at all worried.

I messaged Bhavya who introduced me to Law of Attraction what did you do when you cleared the written and attending for an interview and waiting for the results. She told a wonderful Affirmation which I really loved it “That I’m seeking is seeking me. I let go how it comes to me and I focus on my heart’s desire.” And to say thanks to Universe for making it happen 😘❤ And I did it!

YES, I Manifested My Dream Job at Accenture.

I was the first person to be selected. I was feeling very great and thankful to all the people, my friends, and everyone who helped me.

Apart from which I thank the Supreme power our almighty God for making it happen!!!!!! 💚

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you AJ from the depths of my heart, without you and your motivational talks, amazing programs and emails it wouldn’t have happened.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the entire Team of AJ and all the awesome people I got through this Make Your Life Awesome program. I thank my friends, relatives and all of them who guided me in achieving this. Love you all😍😍😍😘😘

I am really very happy and excited to say that “I’m happy, my journey has started and I will achieve and manifest all the remaining dreams of mine.”

Loads of love & Gratitude,


Make Your Life Awesome with Law of Attraction

Your positive mindset and relentless efforts help you to tune your mind to the frequencies that you want. In Law of Attraction when you vibrate at the frequency that is in sync with your desires and aspirations, it works dramatically for you to attract your desires.

Your thoughts, emotions, and actions take charge of your life so it is very important to have it in the right direction. Therefore, the Law of Attraction tools come to great help.

Tools like visualization, gratitude, and affirmation combined with your happy and positive emotions, you achieve success no matter how many obstacles you face.

Amulya came across many hurdles and before getting her Dream Job in Accenture, she had been denied three times before. Though she got influenced a bit due to the financial challenges she had at home but her constant belief in God and the Universe made her stick the plan.

When she got the final call, she had received many signals from the universe and her efforts to make it happen was commendable indeed.

She had not left any stone unturned. She puts all her energy to make things sure through

  • Dream Job Affirmation
  • Being grateful for everything
  • Followed everything that she learned in the MAKE YOUR LIFE AWESOME PROGRAM
  • The negativity and fear removal technique (learned in this Program)
  • Water Technique (learned in this Program)

She had mentioned amazing affirmations that keep her staying motivated all the time.

You can Make Your Life Awesome with Law of Attraction

You have to trust your dreams and the Universe. Most importantly follow the Law of Attraction processes that you learned from programs. Use them with trust and you will be able to achieve whatever you desire.

We congratulate Amulya for her amazing manifestation and loads of positive vibes for her future manifestation.

We also wish you that your dream come true and you manifest all your desires.

Manifest All Your Dreams and Make Your Life Awesome.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

make your life awesome program

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Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Ajaya Mishra is an Internationally Renowned Success Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Life-Changing Mentor. Popularly known as Awesome AJ among his friends, followers, and clientele for spreading awesomeness in their lives through his Path-Breaking Techniques in Success Strategy, Law of Attraction and Subconscious Mind Programming. Awesome AJ is India’s No.1 Law of Attraction Coach and Success Mentor. His work is embraced by actors, singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders among millions from all walks for life.
Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Awesome AJ - Ajaya Mishra

Ajaya Mishra is an Internationally Renowned Success Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Life-Changing Mentor. Popularly known as Awesome AJ among his friends, followers, and clientele for spreading awesomeness in their lives through his Path-Breaking Techniques in Success Strategy, Law of Attraction and Subconscious Mind Programming. Awesome AJ is India’s No.1 Law of Attraction Coach and Success Mentor. His work is embraced by actors, singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders among millions from all walks for life.

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