HEAL YOUR HEART - A 21 Days Guided Meditation Program
heal your heart meditation program

💖 21 Days Meditation Program To Heal Your Heart 💝

Heal Your Heart Guided Meditation Program is a 21 Days Journey to Heal Your Heart from Fear, Anger, Frustration, Stress, Anxiety, Sadness and Negativity through Daily Guided Meditation. Healing Your Heart will increase Your Positive Vibration and Power of Manifestation while experiencing Peace, Positivity, Love, Joy, and Happiness.


In the journey of life, you experience a range of emotions from love to fear, and everything in between. All the positive emotions help you Achieve Your Dreams and live a joyful life with success, happiness, and abundance, whereas all the negative emotions BLOCK all your manifestations.

heal your heart meditation program

Negative Emotions like Anger, Frustration, Stress, Anxiety, Sadness, and Fear lowers your Vibration and prevents you from Achieving Manifestations using the Law of Attraction. These negative emotions also lower the effectiveness of tools and techniques that you use for achieving Success and Manifestations.

Often, you carry pain and trauma in your heart that needs to be released and healed.

When Your Heart is Blocked with negative emotions, you cannot able to raise your vibration to a level where manifestation starts happening effortlessly. That’s why your heart needed to be healed and unblocked from all those negativities.

heal your heart meditation

You DESERVE to live in Peace, Positivity, Happiness, Success, and Prosperity. You have the power in you, however, to use your power in full capacity you must  Heal Your Heart from those Negative Blocks to Live A Joyful Life.

That’s why I have designed this…


This 21 Days Guided Meditations Journey is designed to release your fears and negativities to Heal Your Heart. As you Heal Your Heart, you will become Highly Confident, Peaceful, Positive, Happy and Manifest Faster.


💖 Heal Your Heart – A 21 Days Guided Meditation Program

heal your heart guided meditation program

This Program Will help you

✅ Remove Anger, Frustration, Fears, Doubts, Stress, Anxiety and all such negative emotions from your heart.

✅ Boost Your Happiness, Confidence, Peace, and Positivity.

✅ Amplify Your Positive Energy and Enjoy Better Mental, Emotional & Physical state.

✅ Raising Your Positive Vibration will help you Manifest Your Goals Faster.

✅ Build Your Habit of Daily Meditation.

💖 A Powerful Program Designed For You

In This Program, You Will Get

✅ Audio Guided Meditation with Proper Instruction On A Daily Basis for 21 Days

✅ Daily Affirmations To Keep Yourself Positive and Focused

💖 Awesome Program Content:

✅ All Content in Audio (English)

You will access to the Guided Meditation in Audio Format that you can directly listen to and do the meditation.

💖 Program Language:  English

👉 All the program materials (Audio & Text) will be only in simple and easy ENGLISH.

💖 Online Program

heal your heart meditation

✅ The program is on Awesome AJ Academy for your ease and convenience.

✅ You will have access to the Program Content/Audio Guided Meditation directly in Awesome AJ Academy.

💖 Program Schedule

👉 You can start your meditative journey now!

👉 Duration: 21 Days

👉You can do it four times in a row as you have 100 days access


💖 Are You Ready To Register For This Unique Program?

The Cost of this 21 Days Awesome Program is INR 50,000/- or 834 USD

We are having a Limited Time Special Offer For You.

With this Special Offer – You Have To Pay

 Only INR 3000/- or 67 USD 

Are You Excited?

Are You Ready To Heal Your Heart?

Are You Ready To Live in Peace, Positivity, Health & Happiness?

Are You Ready To Avail This Limited-Time Special Offer?

INR 50,000/- or 834 USD

 Only INR 3000/- or 67 USD 

Plus Taxes applicable.




💖Enhance Your Power of Manifestation with Meditation 💖

Heal Your Heart Meditation Law of Attraction Program

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Law of Attraction Program Heal Your Heart Meditation

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