How To Activate Law of Attraction To Manifest Your Dreams

The Law of Attraction Alignment Process

In Law of Attraction, what are the most important things for the manifestation of your dream? Yes, it is your feeling, your emotion, your belief, your action, your positive expectations etc. right? But in your current reality, you are in a certain situation of life and your desired reality or dream is in some other dimension. Whether its relationship, money, dream job, business success, exam success, peace of mind or success in life, to achieve your desire, goal or dream, you apply many Law of Attraction tools, techniques and processes.

But many of you are struggling to manifest your desires as you are not in alignment with your desire. It is like you are not in the path to our destination. That is why in Law of Attraction it is said you do not attract what you want but you attract what you are.

So how do you reach that what you are state. Therefore, to establish that alignment with your dream, here is a Four-Step Process Alignment Process.



Law of Attraction Alignment Process: Four Steps

# Step 1: Set Clear And Positive Intention

# Step 2: Raise Your Vibrations

# Step 3: Apply All The Tools, Techniques And Processes

# Step 4: Give Gratitude In Advance

Start applying this step by step Alignment Process to Increase Your Manifestation Power. Law of Attraction works perfectly when you are in alignment with your dreams and the Universe. You can achieve your goals, desires, and dreams.

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Always remember “All that you need is either already yours or on its way to you, you just need to align yourself with the Universe.”

Quick Activities for you:

# 1. Go to the comment section and write at least one of your strongest intentions clearly and positively.  If you want to share, you can share more intentions as well.

# 2. Go to the comment section and write; “Yes, yes, yes I am manifesting my dream because I am in alignment with my dreams.”

Have an awesome day ahead.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ – Ajaya Mishra

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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