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How To Send A Telepathic Message To Anyone

How Telepathy Works or How To Send A Telepathic Message


Watch this video to learn this amazing law of attraction technique to send a telepathic message to someone specific. Sending a telepathic message is much easier than you think; however, the key is to know how to send a telepathic message to anyone so that you will get proof that they have received it.

In this video, I have explained how telepathy works. How have you been using telepathy all through your life, unconsciously, and how can you do it consciously?

Try this Amazing Law of Attraction Technique to SEND A MENTAL MESSAGE, MIND MESSAGE, OR TELEPATHIC MESSAGE TO SOMEONE SPECIFIC. Most of the time, we lose touch with someone important or somehow don’t have any means to communicate. At that time use your Mind with this ancient technique to communicate. This is a very powerful process and, at the same time, fun too.

How To Send Send A Telepathic Message: Time Stamp


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:45: Telepathy: Sending A Mind Message
  • 1:40: Have you tried telepathy before?
  • 2:06: Telepathic Message: Why and How Does It Work?
  • 3:40: You have experienced Telepathy Before
  • 4:20: When To Send The Telepathic or Mind Message
  • 4:48: Step 1 of sending a Telepathic Message
  • 6:08: Step 2 of sending the mental message
  • 7:03: Step 3 of sending the mind message
  • 9:30: Step 4: Release the Thought Vibration
  • 9:55: How long will it take to get the proof of telepathy?
  • 12:30: Come Back and Share Your Experience In The Comment
  • 15:00: Join the Make Your Life Awesome Program

Know All About Telepathy


This Law of Attraction Video will help you if you have any of the following questions:

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How do you use telepathy to manifest a call from someone, your ex, or a friend?

Telepathy: How to Be a Telepath and Communicate with the Mind

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How do you send someone you love a mental or telepathic message?

Telepathy for Beginners: Get the proof with this method.

Try this technique and share your experience and results in the comment section.


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