Let The Universe Knows What You Desire And Let It Come True

Let The Universe Knows What You Desire And Let It Come True

the universe knows what you desire and let it come true


Don’t walk endlessly, thinking one thought after another.

Don’t ask how or from where it will come true.

Don’t confuse me; I want clarity; I want your faith in me and yourself.

I want to see an indomitable spirit in you. I want to see your heads up and tell me what you want. I, the Universe, don’t want you to tell me your fear, but I want you to tell me what you truly desire, where your heart is, and who you want to be.

Tell me where your heart truly is.

Don’t tell me what you are afraid of or how practical you are. Don’t tell me who is sharing his experiences with you and how many reasons you found not to believe in you.

I am speaking from your heart. I have been heard at the top of mountains, and I have been whispered at the depths of the sea. I am there inside you, speaking to you all the time.

Listen to me. Don’t just listen to me, but speak to me and tell me what you desire.

Because you have only this moment, there is no past or future, only this moment, and I am the universe asking you, What do you desire?

Don’t fear the ghost of the unknown, but befriend the possibilities of the unlimited. Don’t live in the shadow of failure, but wake up to the call of fortune.

It’s not about success, relationships, or money; it’s about everything; it’s about you. Yes, it’s about the real you, the person you want to be with.

It’s about happiness. It’s about abundance, and it’s about bliss.

Don’t estimate your future on your past misfortune, but measure your strength on the adversities you crushed under you.

Don’t just be a man, but be superhuman. It’s all there within you; it’s always been gifted to you.

To be that unlimited being, listen to you, listen to the voice in your heart, and listen to me speaking to you. And I am telling you that everything is possible; everything you desire is coming for you, and nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself.

Why is the desire coming to you?

Because it belongs to you.

As you desire the desire, the desire also desires you. Because the desire is nothing without you.

If too many voices are telling you that it is not true, that it cannot be done, and that it has never been done before, then tell them that everything has been done for the first time by someone in this universe. And the universe always waits for that person to be someone like you.

Every time something phenomenal had been achieved by a great artist, scientist, athlete, writer, poet, actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur, or spiritual seeker, it had been done for the first time. So never be afraid of the new; always let yourself be set for a new exploration and unknown adventure.

Burn your fear with the fire of your desire, fly with the flight of your faith and cut obstacles on your path like the flow of a river.

Don’t just believe in the physical power of your body but realize the infinity of your soul.

Within your soul you contained the nature, you hold me, within you only I exist, The Universe. I am nowhere else but I am within the infinity of your soul.

That’s why I speak to your heart and listen to your soul. I am the one who speaks to you, and I am the one who listens to you.

But the point is, are you speaking to me the same way I am speaking to you?

Because I am waiting for you, I am waiting for you to tell me what you desire.

It’s time for you to listen to your heart. Listen, right here and now, it’s talking to you.

Let me know what you desire because nature is working for you and the law is already set for you.

Do not get confused; do not get afraid.

Stop the fear at the gates of your thought and choose only love to pass through.

Choose the love of your dreams and desires over the fear of your doubts and insecurity.

Let me know what you desire from me.

And let me make all your desires come true.

The Universe

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41 thoughts on “Let The Universe Knows What You Desire And Let It Come True”

  1. Shraddha Mantri

    It is really awesome
    Feeling is Desire and Desire is love
    As you desire the desire, the desire also desires you. Because the desire is nothing without you.
    I can only say Thank you thank you thank you I have no words to tell you how i m feeling after reading this………..

  2. Wonderful article Ajay! This really touched me and I could feel it so much within me. This is one of the most magical articles I have read! I know I will continue to read this daily as part of my inner conversation with the Universe. Thank you.

  3. So wonderful you keep amazing me….bless you On Jul 12, 2014 11:30 PM, “Awesome AJ | Universal Wisdom To Fuel Your

  4. Thank You Ruchi .. This is so true and this power of Universe is shared again and again everywhere from The Alchemist book to Om Shanti Om ..and I love that dialogue. May the Universe Fulfill all your dreams.

  5. I comment frm my heart n soul… u hv awaken my ‘long sleep in a coma’ desire. thank u.. thank u… thank u

  6. Thank u thank u thank u AJay sir for everything. I hv no words to tell u how much ur words ur articles and ur inspiration are imp to us. Thank u.

  7. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. AJ. Beautiful post. Im amazed with all this magical fuel. Thank you Infinite power. Thank you universe. My wish is to have lunch with great awsome AJ @ my fav place.

  8. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.AJ .its ma pleasure. Very soon I’m enrolling for ur magical course

  9. I just started reading your webpage and blog and you are amazing!! I can’t stop reading! Keep up your amazing inspiration I am loving it and I will share it with everyone I know!

  10. How beautiful and awesome all the words…just remove all the fear…Need to read everyday at least one… for the penetration of this thoughts to my every cells…Thank you thank you thank you…awesome AJ

  11. Thank you thank you thank you Awesome Aj to gift me this magical moment which i cant express in words … What a magical amazing motivating great awesome feeling i git after reading the magical words in this article… Thank you thank you thank you for this amazjng post… :) thanks a ton!!! :)

  12. Awesome awesome awesome aj I will read this article every day Thanks a zillion AJ for such a amazing article magic dust on you and your team

  13. Thank you thank you thank you Universe….. Thank you thank you thank you mu Loards….. Thank you thank you thank you AwesomeAJ sir n team…… It’s a really awesome article….. Feeling much positively……
    Thank you thank you thank you again n again…..

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