Stop Living In The Past And Start Living In The Present

Stop Living In The Past And Start Living In The Present

how to stop living in the past


Are you living in the past more than you live in the present?

Do you love to go through your memories more than you want to recognize the gift of the present?

Do you tell yourself more often that you had a beautiful past, but why don’t you have an interesting present?

Every time you are supposed to plan for your future, you end up longing for your past.

Is this you?

If you tell me that you had a great past and you love to cherish it, I will say, “That’s great.” But every time you think too much about the past and you hate your present or feel scared about your future, let me tell you, “You are not cherishing your past, but YOU HAVE BECOME A PRISONER OF YOUR PAST.”

So many people want to live in their past when they have a magnificent future ahead and, most importantly, when they have a magical present in hand.

It’s great to have beautiful memories of the past, but it’s not all great to think too much about it and be sad in the present.


Don’t live so much in the past that you forget to live in the present.

It’s good that you had a beautiful past, but thinking too much and feeling miserable now is the worst you can do for yourself.

If you have a beautiful past, you can have a magical present now and a magnificent future as well.

If you are not feeling great about the present, then the reason is that you have stopped living in the now; you have stopped loving the people and moments coming to you; you have to stop recognizing the gifts of life; and you have lost the curiosity of a child.

You might be longing for the past when you were a kid: you were studying at school, you were getting gifts, you were getting the love of everyone, you had your first love, you had your great friend circle, and many more moments of life. You are longing for those moments, and when you look at the present, you find none of them exist any more in life.

If you believe that all that love, happiness and magic has been lost from your life, then you are wrong.

Even now, your life has the same love, the same beauty, and the same magic of life, but you have stopped recognizing them. You have stopped living with the same curiosity as a child; you have stopped believing in fairy tales; you have stopped believing in the power of your imagination; and, above all, you have stopped believing that you can get everything you want.

Over the years, you have learned a lot about fear and insecurity; you have experienced a lot of pain and problems; and in the process, you have stopped believing in yourself; you have stopped believing that life is a gift to you.

If life was magical in the past, it is even more magical now because your past and present are both made by the same universe. Trust now that your present is even better than your past. When you start trusting this creation process, you will start seeing the magic in the present.

Stop living in the past too much and start living in the present. Live life with love and curiosity. Be present in the moment, and follow your life with passion and purpose.

If you had a great relationship in the past, you can have much more magical relationships now. If you had a great job in the past, you can have your dream job now. If you had enough money in the past, you can have abundance now. And if you had good health in the past, you can have a great mind, body, and soul now.

And most importantly, what you couldn’t have in the past, you can have now.

Live in the now.


Live in the now; don’t ignore the present; don’t spend it with miserable moments; live it fully and love it magically, because in these moments of the present, you are building your future.

STOP being a PRISONER of the PAST and

START being a PIONEER of  the PRESENT.

Time for you to live in the Magical present and plan for the magnificent future.

Don’t waste this moment on being a prisoner of your past, because life is made of this moment only, and this moment is the magical gift of God to you. That’s why it is called the present.

The Universe

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16 thoughts on “Stop Living In The Past And Start Living In The Present”

  1. Hi Ajay,
    you could be prisoner of your past even when your past was not so glorious, because you focus on problems and situations you had in the past and this could shape your beliefs about your present and future.
    how to live the present (above all start living in the present), when all your life your focus was on your past. I have read (several times) “the power of now” by Eckhart Tolle, without knowing what exactly it is. I cannot experience it (most of the time). I can be in the now while i can meditate for a short period of time (ten to fifteen times a day), but that is all, after that I am overwhelmed with fear and worry.

    1. Thank You Rima for sharing your thought and challenges. You have rightly said most people not only trapped in the past because it was glorious, but many trapped coz it was so painful that they lost all hope in the present.

      No matter whats the situation one big key to stay in present is having Big Dreams for Present and Future and then live you passion, most people live in past coz they are not living a life that they really in present, like they are doing the job they dont life, being the relationship thats are negative and like that not at all living in passion, when you dont live your passion you meant to feel the void within and then you look into past either to be scared or feel miserable.

      Like you said when you do meditation you find yourself in the present for a moment, but you know what true meditation is being in the action and when you take action that bring you joy then only your full day will be of meditation and you can fully live in the present.

      Soon I will post a Strategy or Action Plan for everyone so that they can start living in the present.

      Thank you, I believe you have understood now why you are not able to be in the present.

      Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

  2. Thanks a lot AJ for this article. A much needed one for me. I have always read articles mentioning to let go of the past for those who had bitter experiences in the past. First time I am seeing an article emphasizing to stop living in the so called glorious past. This is for those who are overly nostalgic and ignore the gems of the present.

    1. Thank You Aneesh for connecting with the core message.. It’s true that so many people not only live in sadness for a bitter past, but many more people live with a nostalgic feelings with the glory matter what ..its gone ..and time to focus on the present and future..The only purpose of remember my past I found in my life is to INSPIRE me so much that I will make my present and future even much better. Thank You.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Sometimes I think on past things as well, but step by step I have been change this ideas about yesterday memories. Because I want to be a bilionare in all areas of my life, phisical, emotional and so on… …

  4. This is a great article. Thank you soooo much! I somehow come across the very articles that answer my doubts and shatter my negativity making me happy and cheerful. It makes me the happy and calm person I have otherwise always been. Thanks a ton for this and other lovely articles you always write. :)

  5. Really..really inspiring and an amazing post. Thank you awesome AJ; just as always what I needed..its helps me belief and re-assure myself and the direction I have chosen in life and the fact that magic does happen to those who believe in it! Thank you so very much..:)

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