No Comparison Because You Are AWESOME

No Comparison Because You Are AWESOME

Message From The Universe For You

No one looks like you.

No one has the same character and qualities as you.

No one talks, walks, sings or dances exactly like you.

No one thinks and feels exactly like you.

You may have some similarities with some people, but even your siblings and relatives are not exactly like you.

If no one is like you, then why are you comparing others to you?

Others may compare, but not you.

You have no comparison with others that anyone else has with you.

Each one of you is a marvellous creation of this nature. You are the gift of your parent’s love, and you are the most uniquely crafted soul in this divine universe.

Then, why are you comparing your successes and failures with others?

Why are you getting into a competition with the crowd?

Those who could not recognize their uniqueness, those who could not listen to their inner voice, and those who could not follow their dreams in the crowd

Your mission is not to be a competition game because there is no competition or comparison in this universe.

Everyone is uniquely crafted by divine power and magically gifted with the ability to live their dreams.

When each one from the crowd understands this and follows their dreams—their dreams to be happy, their dreams to be best in their endeavours, their dream to be a creative genius, and their dream to be someone exceptionally outstanding in the thing they love—then there will be no crowd and no losers because everyone will be a winner.

Don’t follow something because everyone else is doing the same thing. Don’t get into the street and start comparing others to yourself.

Don’t look outside of what’s good in others, and you shouldn’t, but look inside and see how gifted you are.

And when you do that, you will realize how much power you have been gifted with, how unique yours is, and what marvels you can create.

If you want to be a singer, musician, painter, author, filmmaker, entrepreneur, traveller, teacher, or athlete, you can be whoever you want to be and someone you love to be because you are gifted with that power within you, you are made for that magical journey you dream about, and the whole universe is waiting for you.

Many people lose their true passion for life in the game of comparison, competition, and unfair recognition. They lost their human spirit, happiness, and hope; ultimately, they lost themselves in the process.

If you are feeling stressed, insecure, and failed due to the constant game of comparison, then it is time for you to give up on your comparison scales of beauty, wealth, and ability.

Now is the time for you to accept your uniqueness.

It is time for you to see yourself as the greatest creation of this universe, to find out your passion, to see what you love to do, to see what your life means for you, and to go for those blissful moments of love, happiness, and creative excellence.

No more sadness, anger, and unworthiness due to others’ success; they are living their journey, and you have to live your own.

It’s time for you to stop comparing yourself to others and start accepting yourself.

It’s time for you to stop criticizing yourself and start appreciating yourself.

It’s time for you to stop getting sad and start celebrating yourself.

Because comparison and competition will only steal your joy.

Be happy, celebrate your gifted talents, nurture your skills if needed, transform yourself if you need to, and polish your personality if you believe so. But do it for yourself to feel happier and more confident and to create more magic in life.

You have no comparison because you are awesome. No one else deserves a comparison because they are awesome too.

In the universe of love, happiness, bliss, and abundance, there is no place for comparison because you are awesome.

The Universe

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6 thoughts on “No Comparison Because You Are AWESOME”

  1. I so much enjoyed that….and how true it is that if no 2, people are exactly the same… then we have nothing to compare ourselves to when it comes to different individuals….thank you aga

  2. as always you inspire me… you described some of what I’m going through to a T…. I can really relate to this post!!! thank you again for what you do!!! you are awesome

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