You Must Go From Success To Success

You Must Go From Success To Success

How to be successful in life


You are success; you are happiness; you are prosperity; and you are abundance.

In this magical universe, you are destined to go from success to success. Life is designed as one big holiday. Your days are meant to be happy and blissful.

But in reality, most people are living a different life.

Why are you not living the blissful life that you are designed for?

What’s stopping you from reaching your potential?

Let me tell you what’s stopping you: “You believe yourself a failure more than you recognize it as a success.”

Yes, the truth is, most people suffer not because they failed but because they consider themselves failures even before they try something.

Are you living in the same place again and again and finding yourself failing? If this is what you do, then even God cannot help you.

Stop pushing yourself back to the same dark corner of doubt, confusion, and helplessness. Now is the time to help yourself and pull yourself back from the dark to the light.

You are not a failure unless you consider yourself one. You are living on this planet, which means that you are a successful person. You have succeeded in the process of life, which is why you are alive.

Isn’t it a great reason in itself that you are successful in the process of being alive? And like this, there must be hundreds and thousands of things and areas of life where you are successful.

The only thing you have to stop doing is recognizing your success. You are setting up some big goals, and now and then you consider yourself a failure because you have built up too much fear within you. THIS IS THE TIME TO OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF FAILURE.

Don’t wait for things to happen, don’t wait for other people’s recognition of you as a success. Don’t say, “When I achieve that goal, then I will be successful.” Don’t do any of these.

Start recognising yourself as SUCCESS today. You are a success not because you have never failed before but because you have succeed many times in life and most importantly in the process of being alive.

But remember, recognizing your success doesn’t mean to be complacent in life, it doesn’t permit you to be lazy and stop doing anything.

In life, success means beginning a new journey, exploring a new adventure, and following a greater purpose. It’s the beginning of a new journey that will go from success to success.

With a healthy body, a beautiful relationship, one happy family, fabulous friends, comfortable living, a beautiful home, one great job, a good career, enough wealth, many beautiful trips, and tons of memorable moments, your life is meant to be blessed with all of these. If you haven’t seen all of them in life, you must have some of them; if not some, then at least one. And if you have at least one of these blissful gifts of life, you are successful, and the best part is that if you have one, you can have them all.

But that will happen only when you recognize success and get ready to start your journey from success to success.

Now is the time to look at your life and find out how successful it is. Don’t compare your success with others; don’t bring complexity into your life because you never know what their story of life is. The only thing you can do for others is to wish them success in life.

Look inside and find “Your Success Story of Life.” Reflect the light on the screen of life and say to yourself loudly, “IT’S SHOWTIME.”

Stop Following Your Failure and Go From SUCCESS to SUCCESS.

The Universe

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18 thoughts on “You Must Go From Success To Success”

  1. Zillions of thank you for sharing amazing thought of success……..and the best is if we have succeeded in life up till now then we can have all big success

  2. What a wonderful job at defining success…. I’m very happy to say I have at least one of the qualities of success…… very uplifting and encouraging…. as always awesome job awesome AJ…..

  3. Dear ajay awesome.

    thank you

    your stories are very inspiring which you are giving on universe I am really inspired and feeling blissfull….

  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you AJ for Awesome article……….
    I m considering my self as success as i m alive…….and many more things
    Happy family, friends, Being an Artist for reading this Article

    1. Thats wonderful Sharaddha and I know you are shining high ..The magic of gratitude and your faith in yourself is making your life magical.. Keep going the whole Universe is with you.

  5. Dear Ajay
    I am a success. Thank you for reminding us and bringing us on track. Thank you universe for showing us the way through illumined souls like AJ. Thank you Awesome Ajay.

  6. thank u thanks a great deal….im practising all u say in ur post daily and at times i deviate also but then i regain myself….i have been under depression since 3 years and now since march after reading ur post im on the right track….though i deviate but i again put myself on the correct lines….loads and loads of thanks AJAY

    1. Thank you Raina for sharing your journey. Its a great blessing to know that my blog and articles are making you fee from depression. Keep up the journey you deserve to live your magical life.

  7. Thank You Thank You Thank You Awesome.. The Message From Universe Is awesome Everyday With Your Articles Iam Getting More Happy Happy Happy..Thanks a zillion AJ

  8. I don’t have words to explain my happiness and gratitude to you, sir. I keep on practicing loa daily basis, it changed my lifestyle a lot…..thanks a lot of love sir….zillions of thanks to AJ sir…

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