A Dreamer Must Flow Like A River

A Dreamer Must Flow Like A River


A dreamer must flow like a river.

As a dreamer, you find joy and sorrow; you get support and obstacles; you see light and darkness; you laugh and cry; and you enjoy and suffer.

Dreamers must flow like a river

It’s the same way a river finds its way. But no matter what may come, she never stops flowing, and she finds her way.

It never stops.

But unlike the river, many dreamers stop on the way. Many dreamers face obstacles and pain, and as they suffer, they just stop following their dreams.

While many dreamers give up on the way, you must not do the same.

You must flow like a river because you are a true dreamer.

You are not just a dreamer; you are a believer.

You are not just a believer; you are an adventurer.

You are an adventurer who will take this journey like a river.

Yes, flow like a river now; no fear, no obstacles, just flow.

When you go through pain in life, don’t be afraid of the dark. Be like a river and stay silent in the night, but never stop flowing, never stop going.

When you find happiness, reflect the happiness in multitude. Be like a river, when the stars shine at night the river reflect their shine with utmost joy.

Be like the river and when happiness comes your way, reflect back with joy.

And when you meet the obstacle, don’t get upset, don’t get disheartened, but keep flowing, keep going, and cut the obstacle with your flow; that’s what the river knows. It never stops flowing, and no obstacle can keep it back; it keeps cutting hard rock on its way.

But remember, the river doesn’t complain about the rock on the way because it knows that it is meant to overcome it and find its way.

As a dreamer, be a river when you face obstacles on your way. Don’t complain, don’t make noise, but stay calm and believe in your power to move ahead. Believe in your strength to overcome anything on the way because that’s how you find your way.

What will happen if you find yourself trapped in mountains of obstacles? Obstacles to the environment, society, family, friends, institutions, or all of them together

What will you do if they do not let you go and don’t let you flow?

What will you do when you get trapped from all sides and start losing hope?

Most people lose hope when trapped, and that’s when they stop their flow.

At all this moment with mountains, don’t lose your flow but gain your potential. Stay calm and sharpen your skills and knowledge. Arm yourself with the energy to create your biggest blow; make yourself ready for the unlimited flow.

Remember the river’s flow?

Before every fall, the river finds itself trapped between the mountains. They stop it; they want to hold it, but not forever. Slowly,  the river fills the space, gains momentum, and makes its greatest blow. Nothing can stop the river’s flow when it makes its biggest blow.

In this journey as a dreamer, learn to be the river flow, strong yet humble, determined yet flexible, and disciplined yet unstoppable.

Never stop, never give up; be like a river and let yourself flow.

Never stop until you immerse yourself in the oceans of happiness, love, and bliss.

Remember, nothing can stop an unstoppable dreamer and a flowing river.

As a dreamer, you must flow like a river.

The Universe


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17 thoughts on “A Dreamer Must Flow Like A River”

  1. Tons of gratitude for your magical appreciations .. and yes ..all of us being dreamers, believers and adventurer must flow like a river.

    Have a magical day.

  2. Wow you are amazing…..thank you for that push of motivation….I am a dreamer who’s dreams had all gone….you were right on time as always…..Thank you again……

  3. Catherine Chapline

    Thank you AJ, you really are Awesome. To date, the 28 Day Practice has changed all aspects of my life. I am so grateful for stumbling on you and the 28 Day Practice. I do suppose there will come a time when I hit that rock. Thanks for letting me know that is when I must keep the dream, hold on to the belief and continue on with the adventure. In the mean time, I’m going to bask in the sun shine that has become my life. I wish for you all the wonder and happiness your 28 Day Course has brought me, and more.

    1. Infinite Gratitude to you Catherine. The 28 Magical Practice is life changing and I am super happy that you took the journey and discover the happiness journey within you . You may hit the rock on the way but that’s not the point to stay back but the joy is keep going coz the Universe is making everything magical for you.

      May the magic be with you forever and bring you all the abundance.

  4. Thank u , Thank u, Thank u Awesome AJ…It is superb….I read it like a poem and enjoyed alot..and all the important points of our Magic journey is in this post..Its so Lovely and super motivational…I always keep in my mind that i should flow like a river..

    1. Infinite gratitude to you Prasanna for loving this post so much and its such a magical feeling for all of us to live in magic everyday and flow like a river. You are destined for all your dreams. Keep enjoying.

  5. Thankyou so much for the inspirational words….
    like your thoughts very much..
    thankyou thankyou thankyou…
    Mr.Ajay Mishra
    your posts and articles are really very helpful
    my universe sprinkle more and more magic on you…
    love universe
    stay blessed

  6. Lovelesh Gupta

    Thank You…Thank You…Thank You…:)
    AJ Sir…(Y)
    You are an amazing mentor of my life. I wanna to meet as soon as .
    Tons and Loads of Gratitude.

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