Power of Thought: Water Experiment

Power of Thought: Water Experiment

Power of Thought - Water Experiment


THE POWER OF THOUGHT – A Scientific Perspective.

This is where the super-science of “The Secret”, “The Law of Attraction” and “The Power of Thought” meet the pure science and it’s proven by Quantum Physics. Recently I have seen a documentary on the connection between Quantum Physics to The Power of Thought through Water Molecule Structure Experiment, famously Known as Dr. Emoto Experiment.

The power of thought influence on water molecular structure is famously discovered and popularized by Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto Masaru known as “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

As we go into the documentary, group scientists were wondering how the Secret or law of attraction or the concept of thinking or believing changing people’s lives and they try to evaluate it from the Quantum Physics perspective with their lab experiment based on Dr. Emoto’s finding. They studied the molecular structure of normal water in frozen form and recorded the usual structure. Then they ask a Buddhist monk to give love and blessings to the water, after that they freeze the water to solid-state and then studied the structure of the water molecule, to their surprise the structure has changed beautifully and looks like a flower. Next, they asked the monk to give Love + Gratitude to the water and the molecular structure became an even much more beautiful flower.

Water Experiment

After this, they ask him to become angry with the same water and then they studied the molecular structure the flower-like structure was broken, even became worse than in its normal form.

All of it was happening without any external force or any physical contact. It was the power of thought that was transforming the molecular structure of the water.

This experiment was organized by Dr. Emoto in various forms and with different emotional patterns. Experiments conducted with both positive and negative thoughts and emotions. Some of the molecular structure captured with positive thoughts like prayer, thank you and appreciations and negative thoughts like anger, criticism, and hate are shown here:

hidden message in water molecule power of thought water experiment water molecule experiment

It’s evident that every time positive thoughts and emotions like love, gratitude, and happiness expressed the molecular structure become beautiful like flowers and when negative emotions like anger, frustration, and jealousy expressed the structure become uglier than its normal form.

Power of Thought – What’s the Bigger Question?

While some of us knew about this before and some get aware now, the bigger question is can you imagine “what all happening in this world with the power of people’s thoughts and emotions?” “What you are doing with your own body when you get positive or negative?”

If the single thought can change the molecular structures of water then think of only one thing, your body is approx. 60% water and your brain is having 75% water (even by the molecular count brain is 99% water), so imagine with every thought of yours how that water is changing. The way you are changing your thought accordingly structure of your body, your mind, and your soul is changing. Every time either you are getting happy or sad, either grateful or angry, what you are doing to yourself? Think about it.

If we can give all our love & gratitude to every drop of water in our body and in turn if all body molecules become that beautiful flower, imagine what we can achieve and who we became.

There is nothing more powerful than our thoughts and our every thought has its first effect on the water we have in our body. So every time your bear a thought imagine what you are doing to your body and to your own life.

It’s all in your thought, whether you bear that thought for yourself or for others it’s changing every molecule in your own body. This is why Laws of attraction is not about others, but about you first.

change in water molecule with thought That’s why it says “Law of attraction is Laws of You”.

Choose the right thought and see everything changing like a miracle.

That’s why Einstein said, “You can’t create a Universe without mind entering into it.”

If you learn “How to choose your thoughts consciously and carefully to Live in Abundance” it will change your life forever.

Also, you can choose to express gratitude and love to the water or fluid you are drinking, which will work as a miracle agent to create every lasting happiness and magical healing in your body.

Rhonda Byrne has also expressed in 28 Magical Practices the way we can give gratitude to water by saying THANK YOU every time before we drink it and create magic in our body. Also, the same way I explained in my post The Power of Self-healing the procedure to use water as a healing agent to pour gratitude into our soul and experience the power of miracle healing.

My deepest gratitude to Dr. Emoto and other scientists for bringing this amazing discovery to us and I hope all of you are now more aware of the power of your thought and choose the right one to transform every bit of your body molecule into the awesome creation of the Universe.

Remember “Thought Become Things, So Choose the good one.”

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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  1. Piyush Shrivastava

    Incredible post by incredible soul . (y) awesome discovery. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much bhai for bringing this incredible knowledge to us.
    Thank you :) bhai

  2. wow M amazed! This is an old post but I read it only today. The experiemnt is so miraculous, from today I will give positive thoughts to water whenever i drink it or some other liquid like tea, coffee or juice. Thanks you so much for sharing this wonderful fact :-)

      1. Wow! Amazing subject AJ .I learnt a lot with this thought power giving to water inside our body, as well as water from out side what we are cosuming too… Good experience .This has changed my personality mr Ajay.. Thank you. Thank you..

  3. Excellent sir from now I follow your way of saying thank you before drinking water or tea or juice thank you very much for sharing

  4. Awesome Post, The miracle of Divine Water into our body while consuming with Positive Thoughts, I drink daily almost 4-5 liter of Divine Water, by thinking this divine water can make my body Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.
    Thank You AJ for tapping us to follow the Positive approach to live our life with full of Joy, Happy & with Great determination to be Happy always.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Universe for keeping me in right track to read this awesome article and to post my way of mind.
    Thank You.

  5. Darshan Ghorpade

    hey….AJ…..thnx for motivating us….i had experinced miracle in my life due to LOA…keep it up….


  6. Unbelivable AJ SIR ,THANKS ALOT for creation magic in our life .its a awesome post .now i ll experiment it .A CHARGED WATER WITH GOOD VIBRATIONS . :) god bless you :)

        1. Thank You Athira for joining the course. Your payment has been received. Shortly you will receive a booking confirmation email. Welcome to the Magical Journey.

  7. This article is sooo inspiring and motivating. It has truely changed the way I used to see things and given me so muh more clarity about LOA.

    Sincere Thanks.. Thanks a Zillion AJ for sharing it..
    Thank You from the core of my heart.

  8. Thankyou for your valuable information for each and every thing we see on earth.
    thankyou so much ,,you really make our mind clear on an objects and abstracts ..

  9. Thank you for this great knowledge Ajay.. Thank you I am sure every drop of water i consume now making me more positive & greatful

  10. DOnt know how to express my gratitude for this amazing article. Its simple mind blowing. Dint know it has got so much power. Thanks a ton for changing million peoples’ lives. Thanks you for leading us to the path of light.

  11. Hey Awesome AJ,
    Believe me when I say” this is what I was thinking today morning”. I said a prayer holding a glass of water before giving it to my son who is unwell. I was thinking if there was any truth in my prayers.I asked and the universe answered through you.
    God bless you

    THANK YOU ,THANK YOU THANK YOU..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ohhh my god…Ajay sir its stunning…from now onwards I’m always a positive person….thank you sir its really great knowledge you shared with all of us here….thank you thank you thank you….:)

  14. vghadigaonkar8@gmail.com

    Dear Awesome AJ,

    Thank you for sharing these positive thoughts with us here. It’s really helping me to choose right & positive thought to fulfill my dreams.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  15. Pam Blankenship

    I’m thankful to the universe for leading me to you, AJ. I am learning so much! The difference I am seeing daily is I am much happier and I am sure my life is going to be improving as a whole as I continue to apply these laws of attraction even more. Thank you so much for the work you do that is improving my life and mankind.

  16. Thank you Ajay….Really I wonder the way water effects with our thoughts…I will say thank you every time I drink water and anything I drink.
    Thank you once again..let’s see the miracles.


  17. Thank you Aj for sharing this post, Amazing knowledge is speared across the world from your post. Thank you Universe !!

  18. Thankyou Ajay sir for sharing this beautiful and magical truth with us.. it is really beautiful. now from today i m drinking love and i m swiming in love. thankyou tahnkyou thankyou Ajay sir..

  19. This is awesome discover and zillion times love and gratitude to who are all worked in this discovery and also tones of gratitude and love to you AJ and your team for introducing to this awesome discovery…… Thank you all it inspires me a lot and I show thankful for all that in and around me……..

  20. May God bless you unlimited happiness…. I am feeling so lucky and really little extra blessed because I come across such priceless knowledge .. Universe helped me to know his existence and It really meant world to me… all this happened because of your efforts … thank you so much from bottom of my heart …… you are the best ……


  22. Yusnidar Abdul Rahman

    Thank you, is a nice sharing of magical. The molecular structure is amazing, and it prove our thought have the energy. Thank You Awesome Ajay.

  23. Awesome….mind boggling i must say! Recently started saying thank u before drinking water. And i can see the change.

  24. AWESOME post!
    “Thought Become Things, So Choose the good one.”
    Very eloquent and very true too!
    Thank You Universe!

  25. poonam shankar shivnani

    Very good post..
    Actually Tried and Tested one.
    And most of the people knowingly or unknowingly have too experienced the same.
    In Gurudwara its “AMRIT”,
    *HOLY WATER* in Church,
    In Temple its ^JAL^,
    I personally believe in
    Thank you Ajay Sir and Universe,
    Lots and Lots of Love and Gratitude.

  26. Dear Ajay sir ,
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article .your articles creates millions of hope inside us and nothing is bigger than a heart full of heart….your articles encourage us to know more about LOA every passing day
    lots of gratitude ..
    may God shower infinite happiness on u…..
    Thanks to GOD (Universe)

  27. Such agreat post. Finally I find it science behind positive thoughts. I can only believe in things which proven. Thats the great reason for me to believe in LOA. I was finding and thinking about as somewhere I read about water memory but I could not digest the fact. Thank you AJ sir for this post. Now my believe on LOA become ctrong as I know science behind it. I am grateful to you. Thanks a lot. I think its my LOA example as somedays ago I was searching for science behind it and my search ends here. Once again thank you.

  28. Thank you thank you thank you AJ..I just came here to read this post from part of magic ingredients practice..It was simply awesome awesome awesome ..Thanks a zillion AJ for sharing such an amazing story with us eye opener for me..Now I got to know the value of water in my life ..Magic dust on you

  29. Thank you AJ for the information with proof..i believe in LOA and after reading this blog my belief become more stronger…thanks a lot AJ and thank you universe for always working for me

  30. I got to know the value of water. AJ thanks a lot for introducing the story to us. Our sincere thanks to the scientists and Dr. Emoto. Thank you AJ.

  31. Perumalla Brahmateja

    Thanq thnq thnq AJ sir and universe.because of whenever we go to temples like any other holy places we took some water .why people do like that clearly understand by this blog.once again tnanq Aj

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