How To Follow Your Passion - Here is the key | Using The Law of Attraction

How To Follow Your Passion – Here is the key | Using The Law of Attraction

how to follow your passion

Do you know “what’s the greatest advice in the world?”

I guess, you know, it’s “Follow Your Passion.”

I am not the only one saying this; even Google Ngram is showing this stat as the most trending advice ever.

But you must be wondering why most people fail in following their passion.

Even most of those who follow this advice never reached the tipping point.

Yes, that’s the HARD TRUTH.

Most of the dreamers who follow their passion never reach a point where they can see the success, happiness, and abundance they always desired.

But why this greatest advice “Follow Your Passion” only work for a small percentage of dreamers in the world?

Follow Your Passion: But what’s the missing link?

Following your passion will take you to the treasure of life. But always remember the path to your treasure will never be easy.

That’s why in spite of knowing that ‘you must follow your passion’. Many dreamers never able to do it. Even if they start the journey, they do not go very long.

When you start following your passion, it is full of joy in the beginning. But as you start focusing on the destination(success) you find nothing other than the sheer joy of the moment.

This is where you start getting worried about the destination more than the journey. You forget the age-old wisdom “the Journey is more important than the destination.” The moment you forget it, that’s the moment you lose your passion also.

Everyday dreamers around the world are jumping into the journey of following their passion but quickly they forget to enjoy the journey. They forget how to reach their destination.

Two Keys to Succeed while following Your Passion

When you start following your passion, you must hold two keys close to your heart: Patience and Consistency.

There are the keys to open doors ahead every time you get stuck on the journey.

Patience and Consistency

“Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while you are waiting.”- Joyce Meyer

It’s not what we do once in a while that shape our lives. It’s what we do consistently. – Tony Robbins

If you lack patience, then it’s not possible for you to stay consistent. And when you lost the consistency you lost your passion also.

Life is a magical adventure when you follow your passion, but there are moments of no flow, moments of a plateau, moment of no excitement, even more than that there will be moments of failure, moments of betrayal, moments of loneliness, moments of hunger. But only if you are ready to sustain these moments of obstacles then only you can leap beyond the tipping point. Beyond the tipping point, you will again find the extreme joy, the point from where your life becomes a delightful journey ahead.

To reach this point, you must have patience. And patience is what keep fuelling your dreams on the journey ahead.

The moment you start following your passion, you may want to have overnight success, but you forget that behind every overnight success there are years of dedication, devotion, and relentless effort. And the devotion and dedication are always fuelled by the patience and consistency only.

Following your passion is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. But to let the gift brighten your life you need these keys Patience and Consistency to nurture your dreams.

But if you ask me

“How long shall I wait?”

“How much patience shall I have?”

“How many more weeks or months do I have to be consistent?”

The answer is “I don’t know.”

Because it depends on your passion and dreams.

Following Your Passion is like Planting a Seed and growing up a tree

Choosing a seed is choosing your passion. Whether you want an Apple tree or an orange tree or a Mango tree or a Chinese Bamboo, you only have to choose that. But remember every tree has a different timeline, and they need a different level of care, at the end, they will give you different outcome too.

Most people when they plant the seed in the ground they just start dreaming about the time when the tree will grow up and give the fruits, shade or even money by becoming a regular income source. That is your destination. But you must remember it won’t happened overnight. Neither it will happen if you just plant the seed and do nothing. On the journey, you have to take care of the seed. You have to water it, nurture it and even protect it. Then it will start growing. It starts spreading its roots. Its start showing leafs and flower and then on its desire time it will give you everything that you desired out of it.

But will it happen overnight? And the answer is NO.

Will it happen automatically? The answer is NO.

Will it protect itself from external danger? The answer is No.

Then who will take care of it, who will protect it and who will nurture it? It’s YOU.

Is it going to be a lot of work?

The answer is YES.

But does it worth all the effort?

Again the answer is definitely YES.

Because you have to take care of everything.

That’s how you follow your passion and that’s how you become an overnight success.

It’s worth all the days, nights, months and years you put into work. It worth every moment of patience you hold on to your dreams in spite of no one believe in you. It worth every moment of consistent effort you put in spite of no result showing up. And if you keep doing it then your dream is to keep spreading its roots and getting stronger and stronger. Then one day it will shoot up to the Sky like the Chinese Bamboo. And everyone will say … Oh, it’s a story of Over Night Success.

But behind your story of Over Night Success, there will be a story of immense patience and relentless consistency.

If you kept holding these two keys, then you will never give up on your dreams and success will find you.

Should You Follow Your Passion?

Yes. Start following your passion but hold on to the keys of success: patience and consistency. And you are not going to stop unless you reach the destination.

No matter where you are this moment, no matter what’s your age, sex or religion, no matter what’s your financial or relationship status are, start your journey today.

Start Following Your Passion and keep going until one day your story will shine in the world.

You are the greatest creation of the Universe.


Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

Magical Practice Program by Ajaya Mishra

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  1. Thank you Bhaiya for this post. Very inspiring, just what I needed to hear now :)
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  3. Thank you so much to continuously sharing excellent posts…This is amazing and very clear that success is not just dreaming..Its combined effect of action, patience and other things mention in post.

  4. Actually nowadays, what is happening is, whatever I thought, that will come through your words Ajay. Loads of gratitude!. Tons of Thanks!. The thing is,since I aligned with you,I aligned with the Universe too. The God bless you.
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