November Challenge! Interesting Updates from Our Awesome Nation

November Challenge! Interesting Updates from Our Awesome Nation

You must have heard this famous quote…

“We must remind ourselves that to do what is possible we must sometimes challenge ourselves with the impossible.” – Jim Rohn

With this philosophy, I started my ‘Challenge of the Month‘ from last October with an objective to build a new habit or breaking an old habit and shared it with you. I had started receiving interesting responses since then.  Therefore, I would like to share some most interesting emails received from our Awesome Nation.

November Challenge!

Here are two interesting responses from the November Challenge. The first one is from Nada Hilal, Lebanon. She had challenged herself to take on the tasks that she kept on postponing or forgot to do.  She writes…

#1. Nada’s Habit Building Challenge

Good Morning Ajay,

I was inspired by your October Challenge post, and I have decided to challenge myself for the tasks I keep postponing or even the tasks I forget to do.

I have listed 4 tasks for November, I have succeeded in accomplishing 3 out of these 4 proudly.

To do so I have printed the tasks I need to challenge myself about, and I have listed the days of November on an excel sheet and printed the sheet and put it in front of me at my desk so I can see it daily.

Every day whenever I reached work I used to look at the sheet and mark the tasks I have completed successfully with a red mark (my favorite color). The challenge reminded me of my tasks, made me achieve my goals faster and easier, and now I feel prouder of myself and satisfied.

The Challenges I have succeeded in:

1- Eat Healthy:

The list reminded me to stay healthy without concentrating on my fat weight. By the end of November, I lost weight and reached my target fat weight for November

2- Write Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful but a lot of days I just don’t write what I am grateful for, I just list them in my head. I used to challenge to write what I am grateful for in order to go back to the list whenever I want, plus I believe writing gratitude is more powerful than listing them in my head

3- Read a book daily:

I have a list of 8 books pending for me to read them. I challenged myself to read on a daily basis because reading enriches us and make us reach our goals faster. This month I have finalized Think and Grow Rich for Napoleon Hill and I have read half of Zahir for Paolo Cohello

I will do a New Challenge for December and keep you posted.

Have a magical day.



#2. Sindhu’s habit-building Challenge

Second is from Sindhu, India. Below is her Monthly Challenge update.

The purpose of sharing this is that we must sometimes challenge ourselves because challenges are what make life interesting.

Are you ready for this challenge?

If you are clueless about, what challenge you should take on or where to start, here are some ideas to start with…

– Start Running/Walking/Going to Yoga/Gym for this month

– Reading is quite a challenge for many. So one may start with reading one book this month

– Start 28 Magical Practice. It’s quite challenging for many. Though we share many success stories, we do get many emails from participants who face a lot of challenges in completing it at a stretch. Therefore we have developed these two courses in the simplest form to complete your Magic Practice at one go.

– Start Meditation for this month. It is a very big challenge for many

Further, I encourage you to take part in this interesting game and take on some of your personal challenges and share your wins with our Awesome Nation.

You story definitely inspire many like Nada & Sindhu story.

Let’s gear up for the New Year and make it a year of wins and overcoming our challenges. Make it a year of Success and Fulfilment. Let’s make it an Awesome Year.

If you have not shared your challenge, do share with us, we love to hear your wins and journey.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

MYLA Manifestation Program

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