There Is No Competition In The Universe

There Is No Competition In The Universe

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You are going for a job interview, you are appearing for a University examination, you are preparing for a Government service, you are getting ready for an admission test, you are starting up a new business or a new job in a company, you find that you are in a world of competition, the moment you see so many other people are also getting ready or at least giving their attempt for the same, you get stressed about the competition you are facing. Most people get stressed thinking about how other people may be better than them or how such a large number of people are competing at the same time. while few others want to have the No.1 position and they say there are too many competitors to eliminate. You may be thinking about this competition every now and then.

But the truth is “There is No Competition in the Universe”.

The Universe is full of abundance and it’s available for everyone, all the moment. You are gifted with all the potential to be No#1 in whatever test or examination you appear, in whatever business or job you get into. The key is to realize the gifted potential and then to act in materializing it.  You have absolutely no competition with anyone. You have only one goal to achieve, that maximize you reach the gifted potential of your soul. If you have failed before or not became No#1, the reason behind is that you have not realized what you are capable of and you have not taken action on complete faith to reach your peak level.

Whoever is the winner in any game is the one who reaches his 100% of gifted potential. So, don’t think about the competition, don’t think about others, because there is no other you. There is only You. Everyone is unique and in the adventure of being the greatest being. So bless them, bless them to be their best. And you focus on your own goal.

Your goal is to reach the peak of your ability and that comes from the belief, faith, visualization, and affirmative action. See yourself being there, again and again, put your time into action, practice like there is nothing else exist other than winning. When you be the winner and you be an example for others. You are an example not because you have become a winner by eliminating others, but by knowing that your own potential is far more unique than anything else. That’s when you inspire others to throw away their fear of competition and start living at their optimum level. That’s when you know what’s the perfect alignment with the Universe is.

There is absolutely no competition in this Universe, there is only abundance for everyone.

The Universe

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3 thoughts on “There Is No Competition In The Universe”

  1. In filmmaking, we believed every film has its own audience and will always have, whether the film is good/better/best or bad/worse/worst.
    Similarly every finger is used for different purpose.
    In this world, we all have an individual life and there is a separate value given to everyone.

    1. Thank You Rahul for sharing your insight .. There is absolutely no competition and there is absolutely no creation is bad or worst. Only thing the person hasn’t put his whole commitment of heart and soul , that why he couldn’t created what he can able to. So the key it to do it gain with utmost of passion. All the success for your films.

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